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Eurasiatic: *HwelV
Meaning: fight, kill
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *Hu̯el- (+ *(o)wol- <PIH *-lH-> 1233)
Altaic: *ŏli ( ~ -e)
Kartvelian: *ɣur- (? *ɣul-)
Dravidian: *vel- 'to conquer, overcome' (4595) (Tamil-Malayalam)
Comments: [For Kartv. cf. also TM *ura- 'die', *urkan- 'faint'; PD *or_- 'to finish, die' 1009; and cf. PD *ol- / *val- 'to grow weak, pain, distress' (1004, 5281) ].
References: МССНЯ 367; ND 129 *ʕol̄V 'starve, die' (Alt.-IE, but not Hitt. hull-, but Luw. walliya- 'of the dead' - perhaps indeed two different roots, cf. also ND 2476 *wel[h]V, 712 *GuLV).

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