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stadelman <> (16.01.2001)

Glad to see you're adding an Iggy page - hope you do the same for the Stooges (and Yardbirds too). Anyway, it should be noted that Williamson played lead, not bass, guitar. Also, "I Got Nothing" and "Johanna" are both Stooges leftovers.

From what I've read on this album, it was more of a Williamson affair, with Iggy laying his vocal tracks while on weekend leave from the psych ward at UCLA where he was drying out. Too bad he couldn't have done a better job on "Sell Your Love" - my favorite song on the album.

Mike Noto <> (21.07.2004)

Just to let you know - James Williamson was the guitarist in the '73 version of the Stooges (the lineup of Raw Power); Ron Asheton was pushed to bass. Kill City was also released in 1979. Why don't you review Public Image Ltd and divide it into "Early PiL" and "Later PiL" (early being three studio albums and one live from 1978-1981, and later being everything else)? Oh wait: if you don't particularly like the Sex Pistols, you will probably not like early PiL, which is far more humorless than anything the Pistols ever did.


stadelman <> (16.01.2001)

'Dum Dum Boys' Refers to his former Stooge band mates.


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Thomas Paar <> (08.09.2001)

Astonishing, simply astonishing. Yes, this is a masterpiece. It's innovative, it's funny , it's consistent, it's amazing. I don't hear the synthesizers AT ALL. The music itself isn't as good as the lyrics, though. Yes, it's groovy, poppy, a little punkish in places, but not something groundbreaking, although, it doesn't sound as shallow as it would in the hands of someone else, Robert Plant, for instance. I mean, the music is very atmospheric. The best song is 'I'm Bored', but 'Five Foot One' is also damn close. And 'Girls' ? It's not a throwaway by any means. Intentionally dumb ? Yes, but remarkably funny. The title track is also great, and the ballads are quite dull, I'll admit, but still worth a listen. It's a real good album, but not as good as the next two. Soldier and Party are even more enjoyable. For the first of those two Prindle said that it's "all over the place", it's either "manic depressive" or just "retarded". It just sounds like it came directly from an asylum. Party is also very similar, but not quite so "insane". Those albums are basically good time records, which I listen to when I just want to relax.


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Victor Vitol <> (18.10.2005)

how can you seriously give Party more stars than this?

I've heard live bootlegs of material from the Zombie Birdhouse era when he toured with it and they are brilliant

if Party really was any good and anyone agreed with you then Iggy would be performing numbers from the album and I've got a dozen live recordings of his between 1980 and 1990 and none of the songs feature

Party is an embarrassment most completiests would be ashamed to own

it's a throwaway album in every sense

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