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This is the homepage of George Starostin (updated rather infrequently). You are welcome to browse through whatever it contains if your interests happen to overlap with mine, which include:

  • historical linguistics
  • Chinese and Far East studies in general
  • 20th century popular music
  • adventure games from the dawn of the computer age
  • [... to be continued]

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  • Main ego-links

    The Tower of Babel - originally created and supported by Sergei Starostin (1953-2005), this has been my main functional area until very recently. The bulk of the site is dedicated to etymological databases for language families from around the entire world, where my main responsibility currently lies with Dravidian and Khoisan databases, but also includes moderating the entire list and sometimes uploading updated versions of databases by myself and my colleagues. The site also includes a repository of archival, current, and exclusively on-line publications on language comparison, with some of mine and many more by members of the Moscow school of comparative linguistics and other linguists.

    Global Lexicostatistical Database - an off-shoot of the original Tower of Babel, specifically dedicated to hosting carefully formalized and annotated 110-item wordlists of basic lexicon for language families all over the world. The site is under heavy construction, with new data added by myself and my colleagues on a regular basis, and will ultimately serve as a handy tool for a universal phylogenetic (lexicostatistical) classification of the world's languages.

    Evolution of Human Languages - information on the international project between Russian and American scholars, hosted and sponsored by the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, in which I have been a participant for many years.

    Institute of Classical and Oriental Studies at the Russian State University for the Humanities - my Alma mater and principal workplace at the present time.

    Only Solitaire - my music-related site. The site itself has not been properly updated in about ten years, but the accompanying Only Solitaire Blog is very much so.


    The Archives - all sorts of stuff from my backlog, deposited on-line partially for safeguarding reasons, partially for the pure fun of it.

    Work in progress - I have lots of started, probably never-to-be-finished projects on my hands which I am also depositing from time to time, just in case a car runs over me tomorrow and someone is gallant enough to continue some of the work I am doing.