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Tsezian etymology :

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Proto-Tsezian: *ħɔ̃j A
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: blood
Tsezi: e
Ginukh: ijo
Khvarshi: ĩq̇ʷa
Inkhokvari: ẽq̇o
Bezhta: hẽ
Gunzib: hãj
Comments: The PTs paradigm must be reconstructed as *ħɔ̃j, *ħẽjɔ-. This is reflected directly in Gunz. hãj (Nakh. hɔ̃j), hĩja- (PGB *hɔ̃j, *hẽjV-), while already in Bezht. the vowel grade of the oblique base has penetrated into the direct one: hẽ, hẽja-. The same process had taken place in PTsKh where we have to reconstruct *ʔẽj (cf.Tsez. ʔe, ʔeje-). The Khvarsh. and Inkh. forms contain a strange suffixed -q̇ʷa (-q̇o), but must be obviously related to the same root.

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