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Proto-Turkic: *bEliŋ
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: panic, terror
Russian meaning: паника, ужас
Old Turkic: beliŋ (OUygh.)
Karakhanid: beliŋ (MK), beliŋ-le- 'to be terrified' (KB)
Turkish: belin 'frightened' (dial. peliŋ, peŋil-de-)
Middle Turkic: beliŋ-le- 'to be terrified' (Qutb)
Turkmen: beliŋ al- 'to fear, be disgusted'
Oyrat: peliŋ 'faked illness' (R)
Tuva: beliŋ-či, beliŋ-ne-
Tofalar: beliŋ-ši 'scary', beliŋ-ne- 'be startled'
Kirghiz: belim-či 'a hysterical woman'
Kazakh: beliŋ
Noghai: beleŋ 'scary'
Bashkir: bilen-dä- 'to be scared, startled'
Comments: EDT 343, 344, VEWT 69, ОСНЯ 2, 98 (with a different TM parallel).

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