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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *welǝ-; *welǝn- (*welăn-ā), *wlān- <PIH *Hʷ->
Meaning: wool
Hittite: *hulana-, *hulani- 'Wolle', Luw *hulani- `Wolle' (Tischler 278-279); hulija- c. 'Wolle' (Tischler 280ff.)
Old Indian: ū́rṇā f., ūrṇa- n. `wool'; vā́la-, vā́ra- m. `hair of animal's tail; bristle'; válśa- m. `shoot, branch, twig'
Avestan: varǝsa- 'Schössling, Zweig'
Other Iranian: NPers gurs 'Schössling, Zweig'
Old Greek: l[ǟ̂]nos n. `Wolle, Wollfaser, Wollflocke'
Slavic: *vь́lnā; *volsъ
Baltic: *wal-a- c.; *wil̂-nā̂ (1) f., *wiln-[i]-
Germanic: *wull-ō(n-)
Latin: lāna `Wolle'; vellus 'abgeschorene, noch zusammenhängende Wolle der Schäfe, Vliess'
Celtic: *u̯lǝnā > MIr olan `Wolle'; Cymr gwlan `Wolle', Corn gluan `Wolle', Bret gloan `Wolle'
Russ. meaning: шерсть (овечья, козья)
References: WP I 296 f

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