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Number: 2552
Proto-Semitic: *yapan-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: young bull
Ugaritic: ypt 'vaca, becerra' [DLU 534]. Likely to be normalized as /yapattu/ < *yapan-t-. The only clear attestation is 1.10 III 3: ʔalp lbtlt ʕnt // wypt lybmt lʔim[m] 'a bull for the Virgin ʕnt // a cow for the Betrothed of the nations'.
Arabic: yafan- 'jeune taureau âgé de quatre ans', yafanat- 'vache, vache pleine' [BK 2 1631], [Fr. IV 521], [LA XIII 457] (only yafan-). Cf. also fanāt- 'vache' [BK 2 640], [Fr. III 376], [Lane 2451], [LA XVI 166].
Geʕez (Ethiopian): tayfan (tafen, tefan) 'young bullock' [LGz. 582].
Tigrai (Tigriñña): täfin (täfänti) 'giovenco, bue non ancora domato' [Bass. 423].
Amharic: wäyfän 'young bullock, calf of 2-3 years' [K 1561].
Gurage: Muh. Msq. Gog. wäfen, Cha. Eža wäfer, Gyt. wä̃fēr, Enm. End. wä̃fīr, Enm. wämfīr, Sod. Wol. mofän, Sel. mōfän, Sod. mofen 'young bull, steer' [LGur. 645].
Notes: All Eth. forms exhibit prefixal elements tV-, mV-, wV- whose origin is not clear. Arb. fanāt- might reflect the oldest bicon- sonantal prototype of the present root. [LGz. 582]: Gez., Eth., Arb. (yafan-); [DLU 534]: Ugr., Arb.

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