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Julien Fournier (19.07.2003)

The cover is actually totally gold. No computer-made paterns or anything. Just plain gold. Their '98 album (wisely titled LP5) has a complete black cover (i mean, no paper, it's juste black plastic period. And the disc itself has no writting at all, you have to check the serial numbers near the center of the cd to get the good side. Quite funny I think.

David Dickson (30.04.2004)

Not a bad album, this. It's actually the fifth electronica album I've ever listened to. The others are Prodigy's Music For the Jilted Generation (overrated), Prodigy's Fat of the Land (mega-overrated), Boards of Canada's Music Has the Right to Children (masterpiece), and Moby's Play (uber-super- duper-AWESOME masterpiece, even if "pure" electronica fans hate it).
As for this album, Autechre's Tri Repetae Plus Plus. . . it falls directly in the middle for me. It's by far the most complicated electronic music I've ever heard, and it does sound almost exactly like audible computer language. Still, the second half sounds kinda dinky, if you ask me. More science geek party music than anything else. The first half, though. . . that is REALLY something. Manages to straddle the line between experimentalism, accessibility, coldness, and warmth quite well. I give the whole thing an 8.5. Maybe a nine, if I'm feeling in a calculated mood, har har har.


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Adrian Denning (28.09.2003)

Tri Repetae and Chiastic Slide are often marked down as the changing point for Autechre. Chiastic Slide is often put down as being a poor clone of Tri Repetae even though anybody with ears can hear the change. Tri Repetae was the culmination of early Autechre, if you so wish it to be, Chiastic Slide was actually moving in different directions. LP5 is deeply uninspired and offers absolutely nothing new in Autechre terms, so i'm not surprised you can't find anything to say about it!


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