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David Ballard <> (06.05.2003)

Alex, God bless 'im, was the absolute King of R & R. The man and his band were pure dead brilliant - he had a humour, intelligence, and originality that no other rock band in the world could approach or buy, even if they had a King's fortune to spend (plus he was frae Glasgow. 'Nuff said). It still shake my head in disbelief at the kind of absolute rubbish that received airplay here in the States throughout the seventies, while bands of this calibre weren't even considered for airplay (hell, I still rant when I go into Music stores today looking for Nazareth CDs and can only turn up Hair of the Dog IF I'm really lucky. F***in' heathens! Question to self - please remind: What the Hell am I doing here???).

Anyhoo, I'm rantin' on. Kudos to you for appreciating genius when you hear it. He was one of a kind, and the music world will never see another like him.

Keith <> (23.08.2006)

Alex (God rest) was a Glaswegian, Scottish, and not English, so the stuff about his pronounced Cockney vocal mannerisms is off the mark.


Steve Potocin <> (04.12.2002)

In the USA nobody and I mean Nobody, cares about Alex Harvey and thats too bad. I really like Framed, but for me his masterpiece was NEXT. Rest in peace you old rockin bastard.

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