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Nostratic etymology :

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Eurasiatic: *cVṗV
Meaning: chop
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *(s)kep-
Altaic: *č`ăp`a ( ~ -u, -i)
Uralic: *ćappV (cf. also *čappV)
Kartvelian: *c̣ḳeṗ- ?
Dravidian: SDR *savar- 'to cut off' (2049)
Comments: Other similar roots include: Kartv. *zeṗ- 'strike, thresh'; Drav. *cap- 'clap hands'; Ur. *sappV 'strike a heavy blow' (ND 2674); Alt. *sapV 'hit, throw', *ǯobá 'cut, crash'.
References: МССНЯ 361, ОСНЯ 1, 201; ND 347 *ć̣aP_V 'stalk, pointed stick, spear' (Alt.-IE), 351 *ć̣aṗ(ʕ)a 'beat, strike, chop' (Alt.-IE-Drav. + Sem.).

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