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<> (25.05.2004)

What joy, George! You are reviewing my favourite group of all times! I've been a devoted fan of this group sice the age of 12. And I do know they are silly and second-rate and all that, but I just can't resist. There's no any other group like "Eloy", indeed. They are beautiful in their stupidity.

Well, I think one better skip everything before Dawn and after Metromania but that's only a personal opinion of mine.

Now, those who say that Eloy is second-rate, I don't blame you. Go listen to Lou Reed's Berlin every other day until you're paranoid, go listen to King Crimson until you're a nervous wreck, go destroy youself by means of some real good music, leave simple pleasures to simple minds, simple but brave enough not to be afraid of a second-rate German band.

To prove that I know what I'm talking about I have to add that I can't stand "Yes".


<> (30.05.2004)

I don't care for this one. Maybe that's because I'm not a true Eloy fan, who knows? The only comment I have is that I've heard that Frank Bornemann himself doesn't want this album to be included into any 'Eloy' discography. You didn't mention that into your review. I understand this has no aesthetic value, but still somehow worth mentioning, isn't it?. So, please, let me mention that in my comment.


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<> (10.06.2004)

No. No. No. This is a GREAT album. The rating should be 12.

This is the first true "Eloy" album. They've managed to create atmosphere on that one. Listen to that vocal -completely emotionless, detached etc, etc, this is how a real eloy (that one from that stupid book) should sing!!

On this album they discovered their trademark... trademark what, though? Let's say they discovered their trademark genre! Because not only there's no any Jethro Tull connection on this one, this one is completely original, no "connections" at all.

Now, they didn't yet realize on Floating that they need some additional means to make their new style even more eh... convincing, if I may say so. Like, say, they haven't yet added some idiotic concept (and even when they did, coming up the next year with Power and Passion, the story didn't quite worked out - it was dumb, but dumb in a wrong way. But they've managed that eventually with Dawn).

Anyway, listen to that one again forgetting that there are any other groups on earth and then you'll see the light. (I already can imagine some ironic reply from you, but it's no use - a true Eloy fan, I guess, is not supposed to have any sense of humor at all).


<> (17.06.2004)

Come on, this shit doesn't deserve more than 4. A thing to mention is that "Eloy" logo, as we know it, appears on that one for the first time. I'm not sure about drugs playing any role in the storyline, I, probably, should listen to the album again. That is if I can make myself listen to this unbearable shit.


<> (17.06.2004)

Right you are, George, saying you don't care for the storyline this time. Remember these, eh... lyrics: Eh...."LOOK FOR THE HIGHEST PLACE IN SPACE TO REST AND STAY... AND WAIT FOR THE DOWNING... WAIT FOR THE RISE OF LIGHT TOMORROW MORNING..." Not sure if I quoted right, but I swear it was close.

See, there's a funny thing about the lyrics. English is not Mr Bornemann's native language. Neither it is my native language. Neither it is the native language of the Eloy people (whom Mr Bornemann & Co are trying to impersonate, successfully, up to a certain extent).

Can any sane person hope to write a good piece of poetry in a language which is not her native one? Certainly, not. Yet, can any sane person hope to achieve any success in popular music singning in the language which is not English? C'est ne pas possible. See the trouble Mr Bornemann & Co were in?

And they did the impossible! They invented a solution! They don't really have any lyrics! Just putting in one line as many eh... "special" words as possible and singning them all with a strong German accent does the trick! Who cares about the meaning when a pleasure is here!! When I make love to my wife do I care or, even better, do I imagine that our acts are supposed to have any meaning??

I mean, typical Eloy lyrics are like this:

"blah-blah-blah SPACE! blah-blah-blah TIME! blah-blah-blah DOWN! blah-blah-blah PLANETS! blah-blah-blah MENTAL FORCE!" and so on (and on and on).

See the difference with "Yes". "Yes" spoiled everything trying to put into their lyrics a "deep meaning" using all that elfish style at the same time. No way. Cohen didn't use much of that colors/planets stuff (he-he, Cohen is, presumably, VERY deep). Now, if we take that making-love analogy a bit further... No, better not.

And this is with Dawn that they discovered their trick. And started repeating it again and again. And they are perfectly aware of the method. They called their recent album Ocean-2 and I do say it was a brave move. Artist who is aware of his method is a worthy artist even if he produces shit only.

Now, again, remember Keys to Ascension-2. Poor Yes, what a stupid title compared with the profound Ocean-2.


<> (12.07.2004)

This album is usually considered the best among those who are aware of Eloy. I do prefer Dawn though. Or Time to Turn. Or Planets. Or Silent Cries.

Of course, such a group as Eloy has to have their best album. No sense asking which King Crimson album is the best. No sense asking which Pink Floyd album is the best. But there is some sense in asking which series of "X-Files" are the best among all the "X-files" series. Or which part of "Santa-Barbara" series is the best. For, when asking this we confirm that we understand and appreciate the integrity of the above mentioned series. The same with "Eloy".

As a practical note, never listen to Ocean-2. Shit this Ocean-2 is among all those post-Time to turn albums. (Ok, ok, shit begins after Metromania, Atlantis Agony being prolonged for two more albums).


<> (04.08.2004)

Really? George, I had to get the album since it's abscent on a pirated MP3 which I have and difficult it was to get it but I can confirm now - you're absolutely wrong.

No one needs a live Eloy album. It's nice to have studio Eloy albums and a pirated MP3 is the best media for that. Live Eloy is a mockery of Eloy. Rating is 0.

Happy I am that I just borrowed the LP...


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