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Goran Janicijevic (03.02.2004)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this album.
It is certanly tongue-in-cheek, but is not mockery. It is certainly a stretch to make parallel between beginning of 20-th century and 21-st century, but it is not pretentious. The impressionism and drum'n'bass interweave in a great manner. The "ambientness" of it presents Debussy's music appropriately... Whatever you claim here, I could say the opposite, but...
...don't take this as a "personal attack". ;-) I guess (and you confirmed it somewhere between the lines), you had great expectations of this album, and a deadline of three days, to listen it three times, and to make the Art Of Noise case closed. When I bought this one three years ago, I didn't expect too much of it, since I wasn't some fan of AON, or Messieur Debussy. But I considered their music to be interesting. So was this album in the beginning... but with repeated listenings today it is among my top 10 picks.
There, I had to defend The Seduction.... ;-)
Special author note: A correction - while I did indeed expect more than I actually got, I had absolutely no 'three-day deadline' for this album, because I do not set any 'deadlines' at this particular moment. Rather I would put it like that: it took me exactly three days to understand that this album is and always will be a boring crock of shit for me, no matter what happens. And, to tell the truth, that sort of thing very rarely happens to me.]

Luke Mitchell (22.06.2004)

Dear Creator Of The Above Reviews,
I haven't the faintest idea what you mean by sucks "beyond the slightest possibility of redemption". I believe that you must have not a screw loose but an entire piece of your brain absent to think that seduction is how you described it. It is beautifully and eerily composed as any other album. I think I speak for everyone when I say that you go more than a little in depth with your analogies and comparisons. Furthermore, I don't know what the hell you mean by "I'm still waiting for something to happen!" in the No Sense Nonsense review. Did you just put headphones on while playing the record or simply plug your ears and chant "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!" during side one. The whole album is happening, cool, groovy, however you say it. It is easily my favourite album. Please don't silence this review the same way my lit. teacher did with my report on media in the pubilc school system. Thank you

Dave W. (12.07.2004)

The Art of Noise used to be my favorite band of all time. They are still my third favorite after The Fall and The Minutemen. I bring this up to demonstrate that I am not a fan of techno or jungle or acid house or drum'n'bass or anything like that. I like the rock, mostly the punk rock. Yet I love The Art Of Noise somehow. I don't think anyone has really followed up on what they accomplished on their first coupla records -- hopefully someday someone will. Anyway, your review of Seduction is so righteous. It is a bad record and reading your review is the first positive Seduction . . . LP related experience I have had.
Side note: I don't really like the lumping in of the Beatbox ep review with Daft LP. Woulda been better to review Beatbox instead of Daft. One great thing about the Beatbox ep is that it is a lot more cohesive than Who's Afraid, yet with a fun quotient equally elevated. It is a better record, actually, and deserves its own treatment. Also, you may want to take another listen to The Buggles Adventures In Modern Recording lp -- it has some Horn / Langan / Jeczalik interludes that I actually consider as Art of Noise segments, even though this LP came out in 1981. A pre more cursor even than the "Owner of a Lonely Heart" 12 inch that is reputed as the "official" precursor of Art of Noise.

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