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Neil Eddy <> (24.08.2005)

Great albums all three of these George. Interestingly, your track listing does not list the main single off the original release of this album "I Want To Be Straight", (and probably the best song on the album also...) Also on the original release "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll" was not a bonus track on New Boots and Panties, it was an actual album track - As was "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" on "Do it Yourself". i thought you'd like to know this...


Ned Jolliffe <> (31.01.2006)

Hi there... just stumbled on to your website, as one does.

Just thought you sound fanatical enough to enthuse along with me about just how heartbreakingly gorgeous is the opening bar or two of that piano solo in the middle of "Sex & Drugs & Rock'n'Roll'. So gentle and so sweet.

sakal <> (18.06.2006)

Ian Dury - COMPLETELY obscure and forgotten OF COURSE. As a matter of fact, I first heard New Boots when living in Germany, but, as we know, only the USA matters to George, and somehow they were impervious to his phoney cockney accent. (By the way, Cockney is not quite right, but, hell we are Americans, eh? - and only interested in KICKING ASS, which, by the way, is spelt "arse", "ass" being a donkey - who cares about the place the music actually came from and the culture it represents?) Oh boy. You have trouble with his words? I am not surprised. I can help with the ESSEX accent, but even written down, I think you are not going to understand (though I must say you're pretty sharp.)

"I'm from ESSEX In case you couldn't tell (and you couldn't!!!) My given name is Dickie I come from Billericay And I'm doing Very Well!

Had a love affair with Nina In the back of my Cortina A seasoned-up hyaena Could not've been more obscener I took her to the cleaners And other misdemeanours But I got right up between her Rum and her Ribena

I bought a lot of brandy When I was courting Sandie Took eight to make her randy And all I had was shandy Another thing with Sandie Wot often came in handy Was slipping her a "mandy" - She didn't half go bandy

If this is at all helpful we can move on to Janet and the "nice bit of posh from Burnham-on-Crouch". I might even consider telling you what he is on about. One thing for sure, he is funny. And not sexist. But only if you promise to try again with Manfred Mann - did you know that their drummer/vibes-player, Mike Hugg, wrote "Mister, Youre a better man than I" for the Yardbirds, while the sax/guitar man Mike Vickers arranged and conducted "All you need is Love" for the erm, the, ah - that lot that the Americans have heard of.

Clues: Cortina - a mid-price Ford, much customised by young men. "the cleaners" - used up her money. Mandy - Mandrax, a tranquiliser notorious for reacting with alcohol. Randy (Scouse Git, see Monkees) - interested in sex. (Scouse - from Liverpool. Git - term of abuse) Shandy - beer and lemonade. Rum and Ribena (blackcurrant juice - well, it's rhyming slang!) NO - no thanks, I insist.


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