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Hello there! Growing more and more pretentious and totally insupportable, the author of this silly review site has finally matured to putting some of his sacrilegious and just plain crappy ideas on paper (sorry, a little Chinese etiquette won't hurt). From now on, I'm going to add a couple of essays devoted to various aspects of rock music here maybe once a month, or, if I'm lazy, even less frequently. Feel free to read my opinions and start discussions - after all, I haven't been elected Emperor of the Universe yet, and I'm even willing to listen to what other people say, sometimes even (horror!) to agree with other people (you wouldn't expect that from a reviewer, now would you?)

Anyway, here goes the list (currently just five essays, but it's just starting):

Music: Where The Hell Is It Heading To Today?

The Unknown Fate Of 'Commercial' Music

The Endless Battle Of Subject vs. Object

Need We Condemn The Fan?

Overrate Me, Underrate Me, But Don't Discriminate Me

Five Per Cent For Nothing [End Of The Year 2003 Essay]

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