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Martin Swann <> (27.11.2003)

Nice work on your "reviews" of the above bands albums. I lived the early seventies listening to the band at various live gigs around the east of england where there was indeed somewhat of a cult following due to the extensive airplay granted to the band by the offshore pirate radio stations. Have to disagree with your interpretation of Prince as I found then - and still do - the tracks very pleasing to listen to. Did you manage to read the accompanying booklet written by Paul Charles which came with the Prince album? The album tracks tell a story in a somewhat similar vein to perhaps Meat Loafs Bat out of Hell does. It's quite late at night now for me as a shift worker but I will return to your pages to peruse some of your other offerings and maybe post my dis/pleasure ( delete where applicable ) to your words. I must admit though it is interesting to get a non-Fruupp followers opinion on the albums.


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Kieran O'Malley <> (03.11.2003)

George, dig this one out again and have a listen now that you seem to have eased up on trying to come across as witty and cynical at the same time. I admit I am a bit of a Fruupp fan and enjoy their music, so all I would ask is that you give this one another try and I believe you will see that they were quite a band. also please check out the website

Looking forward to a new and imprmoved rating??? regards


Marianne Ashcroft <> (08.06.2006)

This only happens to be one of my top 10 albums. I know, I know, they're derivative and all that, but I love this album because it always lifts my spirits - which is more than you can say for 99% of the music out there. I love the way that side 1 ends with the same little tune that opens side 2, and the end of side 2 brings us full circle to the same rising, building melody that opened up side 1. I don't bother listening to it in context with other albums of its time. I just enjoy it for what it is, complete in itself.


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