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Tsezian etymology :

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Proto-Tsezian: *χɨmV(rV) (~-i-)
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: breast
Tsezi: ħemori
Ginukh: χema
Comments: PTsKh *χ̥1̇ɨmo(RV) (~-i-) (in Tsez. there is a variation ħemori/ħamori). The word is also used in a compound with PTs *rɔḳʷǝ 'heart' (Tsez. ħamo-roḳu, Gin. χemo-roḳe, /Lomtadze/ χema-roḳʷe).

    In Gin. there also exists a word ʁomoro 'part of beef brisket' (Lomtadze) which must be borrowed from some Bezht.-Gunz. dialect (in PGB a regular correspondence for PTsKh *χ̥1̇ɨmoRV would be *ʁɨmVrV /~-i-).


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