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Carola Otte (01.10.2002)

I read your Nina Hagen reviews on the internet with great interest - Nina Hagen Band (I still prefer it over Unbehagen) was the first record I bought with my own pocket money, and even though I tried staying a Nina Hagen fan for a long time, I totally agree with you that after NunSexMonkRock, she never returned to the quality or originality even close to her early work, and over the years has just become plain dumb and boring.

I'm not sure why you have not reviewed any of her songs from the era before Nina Hagen Band. If you know the stuff but did not want to write about it, that's fine, but in case you did not know about her early work, I just wanted to let you know that a CD series called Rock aus Deutschland (Ost) was released in Germany in the early 1990s, and number 12 contained Nina Hagen songs from her time in the 1970s in East Berlin. Buy it if you can get your hands on it - I'm sure you won't regret it. It's definitely not as good as Nina Hagen Band, but almost. It really is a collection of songs rather than a coherent album. I like "Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen" best (I guess you'll understand the title - it's got great lyrics), but it's got other nice stuff, too.


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Martijn Louwes <> (26.03.2002)

I think this is the best Hagen album EVER ! I prefer it to the first album, because it's even more insane. The guy Herman is actualy Herman Brood, a famous dutch musician/painter/junkie, to which she was married (they say) for a couple of months. Last year, he jumped of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel because his body couldn't take the speed he had been taking for almost his entire fucking life. You should check out the records he made, I presume you know 'Saturday Night' (a hit in the USA, 1978/79).


Paul Robinson <> (11.06.2002)

Thank You for your well-written, insightful review of this vastly under-appreciated album!

I first heard NH when a band member of mine played a home recorded cassette of what I later found out was Nunsexmonkrock, one that was left behind by a musician that they had auditioned before I joined the group (who they described as "freaky weird"). Everyone in the group hated it but me, I *loved* it...I shortly thereafter picked up the album on vinyl (which I continue to own & enjoy to this day, in fact it's playing as I type this). After unwrapping & playing the record, I was shocked to discover that "Antiworld", & not "Born in XIXAX" (which in your review you refer to as "Radio Erevan", actually what she says at the beginning of that cut is "This is Radio Yerevan", Yerevan being the Capitol of Armenia) open the album, & "UFO" (which wasn't even on the home-made cassette, nor was "Dr. Art") & not "Future Is Now", closed it...The guy who recorded the tape I heard (wherever, you are, if you're alive, thank you from the bottom of my heart!) had switched Side 1 & side 2, which is to this day the way I play it. I personally believe the album flows far better with the following track order:

1) Born in XIXAX 2) Iki Maska 3) Cosma Shiva 4) Antiworld 5) Smack Jack 6) Taitschi-Tarot 7) Dread Love 8) Future Is Now

Try It!


Kevin Boury <> (08.02.2006)

I think you were way too harsh on the Nina album Fearless. I love all Nina up to Ekstacy and this was the album that made me adore her. In high school, we drove around countless times singing along to all of Fearless. I think it is a better album than In Ekstacy. Yes, it's got some Moroder-ness to it but that's not a bad thing. I love punk Nina... but this is just as wierd as the earlier albums. And it still holds up today. I think it deserves a higher rating than In Ekstacy because that later effort was a little uneven. I think I'll go home tonight and listen to Fearless though... thanks for the great site!


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