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Richard Burger <> (16.12.2002)

George, this is one of the most insightful, perceptive things you've ever written -- Even if by "insightful" and "perceptive" I really mean, "in agreement with my pre-existing opinions." Extreme were the only band to even try to prove that "progressive hair metal" wasn't an utter, total oxymoron. This was their most cohesive, defining statement. And you know what? I don't enjoy it, but I respect it, and I don't hate it, which is more than I can say for pretty much everything else this genre has ever produced. The biggest problem is that the parody songs are so dead-on, they tend to be just as annoying as the real thing. But Cherone has some really insightful lyrics, Nuno has some some friggin' awesome solos, and "Hole Hearted" is, bar none, a really nice song. If they'd done more non-ironic acoustic rock, they probably would have produced an entire album that I could really enjoy.

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