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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *mony-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: withers, crest, mane
Old Indian: mányā f. `back or nape of neck'
Avestan: minu- 'Halsgeschmeide' (i < ǝ), manaoyrī 'Hals, Nacken'
Old Greek: mánno-s, mónno-s m. 'necklace', Dor., Poll.5.99; mánnos, glossed maniákion, Sch.Theoc.I 1.41; ? măniákēs, -ọ̄ m. 'necklace, torc, worn of gold by Persians and Gauls, Plb.; LXX; Plu, etc., măniákǟ f. PMon., măniákion n. Sch.Theoc.; maniaks = maniákēs Gloss.
Slavic: *monīsto
Germanic: *manj-a- n., -m., *man-ō f., *man-k-an- m.
Latin: monīle, -is n. `Halsband'
Celtic: OIr muin- `Hals': muin-torc `Halskette', muinēl `Hals', for-mnae `Schulter' (< *for-moni̯o-), muince `collarium', mong `Mähne, Haar'; OCymr minci `monile', Cymr mwn, mwnwgl `Hals', mwng `Mähne'
Russ. meaning: загривок, грива
References: WP II 305

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