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David Lyons <> (15.12.2000)

Merely in the interest of providing a comment to list, may I point out that Joe was the blueprint for so-called 'soul diva' (ugh, that phrase makes my skin crawl, especially when applied the talentless Ms Gray) Macy Gray (Joe Cocker plus hormone replacement therapy, obviously)

Pedro Andino <> (17.08.2003)

joe cocker is so good! he is a real blues man and i like to point out that he could do the blues. there are bluesy covers of something and let it be. you feel like you are in a bar then the sweaty musky smoky room explodes with joe cocker and the grease band! horns blarin! bass lines pump! guitars wail! drums pound! but the loudest was joe's voice! the blues grooves never stops and you really smell like beer! bikers also love cocker! the songs are good for vietnam vets who struggle to live.joe is the king of blues! he howls like a king of the jungle!

<> (21.09.2005)

Don't know why, but driving to work this morning I had the urge to listen to Joe Cocker for the first time in decades.

I'm 46, but back when I was a teenager at school, Joe was my main man - nobody in the whole school was in to him which made him even cooler. I bought all the new releases up to Sheffield Steel, I back tracked and got the early ones, and I had the complete collection until some time in the early eighties I guess, when I fell out of favour with him due to his middle-of-the-road crap.

I played the very early albums to death and reading these reviews brings back the memories, none more so than sitting in our living room wearing headphones while the folks watched TV and listening over and over again to the emotion, the rawness, the beauty of 'St James Infirmary'.

Funny enough I also loved the Stingray album which is a million miles away from the early stuff, and where they are raw this has such a cultured sound - I remember one review I kept from a UK music paper called it something like 'a cornucopia of sound'. By that time I was also well in to the UK reggae sound and though in retrospect this is more jazzy-reggae than reggae itself, I absolutely loved it and will probably try and track it down. So I guess I don't really agree with the review on these pages, I can agree that yes he had sold out his earlier sound and image by this time, but come on reviewer it's a decent enough album!

Sp what did I listen to this morning? Nothing. The reason is that I live in Thailand these days and all my albums are in my parent's attic, probably warped beyond use in the 16 years since I put them there.

Joe Cocker; such a talented singer, and the greatest UK singer alongside Tom Jones (bet that surprised you) in last 40 years.


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Pedro Andino <> (05.12.2003)

beer guzzling blues! that's the music of joe cocker! don't be a sod and buy this! no love songs no sweet pie bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is joe ! i did see a old snl preformance in '76 w/ john belushi! he tried imititing joe and he looked good in a beer belly! joe steals the show with his band the horns wail as they sang! joe rules and he still lives and ladies he's single!


H C <> (03.08.2004)

it was such a treat to see this film when it first came out. Saw it twice and still think about it 30 some odd years later. It was what it was...just like The Last Waltz by the Band was what it was. For some reason, Joe doesn't stand out as much as Leon & Rita did...odd.


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Bill Slocum <> (29.01.2004)

Joe just sounds very tired on this one. I bought the CD for "You Can Leave Your Hat On," which I absolutely loved when the record came out (I think it was attached to the Kim Basinger steam-fest "Nine And A Half Weeks" which accounts for some of the ardor) and bought soon after. I still like "Hat" a lot, but the rest of the album sounds like what you say, George, lifeless 80s electronic wankeramas in line with Press To Play, Dirty Work, and the whole GTR thing. It's all too lifeless and bland, going through the motions of what rocked a decade before at half-speed.

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