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Introduction: The Proto-Rock Heroes Page (Blues, Rockabilly, 50's rock in general)

Bill Haley: Rock Around The Clock; Buddy Holly: 30 All Time Greatest Hits; Carl Perkins: Boppin' Blue Suede Shoes; Chuck Berry: The Best Of; Elvis Presley: The Very Best Of The King; Fats Domino: Blueberry Hill/The Greatest Hits; Jerry Lee Lewis: Greatest Hits - Finest Performances; Little Richard: Greatest Hits; Muddy Waters: The Blues; Robert Johnson: The Complete Recordings

Special compilation projects: Atlantic Rhythm & Blues; Nuggets

Pop Rock

The Beatles [A] Please Please Me; With The Beatles; A Hard Day's Night; Beatles For Sale; Help!; At The Hollywood Bowl; Rubber Soul; Revolver; Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; Magical Mystery Tour; The Beatles; Yellow Submarine; Abbey Road; Let It Be; Past Masters (vol. 1); Past Masters (vol. 2); Live At The BBC; Anthology-I; Anthology-II; Anthology-III
The Kinks [B] Kinks; Kinda Kinks; The Kink Kontroversy; Face To Face; Something Else By The Kinks; Live At Kelvin Hall; The Village Green Preservation Society; Arthur, Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire; Lola Vs. Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One; Percy; Muswell Hillbillies; Everybody's In Show-Biz; Preservation Act I; Preservation Act II; Soap Opera; Schoolboys In Disgrace; Sleepwalker; Misfits; Low Budget; One For The Road; Give The People What They Want; State Of Confusion; Word Of Mouth; Think Visual; Live: The Road; UK Jive; Phobia; To The Bone; The Great Lost Kinks Album; BBC Sessions 1964-1977; + Dave Davies: AFLI-3603; Bug; + Ray Davies: Return To Waterloo; The Storyteller
Paul McCartney [B] McCartney; Ram; Wild Life; Red Rose Speedway; Band On The Run; Venus And Mars; Wings At The Speed Of Sound; Wings Over America; London Town; Back To The Egg; McCartney II; Tug Of War; Pipes Of Peace; Give My Regards To Broad Street; Press To Play; Back In USSR; Flowers In The Dirt; Tripping The Live Fantastic; Unplugged; Off The Ground; Paul Is Live; Flaming Pie; Run Devil Run; Working Classical; Driving Rain; Back In The U.S.; Chaos And Creation In The Backyard
Fleetwood Mac [C] Live At The Marquee; (Peter Green's) Fleetwood Mac; Mr Wonderful; Shrine '69; The Pious Bird Of Good Omen; Then Play On; Live At The BBC; Kiln House; The Original Fleetwood Mac; Future Games; Bare Trees; Penguin; Mystery To Me; Heroes Are Hard To Find; Fleetwood Mac; Rumours; Tusk; Live; Mirage; Tango In The Night; Behind The Mask; Time; The Dance; Say You Will + Christine McVie: Christine McVie
The Hollies [C] Stay With The Hollies; In The Hollies' Style; Hollies; Would You Believe; For Certain Because; Evolution; Butterfly; Hollies Sing Dylan; Hollies Sing Hollies; Confessions Of The Mind; Distant Light; Romany; Another Night; Write On
Badfinger [D] Magic Christian Music; No Dice; Ass; Badfinger; Wish You Were Here; Airwaves
Big Star [D] No. 1 Record; Radio City; Third/Sister Lovers
The Monkees [D] The Monkees; More Of The Monkees; Headquarters; Live 1967; Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd.; The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees; Head; Instant Replay; The Monkees Present; Changes
The Dave Clark 5 [E] Glad All Over; Return; American Tour; Coast To Coast; Weekend In London; Having A Wild Weekend; I Like It Like That; Try Too Hard
Ringo Starr [E] Sentimental Journey; Beaucoups Of Blues; Ringo; Goodnight Vienna; Ringo's Rotogravure; Ringo The 4th; Bad Boy; Stop And Smell The Roses; Old Wave; Time Takes Time; Vertical Man; VH1 Storytellers; Choose Love
The Searchers [E] Meet The Searchers; Sugar And Spice; It's The Searchers; Sounds Like Searchers; Take Me For What I'm Worth
Manfred Mann [?] The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann; Mann Made; As Is; Soul Of Mann; Up The Junction
Blondie [C] Blondie; Plastic Letters; Parallel Lines; Eat To The Beat; Autoamerican; The Hunter; No Exit; The Curse Of Blondie
The Flaming Lips [C] The Flaming Lips; Hear It Is; Oh My Gawd!!!; Telepathic Surgery; In A Priest Driven Ambulance; Hit To Death In The Future Head; Transmissions From The Satellite Heart; Clouds Taste Metallic; Zaireeka; The Soft Bulletin; Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Bangles [D] All Over The Place; Different Light; Everything
The Cars [D] The Cars; Candy-O; Panorama; Shake It Up; Heartbeat City; Door To Door
The Cranberries [D] Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We?; No Need To Argue; To The Faithful Departed; Bury The Hatchet; Wake Up & Smell The Coffee
Cheap Trick [?] Cheap Trick; In Color; Heaven Tonight; At Budokan; Next Position Please; Lap Of Luxury; Special One
Eurythmics [?] In The Garden; Sweet Dreams; Touch; Be Yourself Tonight; Revenge
INXS [?] INXS; Underneath The Colours; Shabooh Shoobah; The Swing; Listen Like Thieves
Midnight Oil [?] Midnight Oil; Head Injuries; Place Without A Postcard; 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1; Red Sails In The Sunset; Diesel And Dust; Blue Sky Mining
Oasis [?] Definitely Maybe
The Posies [?] Dear 23
The Stone Roses [?] The Stone Roses; Second Coming
Wilco [?] A. M.; Being There; Summerteeth; Yankee Hotel Foxtrot; A Ghost Is Born

Smart Pop

10CC [C] 10cc; Sheet Music; The Original Soundtrack; How Dare You?; Deceptive Bends; Bloody Tourists; Look Hear?; Ten Out Of Ten; Windows In The Jungle; Meanwhile; Mirror Mirror; + Godley & Creme: Consequences; L; Freeze Frame
Cockney Rebel/Steve Harley [C] The Human Menagerie; The Psychomodo; The Best Years Of Our Lives; Timeless Flight; Love's A Prima Donna; Face To Face; Hobo With A Grin; The Candidate
T. Rex [C] The Beginning Of Doves; My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair But Now They're Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows; Prophets Seers And Sages - The Angels Of The Ages; Unicorn; A Beard Of Stars; T. Rex; Electric Warrior Sessions; Electric Warrior; The Slider; Left Hand Luke: The Alternate Tanx; Tanx; Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow; Bolan's Zip Gun; Futuristic Dragon; Dandy In The Underworld; Across The Airwaves
Sparks [C] Sparks; A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing; Kimono My House; Propaganda; Indiscreet; Big Beat; Introducing Sparks; No. 1 In Heaven; Terminal Jive; Whomp That Sucker; Angst In My Pants; In Outer Space; Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat
The Police [B] Outlandos D'Amour; Reggatta De Blanc; Zenyatta Mondatta; Ghost In The Machine; Synchronicity; Live!
Talking Heads [B] Talking Heads: 77; More Songs About Buildings And Food; Fear Of Music; Remain In Light; The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads; Speaking In Tongues; Stop Making Sense; Little Creatures; True Stories
Blur [C] Leisure; Modern Life Is Rubbish; Parklife; The Great Escape; Blur; 13; Greatest Hits (Live); Think Tank; + Graham Coxon: The Sky Is Too High
Adrian Belew [D] Lone Rhino; Desire Caught By The Tail; Mr Music Head; Young Lions; Inner Revolution; The Acoustic Adrian Belew; Here; The Guitar As Orchestra; Op Zop Too Wah; Belewprints; Side One
Crowded House [D] Crowded House; Temple Of Low Men; Woodface; Together Alone
Fountains Of Wayne [?] Fountains Of Wayne
Ian Dury [?] New Boots And Panties; Do It Yourself; Laughter
Japan [?] Adolescent Sex; Obscure Alternatives
Morphine [?] Good; Cure For Pain
Oingo Boingo [?] Only A Lad; Nothing To Fear; Good For Your Soul; Dead Man's Party; Boi-ngo; Dark At The End Of The Tunnel; Boingo; Farewell
Pavement [?] Slanted & Enchanted
Pixies [?] Surfer Rosa; Doolittle; Bossanova
Television [?] Marquee Moon; The Blow Up
They Might Be Giants [?] They Might Be Giants; Lincoln
XTC [?] White Music; Go 2; Drums & Wires; Black Sea; English Settlement; Mummer; The Big Express

Lush Pop

The Beach Boys [C] Surfin' Safari; Surfin' USA; Surfer Girl; Little Deuce Coupe; Shut Down Volume 2; All Summer Long; Concert; Today!; Summer Days (And Summer Nights); Party!; Pet Sounds; Smiley Smile; Wild Honey; Friends; Stack-o-Tracks; 20/20; Live In London; Sunflower; Surf's Up; Carl And The Passions/So Tough; Holland; In Concert; 15 Big Ones; Love You; M.I.U. Album; L. A. (Light Album); Keepin' The Summer Alive; The Beach Boys; + Brian Wilson: Brian Wilson; Sweet Insanity; I Just Wasn't Made For These Times; Orange Crate Art; Imagination; Live At The Roxy Theatre; Smile; + Carl Wilson: Carl Wilson; Youngblood; + Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blue
Electric Light Orchestra [C] No Answer; E.L.O. II; On The Third Day; The Night The Lights Went On; Eldorado; Face The Music; A New World Record; Out Of The Blue; Discovery; Xanadu; Time; Secret Messages; Balance Of Power; Part Two; Moment Of Truth; Zoom; + Jeff Lynne: Armchair Theatre
Elton John [C] Empty Sky; Elton John; Tumbleweed Connection; 11-17-70; Madman Across The Water; Honky Chateau; Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player; Goodbye Yellow Brick Road; Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy; Rock Of The Westies; Here And There; Blue Moves; A Single Man; Victim Of Love; The Fox
The Left Banke [C] Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina; The Left Banke Too
The Moody Blues [C] The Magnificent Moodies; Days Of Future Passed; In Search Of The Lost Chord; On The Threshold Of A Dream; To Our Children's Children's Children; Caught Live + 5; A Question Of Balance; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour; Seventh Sojourn; Octave; Long Distance Voyager; The Present; The Other Side Of Life; Prelude; Sur La Mer; Keys Of The Kingdom; A Night At Red Rocks; Strange Times; + Justin Hayward & John Lodge: Blue Jays; + Justin Hayward: Songwriter; Night Flight; Classic Blue; The View From The Hill
The Zombies [C] Begin Here; Odessey And Oracle; The EP Collection; As Far As I Can See
Bee Gees [D] 1st; Horizontal; Idea; Odessa; Cucumber Castle; 2 Years On; Trafalgar; To Whom It May Concern; Life In A Tin Can; Mr Natural; Saturday Night Fever; Spirits Having Flown
Love [D] Love; Da Capo; Forever Changes; Out Here; False Start
The Mamas & Papas [D] If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears; The Mamas & The Papas; Deliver; The Papas & The Mamas; People Like Us
Carole King [?] Writer; Tapestry; The Carnegie Hall Concert; Music
The Carpenters [?] Ticket To Ride; Close To You; Carpenters; A Song For You; Now And Then; Horizon; A Kind Of Hush; Passage; Christmas Portrait
Harry Nilsson [?] Pandemonium Shadow Show; Aerial Ballet
Sade [?] Diamond Life; Promise

Dance Pop

ABBA [C] Ring Ring; Waterloo; ABBA; Arrival; The Album; Voulez-Vous; Super Trouper; The Visitors; Live
Tina Turner [?] Acid Queen; Rough; Love Explosion
Madonna [?] Madonna; Like A Virgin
Mariah Carey [?] Mariah Carey; Emotions
Michael Jackson [?] Off The Wall; Thriller; Bad; Dangerous; HIStory
Prince [?] Prince; Dirty Mind; Controversy; 1999; Purple Rain; Around The World In A Day

Synth Pop

Asia [?] Asia; Alpha; Astra
Depeche Mode [?] Speak And Spell; A Broken Frame; Construction Time Again; Some Great Reward; Black Celebration
Duran Duran [?] Duran Duran; Rio; Seven And The Ragged Tiger; Arena
Pet Shop Boys [?] Please; Actually
Tears For Fears [?] The Hurting; Songs From The Big Chair

Rhythm & Blues

The Rolling Stones [A] England's Newest Hitmakers; 12 X 5; The Rolling Stones, Now!; Out Of Our Heads; December's Children (And Everybody's); Aftermath; Got Live If You Want It; Between The Buttons; Flowers; Their Satanic Majesties' Request; Beggar's Banquet; Rock And Roll Circus; Let It Bleed; Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!; Sticky Fingers; Exile On Main Street; Goats' Head Soup; It's Only Rock'n'Roll; Metamorphosis; Black And Blue; Love You Live; Some Girls; Emotional Rescue; Tattoo You; Still Life; Undercover; Dirty Work; Singles Collection: The London Years; Steel Wheels; Flashpoint; Voodoo Lounge; Stripped; Bridges To Babylon; No Security; Live Licks; A Bigger Bang; Rarities 1971-2003; + Jagger /Wyman /Watts /Cooder /Hopkins: Jamming With Edward; + Bill Wyman: Monkey Grip; Stone Alone; Bill Wyman; Struttin' Our Stuff; Anyway The Wind Blows; Groovin'; Double Bill; Just For A Thrill; + Keith Richards: Talk Is Cheap; Main Offender; + Mick Jagger: She's The Boss; Primitive Cool; Wandering Spirit; Goddess In The Doorway; + Mick Taylor: Mick Taylor; A Stone's Throw; + The Dirty Strangers: The Dirty Strangers
The Who [A] The Who Sings My Generation; A Quick One; The Who Sell Out; Tommy; Live At Leeds; Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970; Who's Next; Quadrophenia; Odds And Sods; The Who By Numbers; Who Are You; The Kids Are Alright; Face Dances; It's Hard; Who's Last; Join Together; Thirty Years Of Maximum R'n'B; BBC Sessions; + John Entwistle: Whistle Rymes; Rigor Mortis Sets In; + Keith Moon: Two Sides Of The Moon; + Roger Daltrey: Daltrey; Ride A Rock Horse; Under A Raging Moon
The Animals [C] The Animals; The Animals On Tour; Animal Tracks; Animalisms; Winds Of Change; The Twain Shall Meet; Every One Of Us; Love Is; Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted; Ark; + Eric Burdon & War: Eric Burdon Declares "WAR"; The Black Man's Burdon; Love Is All Around; + The Eric Burdon Band: Sun Secrets; Stop
The Yardbirds [C] Five Live Yardbirds; For Your Love; Having A Rave Up; Roger The Engineer; Little Games; The BBC Sessions
The Pretty Things [D] The Pretty Things; Get The Picture?; Emotions; S. F. Sorrow; Silk Torpedo
The Small Faces [D] Small Faces; From The Beginning; Small Faces; Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Ten Years After [D] Ten Years After; Undead; Stonedhenge; Ssssh; Live At The Fillmore East; Cricklewood Green; Watt; A Space In Time; Alvin Lee And Company; Rock And Roll Music To The World; Recorded Live; Positive Vibrations; About Time
Alvin Lee [?] In Flight; Pump Iron; Let It Rock; Rocket Fuel; Ride On
The Faces [?] Long Player; Ooh La La
Flamin Groovies [?] Supersnazz; Flamingo; Teenage Head
Ronnie Wood [?] Slide On This; Slide On Live

Hard Rock

Alice Cooper [C] Pretties For You; Easy Action; Love It To Death; Killer; School's Out; Billion Dollar Babies; Muscle Of Love; Welcome To My Nightmare; Alice Cooper Goes To Hell; Lace And Whiskey; The Alice Cooper Show; From The Inside; Flush The Fashion; Special Forces; Zipper Catches Skin; Dada; Constrictor; Raise Your Fist And Yell; Trash; Hey Stoopid; The Last Temptation; A Fistful Of Alice; The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper; Brutal Planet; Dragontown; The Eyes Of Alice Cooper
Free [D] Tons Of Sobs; Free; Fire And Water; Highway; Free At Last; Heartbreaker
Mountain [D] Mountain; Climbing!; Nantucket Sleighride; Flowers Of Evil; Twin Peaks; Avalanche; Man's World
Thin Lizzy [D] Thin Lizzy; Shades Of A Blue Orphanage; Vagabonds Of The Western World; Nightlife; Fighting; Jailbreak; Johnny The Fox; Bad Reputation; Live And Dangerous; Black Rose; Chinatown; Renegade; Thunder And Lightning
Bloodrock [E] Bloodrock; Bloodrock 2; Bloodrock 3; USA; Passage; Whirlwind Tongues
Grand Funk Railroad [E] On Time; Grand Funk; Closer To Home; Live Album; Survival; E Pluribus Funk; Phoenix; We're An American Band; Shinin' On; All The Girls In The World Beware; Caught In The Act; Born To Die; Good Singin' Good Playin'; Mark Farner; Grand Funk Lives; What's Funk?; Bosnia; + Mark Farner Band: Mark Farner
Mott The Hoople [E] Mott The Hoople; Wildlife; Brain Capers; All The Young Dudes; Mott
The Troggs [E] From Nowhere; Trogglodynamite; Cellophane; Mixed Bag
Aerosmith [?] Aerosmith; Get Your Wings; Toys In The Attic; Rocks; Draw The Line; Live! Bootleg; Night In The Ruts
Bad Company [?] Bad Company; Straight Shooter; Run With The Pack; Burnin' Sky; Desolation Angels; Rough Diamonds; Fame And Fortune; Dangerous Age
Blue Cheer [?] Vincebus Eruptum; Outsideinside; New! Improved!; Blue Cheer
Blue Oyster Cult [?] Blue Oyster Cult
Kiss [?] Kiss; Hotter Than Hell; Dressed To Kill; Alive!; Destroyer; Rock And Roll Over; Love Gun; Alive II; Ace Frehley; Gene Simmons; Paul Stanley; Peter Criss; Dynasty
Slade [?] Beginnings; Play It Loud; Alive!; Slayed?; Old New Borrowed And Blue; Slade In Flame; Nobody's Fools; Whatever Happened To Slade; Return To Base; Alive Vol. 2
AC/DC [C] High Voltage; T.N.T.; Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap; Let There Be Rock; Powerage; If You Want Blood You've Got It; Highway To Hell; Back In Black; For Those About To Rock We Salute You; Flick Of The Switch; Fly On The Wall; Blow Up Your Video; The Razor's Edge; Live; Ballbreaker; Bonfire; Stiff Upper Lip; + Geordie: Hope You Like It; Don't Be Fooled By The Name
Faith No More [?] We Care A Lot; Introduce Yourself
Heart [?] Dreamboat Annie; Little Queen; Magazine; Dog & Butterfly
Motorhead [?] On Parole; Overkill; Bomber; Ace Of Spades; No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith; Iron Fist; Another Perfect Day

Heavy Metal

Deep Purple [C] Shades Of Deep Purple; The Book Of Taliesyn; Deep Purple; Concerto For Group And Orchestra; Deep Purple In Rock; Gemini Suite; Scandinavian Nights; Fireball; Machine Head; Made In Japan; Live In Japan; Who Do We Think We Are; Burn; California Jamming; Live In London; Stormbringer; Made In Europe; Days May Come And Days May Go; Come Taste The Band; Last Concert In Japan; On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat; Power House; In Concert 1970-1972; Perfect Strangers; Knebworth '85; The House Of Blue Light; Nobody's Perfect; Slaves & Masters; The Battle Rages On; Come Hell Or High Water; Purpendicular; Live At The Olympia; Abandon; Bananas
Led Zeppelin [C] Led Zeppelin; Led Zeppelin II; Led Zeppelin III; Led Zeppelin IV; How The West Was Won; Houses Of The Holy; The Song Remains The Same; Physical Graffiti; Presence; In Through The Out Door; Coda; BBC Sessions; + Robert Plant: Pictures At Eleven; The Principle Of Moments; Shaken 'N' Stirred; Now And Zen; Manic Nirvana; Fate Of Nations
Black Sabbath [D] Black Sabbath; Paranoid; Master Of Reality; Vol. 4; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; Sabotage; Technical Ecstasy; Never Say Die; Heaven And Hell; Mob Rules; Live Evil; Born Again; Seventh Star; The Eternal Idol; Headless Cross; Tyr; Dehumanizer; Cross Purposes; Forbidden; Reunion; Past Lives
Budgie [D] Budgie; Squawk; Never Turn Your Back On A Friend; In For The Kill; Bandolier; If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules; Impeckable; Power Supply; Nightflight; Deliver Us From Evil
Nazareth [?] Nazareth; Exercises; Razamanaz; BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert; Loud 'n' Proud; Rampant; Hair Of The Dog; Close Enough For Rock'n'Roll; Play'n The Game; Expect No Mercy; No Mean City; Malice In Wonderland; The Fool Circle; + Dan McCafferty: Dan McCafferty
Rainbow [?] Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow; Rainbow Rising; Live In Germany; On Stage; Long Live Rock'n'Roll; Down To Earth; Difficult To Cure; Straight Between The Eyes
Accept [C] Accept; I'm A Rebel; Breaker; Restless & Wild; Balls To The Wall; Metal Heart; Russian Roulette; Eat The Heat; Staying A Life; Objection Overruled; Death Row; Predator
Angra [D] Angels Cry; Holy Land; Fireworks; Freedom Call/Holy Live; Rebirth
Extreme [?] Extreme; Pornograffitti
Iron Maiden [?] Iron Maiden; Killers; The Number Of The Beast; Piece Of Mind; Powerslave; Live After Death
Judas Priest [?] Rocka Rolla; Sad Wings Of Destiny; Sin After Sin; Stained Class; Killing Machine; Unleashed In The East; British Steel; Point Of Entry; Screaming For Vengeance; Defenders Of The Faith
Megadeth [?] Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good; Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Metallica [?] Kill 'Em All; Ride The Lightning
Ozzy Osbourne [?] Blizzard Of Ozz; Diary Of A Madman; Speak Of The Devil; Bark At The Moon
Queensryche [?] The Warning; Rage For Order
Sepultura [?] Morbid Visions; Schizophrenia
Slayer [?] Show No Mercy; Live Undead; Hell Awaits
Van Halen [?] Van Halen; Van Halen II; Women And Children First; Fair Warning; Diver Down; 1984; 5150

Arena Rock

Queen [C] Queen; At The BBC; Queen II; Sheer Heart Attack; A Night At The Opera; A Day At The Races; News Of The World; Jazz; Live Killers; The Game; Flash Gordon; Hot Space
Humble Pie [?] As Safe As Yesterday Is; Rock On
Styx [?] Styx; Styx II; The Serpent Is Rising; Man Of Miracles; Equinox; Crystal Ball; The Grand Illusion; Pieces Of Eight; Cornerstone
Sweet [?] First Recordings 1968-1971; The Sweet's Biggest Hits; Sweet Fanny Adams; Desolation Boulevard; Strung Up; Give Us A Wink; Off The Record; Level Headed; Cut Above The Rest
Boston [?] Boston; Don't Look Back; Third Stage
Foreigner [?] Foreigner; Double Vision; Head Games; 4; Agent Provocateur
Meatloaf [?] Bat Out Of Hell
U2 [?] Boy; October; War; Under A Blood Red Sky; The Unforgettable Fire; The Joshua Tree


The Velvet Underground [C] The Velvet Underground & Nico; White Light/White Heat; The Velvet Underground; Live 1969; Loaded; VU
MC5 [E] Kick Out The Jams; Back In The USA; High Time
New York Dolls [E] New York Dolls; Too Much Too Soon; Live In NYC - Red Patent Leather
The Stooges [?] The Stooges; Fun House
The Ramones [B] Ramones; Leave Home; Rocket To Russia; Road To Ruin; It's Alive; End Of The Century; Pleasant Dreams; Subterranean Jungle; Too Tough To Die; Animal Boy; Halfway To Sanity; Brain Drain; Loco Live; Mondo Bizarro; Acid Eaters; Adios Amigos!; Greatest Hits Live; We're Outta Here!
Alice In Chains [C] Facelift; Dirt; Jar Of Flies; Alice In Chains; MTV Unplugged
The Clash [C] The Clash; Give 'Em Enough Rope; London Calling; Sandinista!; Combat Rock; Cut The Crap
The Jam [C] In The City; This Is The Modern World; All Mod Cons; Setting Sons; Sound Affects; The Gift; Dig The New Breed
Hole [?] Pretty On The Inside
Iggy Pop [?] Kill City; The Idiot; Lust For Life; T.V. Eye; New Values; Soldier; Party; Zombie Birdhouse
Nina Hagen [?] Nina Hagen Band; Unbehagen; Nunsexmonkrock; Fearless; In Ekstasy; Nina Hagen
Nirvana [?] Bleach; Nevermind
Pearl Jam [?] Ten
The Replacements [?] Sorry Ma Forgot To Take Out The Trash
The Sex Pistols [?] Never Mind The Bollocks... Here's The Sex Pistols!; The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle
Wire [?] Pink Flag; Chairs Missing


Cream [B] Fresh Cream; Disraeli Gears; Wheels Of Fire; Goodbye Cream; Live Cream; Live Cream Vol. II; Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3-5-6 2005
Arthur Brown [C] The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown; Journey; Dance; Faster Than The Speed Of Light; Speak No Tech; Requiem; Brown, Black & Blue
Gong [C] Magick Brother; Continental Circus; Camembert Electrique; Flying Teapot; Angel's Egg; You; Shamal; Gong Est Mort; Shapeshifter; 25th Birthday Party; Zero To Infinity
13th Floor Elevators [D] The Psychedelic Sounds Of; Easter Everywhere; Bull Of The Woods; Levitation
Grateful Dead [D] The Grateful Dead; Anthem Of The Sun; Aoxomoxoa; Live/Dead; Workingman's Dead; American Beauty; Grateful Dead; Europe '72; History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice); Wake Of The Flood; From The Mars Hotel; Blues For Allah; Terrapin Station; Shakedown Street; Go To Heaven; Reckoning; Dead Set; In The Dark; Built To Last; Without A Net; Infrared Roses; One From The Vault; Two From The Vault; Hundred Year Hall; Ladies And Gentlemen... The Grateful Dead
Jefferson Airplane [D] Jefferson Airplane Takes Off; Surrealistic Pillow; After Bathing At Baxter's; Live At The Fillmore East; Crown Of Creation; Bless Its Pointed Little Head; Volunteers; Bark; Long John Silver; Early Flight
Quicksilver Messenger Service [D] Quicksilver Messenger Service; Happy Trails; Shady Grove; What About Me; Quicksilver
The United States Of America [D] The United States Of America
Iron Butterfly [E] Heavy; In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida; Ball; Live; Metamorphosis; Scorching Beauty; Sun And Steel
Syd Barrett [E] The Madcap Laughs; Barrett; Opel; The Radio One Sessions
Electric Prunes [?] I Had Too Much To Dream; Mass In F Minor
Hawkwind [?] Hawkwind; In Search Of Space; Doremi Fasol Latido; Space Ritual; Hall Of The Mountain Grill; Warrior On The Edge Of Time; Quark, Strangeness And Charm; Levitation
The Incredible String Band [?] The Incredible String Band; The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
Moby Grape [?] Moby Grape; Wow/Grape Jam; + Skip Spence: Oar

Art Rock

Pink Floyd [B] The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn; A Saucerful Of Secrets; More; Ummagumma; Atom Heart Mother; Relics; Meddle; Obscured By Clouds; Dark Side Of The Moon; Wish You Were Here; Animals; The Wall; Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live; The Final Cut; A Momentary Lapse Of Reason; Delicate Sound Of Thunder; The Division Bell; P.U.L.S.E; + Roger Waters: The Pros And Cons Of Hitch-Hiking; Radio K.A.O.S.; Amused To Death
Family [C] Music In A Doll's House; Family Entertainment; A Song For Me; Anyway; Fearless; Bandstand; It's Only A Movie; BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert
Procol Harum [C] A Whiter Shade Of Pale; Shine On Brightly; A Salty Dog; Home; Broken Barricades; Live In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra; Grand Hotel; Exotic Birds And Fruit; BBC Live In Concert; Procol's Ninth; Something Magic; The Prodigal Stranger; The Long Goodbye; Pandora's Box; The Well's On Fire; + The Paramounts: Whiter Shades Of R'n'B; + Gary Brooker: No More Fear Of Flying; Lead Me To The Water; Echoes In The Night; Within Our House
Roxy Music [C] Roxy Music; For Your Pleasure; Stranded; Country Life; Siren; Viva!; Manifesto; Flesh + Blood; Avalon; + Bryan Ferry: These Foolish Things; Another Time Another Place; Let's Stick Together; In Your Mind; The Bride Stripped Bare; + Phil Manzanera: Diamond Head; + 801: 801 Live
Roy Wood/The Move [C] Move; Shazam; Looking On; Message From The Country; Wizzard Brew; Boulders; Introducing Eddy & The Falcons; Mustard; Starting Up
Andrew Lloyd Webber [D] Jesus Christ Superstar; Jesus Christ Superstar (Movie Soundtrack); Cats
Argent [D] Argent; Ring Of Hands; All Together Now; In Deep; Nexus; Encore; Circus
Gravy Train [E] Gravy Train; (A Ballad Of) A Peaceful Man; Second Birth; Staircase To The Day
High Tide [E] Sea Shanties; High Tide; The Flood; A Fierce Nature
Aphrodite's Child [?] End Of The World; It's Five O'Clock; 666
Jack Bruce [?] Songs For A Tailor; Things We Like; How's Tricks; Somethin Els; Shadows In The Air
Kayak [?] See See The Sun; Kayak
Manfred Mann's Earth Band [?] Manfred Mann's Earth Band; Glorified Magnified; Messin'; Solar Fire; The Good Earth; Nightingales And Bombers; The Roaring Silence; Watch; Angel Station; Chance; Somewhere In Africa; Budapest Live; Criminal Tango
Mike Oldfield [?] Tubular Bells; Hergest Ridge; Ommadawn; Incantations; Platinum; Q.E.2; Five Miles Out; Crises; Discovery; The Killing Fields
Supertramp [?] Supertramp; Indelibly Stamped; Crime Of The Century; Crisis? What Crisis?; Even In The Quietest Moments; Breakfast In America
Todd Rundgren [?] Nazz; Nazz Nazz; Something/Anything?; Todd Rundgren's Utopia; Faithful; Ra; Oops! Wrong Planet
Uriah Heep [?] Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble; Salisbury; Look At Yourself; Demons & Wizards; The Magician's Birthday; Live; Sweet Freedom; Wonderworld; Return To Fantasy; High And Mighty; Firefly; Innocent Victim; Fallen Angel
Björk [C] Life's Too Good; Here Today Tomorrow Next Week; Stick Around For Joy; Debut; Post; Telegram; Homogenic; Selmasongs; Vespertine; Medulla
Peter Gabriel [C] Peter Gabriel; Peter Gabriel (II); Peter Gabriel (III); Security; Plays Live; Birdy; So; Passion; Us; Secret World Live; OVO; Long Walk Home
Japan [?] Adolescent Sex
Kate Bush [?] The Kick Inside; Lionheart; Never For Ever; The Dreaming; Hounds Of Love
Klaatu [?] 3:47 Est; Hope; Sir Army Suit
Radiohead [?] Pablo Honey; The Bends

Prog Rock

Genesis [B] From Genesis To Revelation; Trespass; Nursery Cryme; Foxtrot; Genesis Live; Selling England By The Pound; The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway; A Trick Of The Tail; Wind And Wuthering; Seconds Out; And Then There Were Three; Duke; Abacab; Three Sides Live; Genesis; Invisible Touch; We Can't Dance; Live: The Way We Walk Volume One - The Shorts; Live: The Way We Walk Volume Two - The Longs; Calling All Stations; Archive 1967-75; Archive 1976-1992; + Phil Collins: Face Value; Hello I Must Be Going; No Jacket Required
King Crimson [B] In The Court Of The Crimson King; Epitaph; In The Wake Of Poseidon; Lizard; Islands; Earthbound; Larks' Tongues In Aspic; The Night Watch; Starless And Bible Black; Red; USA; The Great Deceiver; Discipline; Beat; Three Of A Perfect Pair; Absent Lovers; VROOOM; THRAK; B'Boom; THRaKaTTaK; VROOOM VROOOM; The ConstruKction Of Light; Heavy ConstruKction; Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With; The Power To Believe; + Giles, Giles & Fripp: The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp; The Brondesbury Tapes; + McDonald And Giles: McDonald And Giles
Caravan [C] Caravan; If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You; In The Land Of Grey And Pink; Waterloo Lily; For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night; Caravan & The New Symphonia; BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert; Cunning Stunts; Blind Dog At St Dunstan's; Cool Water; The Battle Of Hastings; All Over You
Emerson, Lake & Palmer [C] Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Tarkus; Pictures At An Exhibition; Trilogy; Brain Salad Surgery; Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends; Works Vol. 1; Works Vol. 2; Love Beach; Works Live; Emerson, Lake & Powell; Black Moon; In The Hot Seat; Then And Now
Gentle Giant [C] Gentle Giant; Acquiring The Taste; Three Friends; Octopus; In A Glass House; The Power And The Glory; Live Rome 1974; Free Hand; Interview; The Official Live: Playing The Fool; The Missing Piece; Giant For A Day; Civilian; The Last Steps; Under Construction
Jethro Tull [C] This Was; Stand Up; Benefit; Live At Carnegie Hall; Aqualung; Thick As A Brick; Living In The Past; A Passion Play; Warchild; Minstrel In The Gallery; Too Old To Rock'n'Roll, Too Young To Die; Songs From The Wood; Heavy Horses; Live - Bursting Out; Stormwatch; A; Broadsword And The Beast; Under Wraps; A Classic Case; Crest Of A Knave; Rock Island; 20 Years Of Jethro Tull (selection); Catfish Rising; A Little Light Music; Nightcap; Roots To Branches; J-Tull Dot Com; Living With The Past; Christmas Album; + Ian Anderson: Divinities: Twelve Dances With God; The Secret Language Of Birds; Rupi's Dance
Renaissance [C] Renaissance; Illusion; Prologue; Ashes Are Burning; Turn Of The Cards; Scheherazade And Other Stories; Novella; A Song For All Seasons; Azure D'Or; Camera Camera; Time-Line; Songs From Renaissance Days; Tuscany; + Illusion: Out Of The Mist; Illusion
Steve Hackett [C] Voyage Of The Acolyte; Please Don't Touch; Spectral Mornings; Defector; Cured; Highly Strung; Bay Of Kings; Till We Have Faces; Feedback '86; Momentum; Watcher Of The Skies - Genesis Revisited
Yes [C] Yes; Time And A Word; The Yes Album; Fragile; Close To The Edge; Yessongs; Tales From Topographic Oceans; Relayer; Going For The One; Tormato; Drama; Yesshows; 90125; Big Generator; Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe; Union; An Evening Of Yes Music Plus; Talk; Keys To Ascension; Keys To Ascension 2; Open Your Eyes; The Ladder; House Of Yes: Live From House Of Blues; Magnification
Atomic Rooster [D] Atomic Rooster; Death Walks Behind You; In Hearing Of; Made In England; Nice 'n' Greasy
Curved Air [D] Air Conditioning; Second Album; Phantasmagoria; Air Cut; Lovechild; Live; Midnight Wire; Airborne
The Nice [D] The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack; Ars Longa Vita Brevis; Nice; Five Bridges; Elegy
Premiata Forneria Marconi [D] Storia Di Un Minuto; Per Un Amico; Photos Of Ghosts; The World Became The World; Cook; Chocolate Kings; Jet Lag
Van Der Graaf Generator [D] The Aerosol Grey Machine; The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other; H To He Who Am The Only One; Pawn Hearts; Godbluff; Still Life; World Record; The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome; Vital
Fruupp [E] Future Legends; Seven Secrets; The Prince Of Heaven's Eyes; Modern Masquerades
Barclay James Harvest [?] Barclay James Harvest; Once Again; Barclay James Harvest And Other Stories; Baby James Harvest; Everyone Is Everybody Else; Time Honoured Ghosts; Octoberon; Gone To Earth; XII; Eyes Of The Universe; Turn Of The Tide
Camel [?] Camel; Mirage; The Snow Goose; Moonmadness; Rain Dances; Breathless; I Can See Your House From Here; Nude
Focus [?] In And Out Of Focus; Moving Waves; Focus III; Live At The Rainbow; Hamburger Concerto
Kansas [?] Kansas; Song For America; Masque; Leftoverture; Point Of Know Return; Monolith
Magma [?] Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh; Kohntarkosz
Rick Wakeman [?] The Six Wives Of Henry VIII; Journey To The Centre Of The Earth; The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur; Lisztomania; No Earthly Connection; White Rock; Criminal Record; Rhapsodies; 1984
Rush [?] Rush; Fly By Night; Caress Of Steel; 2112; All The World's A Stage; A Farewell To Kings; Hemispheres; Permanent Waves; Moving Pictures; Exit... Stage Left; Signals; Grace Under Pressure; Power Windows; Hold Your Fire
Strawbs [?] Dragonfly; Just A Collection Of Antiques And Curios
Alan Parsons Project [?] Tales Of Mystery And Imagination; I Robot; Pyramid; Eve; The Turn Of A Friendly Card; Eye In The Sky
Marillion [?] Script For A Jester's Tear; Fugazi; Misplaced Childhood; Clutching At Straws; B'sides Themselves
National Health [?] National Health; Of Queues And Cures


Can [C] Delay 1968; Monster Movie; Soundtracks; Tago-Mago; Ege Bamyasi; Future Days; Soon Over Babaluma; Landed; Unlimited Edition; Flow Motion; Saw Delight; Out Of Reach; Can; Rite Time; Radio Waves; Live Music 1971-1977
Faust [D] Faust; So Far; The Faust Tapes; Faust IV
The Soft Machine [D] Soft Machine; Volume Two; Third; Fourth; Fifth; Six; Seven; Bundles; Softs; Alive And Well - Recorded In Paris; Land Of Cockayne
Henry Cow [?] Legend; In Praise Of Learning
John Cale [?] The Academy In Peril; Fear; Helen Of Troy
Art Of Noise [D] Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise?; Daft; In Visible Silence; In No Sense? Nonsense!; Below The Waste; The Seduction Of Claude Debussy
Coil [?] Transparent; Scatology; The Angelic Conversation; Horse Rotorvator; Gold Is The Metal; Unnatural History; Love's Secret Domain; Stolen And Contaminated Songs
Current '93 [?] Nature Unveiled; Dogs Blood Rising; Live At Bar Maldoror; In Menstrual Night; Dawn
Einstürzende Neubauten [?] Kollaps; Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T.; Strategies Against Architecture; Halber Mensch; Five On The Open Ended Richter Scale; Haus Der Lüge
Ministry [?] Twitch; The Land Of Rape And Honey
Mr Bungle [?] The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny; Bowel Of Chiley
Primus [?] Suck On This; Frizzle Fry
Sonic Youth [?] Confusion Is Sex; EVOL

Mood Music

Brian Eno [B] No Pussyfooting; Here Come The Warm Jets; Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy); Another Green World; Evening Star; Cluster & Eno; Before And After Science; Music For Films; After The Heat; Ambient 1: Music For Airports; Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror; My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts; Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks; The Pearl; Thursday Afternoon; Nerve Net; The Shutov Assembly; Neroli; Drawn From Life
Amon Düül II [C] Phallus Dei; Yeti; Tanz Der Lemminge; Carnival In Babylon; Wolf City; Utopia; Vive La Trance; Live In London; Made In Germany; Pyragony X; Nada Moonshine #; Live In Tokyo
Ash Ra Tempel [?] Join Inn; Starring Rosi
Eloy [?] Eloy; Inside; Floating; Power And The Passion; Dawn; Ocean; Live; Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes
Cocteau Twins [C] Garlands; Head Over Heels; Treasure; Victorialand; The Moon And The Melodies; Blue Bell Knoll; Heaven Or Las Vegas; Four-Calendar Cafe; Milk And Kisses
Dead Can Dance [?] Dead Can Dance; Spleen And Ideal
Enya [?] The Celts; Watermark
This Mortal Coil [?] It'll End In Tears; Filigree & Shadow; Blood

Folk Rock

The Byrds [B] In The Beginning; Mr Tambourine Man; Turn Turn Turn; Fifth Dimension; Younger Than Yesterday; The Notorious Byrd Brothers; Sweetheart Of The Rodeo; Dr Byrds And Mr Hyde; Live At The Fillmore February 1969; Ballad Of Easy Rider; Untitled; Byrdmaniax; Farther Along; Byrds; + Roger McGuinn: Roger McGuinn; Peace On You; Roger McGuinn And His Band; Cardiff Rose; Thunderbyrd; Back From Rio
Crosby, Stills & Nash [C] Super Session; Crosby, Stills & Nash; Déjà Vu; Stephen Stills; Four Way Street; If I Could Only Remember My Name; Songs For Beginners; Another Stoney Evening; Manassas; Wind On The Water; Whistling Down The Wire; CSN; Earth & Sky; Daylight Again; After The Storm; Looking Forward
Simon & Garfunkel [C] Wednesday Morning 3AM; Sounds Of Silence; Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme; Live From New York City; Bookends; Bridge Over Troubled Water; The Concert In Central Park
Buffalo Springfield [D] Buffalo Springfield; Again; Last Time Around
Donovan [?] Sunshine Superman; Mellow Yellow; A Gift From A Flower To A Garden; Open Road; HMS Donovan; Donovan; Beat Cafe
It's A Beautiful Day [?] It's A Beautiful Day; Marrying Maiden
Lindisfarne [?] Fog On The Tyne
Lovin' Spoonful [?] Do You Believe In Magic; Daydream; Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful
The Pogues [?] Red Roses For Me; Rum, Sodomy & The Lash
R.E.M. [?] Murmur; Reckoning; Fables Of The Reconstruction; Lifes Rich Pageant
Tom Petty [?] Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers; You're Gonna Get It; Damn The Torpedoes; Hard Promises; Long After Dark; Southern Accents; Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)

Roots Rock

Creedence Clearwater Revival [B] Creedence Clearwater Revival; Bayou Country; Green River; Willy And The Poorboys; Cosmo's Factory; Pendulum; Mardi Gras; Live In Europe; + John Fogerty: Blue Ridge Rangers; John Fogerty; Centerfield; Eye Of The Zombie; Blue Moon Swamp; Premonition; Deja Vu All Over Again
The Allman Brothers Band [C] The Allman Brothers Band; Idlewild South; At The Fillmore East; Eat A Peach; Brothers And Sisters; Wipe The Windows, Check The Oil, Dollar Gas; Enlightened Rogues; Seven Turns; Shades Of Two Worlds; Where It All Begins
Lynyrd Skynyrd [D] Skynyrd's First: The Complete Muscle Shoals Album; Pronounced 'leh-'nerd 'skin-'nerd; Second Helping; Nuthin' Fancy; Gimme Back My Bullets; One More From The Road; Freebird: The Movie; Street Survivors; Southern By The Grace Of God; Endangered Species; Twenty
Rod Stewart [D] The Rod Stewart Album; Gasoline Alley; Every Picture Tells A Story; Never A Dull Moment; Smiler; Atlantic Crossing; A Night On The Town; Foot Loose & Fancy Free; Blondes Have More Fun; Foolish Behaviour; Tonight I'm Yours; Body Wishes; Camouflage; Every Beat Of My Heart; Out Of Order; Vagabond Heart; A Spanner In The Works; When We Were The New Boys
Spooky Tooth [D] Supernatural Fairy Tales; It's All About; Spooky Two; Ceremony; The Last Puff; You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw; Witness; The Mirror
Traffic [D] Mr Fantasy; Traffic; Last Exit; John Barleycorn Must Die; Welcome To The Canteen; The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys; Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory; When The Eagle Flies; Far From Home
Blind Faith [E] Blind Faith
Country Joe & The Fish [E] Electric Music For The Mind And Body; I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die; Together; Here We Are Again; C. J. Fish
The Eagles [E] Eagles; Desperado; On The Border; One Of These Nights; Hotel California; The Long Run
The James Gang [E] Yer' Album; Rides Again; Thirds; Bang; Miami
Stone The Crows [E] Stone The Crows; Ode To John Law; Ontinuous Performance
Traveling Wilburys [E] Vol. 1; Vol. 3
The Band [?] Music From Big Pink; The Band; Stage Fright; Cahoots
Flying Burrito Brothers [?] The Gilded Palace Of Sin; Burrito Deluxe
Hot Tuna [?] Hot Tuna; First Pull Up Then Pull Down
Ronnie Lane [?] Kuschty Rye
Rory Gallagher [?] Taste; On The Boards; Live Taste; Rory Gallagher; Deuce; Live In Europe '72; Blueprint; Tattoo; Irish Tour '74; Against The Grain; Calling Card; Photo Finish; Top Priority; Stage Struck; Jinx
Seatrain [?] Seatrain; Marblehead Messenger
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band [?] Framed
Spirit [?] Spirit; The Family That Plays Together; Twelve Dreams Of Dr Sardonicus
Steamhammer [?] Steamhammer; Mountains; Speech
Steppenwolf [?] Steppenwolf; The Second; At Your Birthday Party; Early Steppenwolf; Monster; Steppenwolf Seven; For Ladies Only; Slow Flux; Hour Of The Wolf; Skullduggery
ZZ Top [?] First Album; Rio Grande Mud; Tres Hombres; Fandango; Tejas; Deguello; El Loco; Eliminator
Dire Straits [C] Dire Straits; Communique; Making Movies; Love Over Gold; Alchemy; Brothers In Arms; On Every Street; On The Night; Live At The BBC


Gryphon [D] Gryphon; Midnight Mushrumps; Red Queen To Gryphon Three; Raindance; Treason; About As Curious As It Can Be
Clannad [?] Clannad; Clannad II; Dulaman; In Concert; Crann Ull; Fuaim; Magical Ring; Legend; Macalla
Fairport Convention [?] Unhalfbricking; Liege And Lief; Angel Delight
Steeleye Span [?] Please To See The King; Below The Salt
Loreena McKennitt [?] Elemental; To Drive The Cold Winter Away

Jazz Rock

Steely Dan [C] Can't Buy A Thrill; Countdown To Ecstasy; Pretzel Logic; Katy Lied; The Royal Scam; Aja; Gaucho; Two Against Nature; Everything Must Go
Colosseum [D] Those Who Are About To Die Salute You; Valentyne Suite; Daughter Of Time; Live; Bread & Circuses
Blood Sweat & Tears [?] Child Is Father To The Man; 3
Chicago [?] Chicago Transit Authority; Chicago II
Brand X [?] Unorthodox Behaviour; Moroccan Roll; Livestock; Masques; Product; Do They Hurt?


Funkadelic [?] Funkadelic; Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow; Maggot Brain
Sly & The Family Stone [?] A Whole New Thing; Dance To The Music; Life; Stand!

Soul Music

Stevie Wonder [B] Music Of My Mind; Talking Book; Innervisions; Fulfillingness' First Finale; Songs In The Key Of Life; Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants; In Square Circle
Janis Joplin [C] Big Brother & The Holding Company; Live At Winterland '68; Cheap Thrills; I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama; Pearl; In Concert; Farewell Song
Al Green [?] I'm Still In Love With You; Call Me
Joe Cocker [?] With A Little Help From My Friends; Joe Cocker!; Mad Dogs And Englishmen; Something To Say; Stingray; Luxury You Can Afford; Sheffield Steel; Civilized Man; Cocker


Bob Marley [C] Catch A Fire; Natty Dread; Rastaman Vibration; Exodus; Kaya; Survival


Klaus Schulze [?] Irrlicht; Cyborg; Picture Music; Blackdance; Timewind; Moondawn; Body Love; Mirage; X; Dune; Time Actor
Kraftwerk [?] Tone Float; Kraftwerk; Kraftwerk II; Ralf & Florian; Autobahn; Radio-Aktivitat; Trans-Europe Express; The Man Machine; Computerwelt; Electric Cafe
Tangerine Dream [?] Electronic Meditation; Alpha Centauri; Zeit; Atem; Green Desert; Phaedra; Ricochet; Rubycon; Soundmill Navigator; Stratosfear; Sorcerer; Encore; Cyclone; Force Majeure
Vangelis [?] Sex Power; Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit; The Dragon; Hypothesis; L'Apocalypse Des Animaux; Earth; Heaven And Hell; La Fete Sauvage; Albedo 0.39; Ignacio; Spiral; Beaubourg; China
Autechre [D] Incunabula; Amber; Tri Repetae; Chiastic Slide; LP5; EP7; Confield
The Chemical Brothers [D] Exit Planet Dust; Dig Your Own Hole; Surrender
Meat Beat Manifesto [?] Storm The Studio


Bob Dylan [A] Bob Dylan; The Freewheelin'; The Times They Are A-Changin'; Another Side Of Bob Dylan; Live 1964; Subterranean Homesick Blues; Highway 61 Revisited; Blonde On Blonde; Live 1966; The Basement Tapes; John Wesley Harding; Nashville Skyline; Selfportrait; New Morning; Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid; Planet Waves; Before The Flood; Blood On The Tracks; Live 1975; Desire; Hard Rain; Street Legal; At Budokan; Slow Train Coming; Saved; Shot Of Love; Infidels; Real Live; Empire Burlesque; Biograph; Dylan & The Dead; Down In The Groove; Oh Mercy; Under The Red Sky; The Bootleg Series; Good As I Been To You; World Gone Wrong; MTV Unplugged; Time Out Of Mind; Love And Theft
John Lennon [B] Wedding Album; Live Peace In Toronto 1969; John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band; Imagine; Sometime In New York City; Live In New York City; Mind Games; Walls And Bridges; Rock'n'Roll; Double Fantasy; Milk And Honey; Menlove Ave.; Wonsaponatime; Anthology
Bruce Springsteen [C] Greetings From Asbury Parks, NJ; The Wild, The Innocent, And The E Street Shuffle; Born To Run; Darkness On The Edge Of Town; The River; Nebraska; Born In The U.S.A.; Tunnel Of Love; Human Touch; Lucky Town; MTV Plugged; The Ghost Of Tom Joad; The Rising; Devils & Dust
George Harrison [C] Wonderwall Music; Electronic Sound; All Things Must Pass; The Concert For Bangla Desh; Living In The Material World; Dark Horse; Extra Texture (Read All About It); Thirty-Three And One Third; George Harrison; Somewhere In England; Gone Troppo; Cloud 9; Live In Japan
J. J. Cale [C] Naturally; Really; Okie; Troubadour; 5; Shades; Grasshopper; # 8; Travel-Log; Number 10; Closer To You; Guitar Man; Live; To Tulsa And Back
Lou Reed [C] Lou Reed; Transformer; Berlin; Rock'n'Roll Animal; Sally Can't Dance; Metal Machine Music; Coney Island Baby; Street Hassle; The Bells; Growing Up In Public; The Blue Mask; Songs For Drella; Magic And Loss; Perfect Night Live In London; Ecstasy
Patti Smith [C] Horses; Radio Ethiopia; Easter; Wave; Dream Of Life; Gone Again; Peace And Noise; Gung Ho
Tom Waits [C] The Early Years Vol. 1; The Early Years Vol. 2; Closing Time; The Heart Of Saturday Night; Nighthawks At The Diner; Small Change; Foreign Affairs; Blue Valentine; Heartattack And Vine; Swordfishtrombones; Rain Dogs; Franks Wild Years; Big Time; Bone Machine; The Black Rider; Mule Variations; Alice; Blood Money; Real Gone
Neil Young [D] Neil Young; Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere; After The Gold Rush; Harvest; Time Fades Away; On The Beach; Zuma; American Stars'n'Bars; Comes A Time; Rust Never Sleeps; Live Rust; Landing On Water; This Note's For You; Freedom; Ragged Glory; Harvest Moon; Sleeps With Angels; Mirror Ball; Dead Man; Broken Arrow; Year Of The Horse; Silver & Gold
Nick Drake [D] Five Leaves Left; Bryter Layter; Pink Moon; Time Of No Reply
Pete Townshend [D] Empty Glass; All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes; White City; The Iron Man; Psychoderelict; Live; + Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane: Rough Mix
Joni Mitchell [?] Song To A Seagull; Clouds; Ladies Of The Canyon
Leonard Cohen [?] Songs Of Leonard Cohen; Songs From A Room; Songs Of Love And Hate; New Skin For The Old Ceremony; Death Of A Ladies' Man; Recent Songs
Paul Simon [?] Paul Simon; There Goes Rhymin' Simon; Live Rhymin'; Still Crazy After All These Years; One-Trick Pony; Hearts And Bones; Graceland
Peter Hammill [?] Fools Mate; Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night; The Silent Corner & The Empty Stage; In Camera; Nadir's Big Chance; Over; The Future Now; Ph7; A Black Box
Tim Buckley [?] Starsailor
Nick Cave [C] Hee-Haw; Prayers On Fire; Junkyard; Mutiny/The Bad Seed; From Her To Eternity; The First Born Is Dead; Kicking Against The Pricks; Your Funeral... My Trial; Tender Prey; Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead; The Good Son; Henry's Dream; Live Seeds; Let Love In; Murder Ballads; The Boatman's Call; Live At The Royal Albert Hall; The Secret Life Of The Love Song; No More Shall We Part; Nocturama; Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus
Elvis Costello [?] My Aim Is True; This Year's Model; Armed Forces; Get Happy!!; Trust
Sinead O'Connor [?] The Lion And The Cobra; I Don't Want What I Haven't Got; Am I Not Your Girl?
Sting [?] The Dream Of The Blue Turtles; Nothing Like The Sun
Suzanne Vega [?] Suzanne Vega; Solitude Standing
Tori Amos [?] Little Earthquakes; Under The Pink

Mope Rock

The Doors [B] The Doors; Strange Days; Waiting For The Sun; Absolutely Live; The Soft Parade; Morrison Hotel; L. A. Woman; Other Voices; Full Circle; An American Prayer; Box Set; Essential Rarities
Nico [?] Chelsea Girl; Desertshore; The End; Drama Of Exile
The Cure [C] Three Imaginary Boys; Seventeen Seconds; Faith; Pornography; Japanese Whispers; The Top; The Head On The Door; Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me; Disintegration; Mixed Up; Wish; Show; Paris; Wild Mood Swings; Bloodflowers; The Cure
Joy Division [?] Unknown Pleasures; Closer
Portishead [?] Dummy
Siouxsie & The Banshees [?] The Scream; Join Hands; Kaleidoscope; Juju; A Kiss In The Dreamhouse; Hyaena
The Smiths [?] The Smiths
Swans [?] Filth; Body To Body, Job To Job; Greed/Holy Money

Guitar Heroes

Jimi Hendrix [B] Are You Experienced?; Live At Monterey Pop Festival; Axis: Bold As Love; Electric Ladyland; Live At Woodstock; Band Of Gypsys; Live At The Fillmore East; Isle Of Wight; First Rays Of The New Rising Sun; Blues; South Saturn Delta; BBC Sessions; The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Eric Clapton [C] John Mayall's Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton; Eric Clapton; Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs; Live At The Fillmore; Rainbow Concert; 461 Ocean Boulevard; There's One In Every Crowd; E. C. Was Here; No Reason To Cry; Slowhand; Backless; Just One Night; Another Ticket; Money And Cigarettes; Behind The Sun; August; Journeyman; Rush; 24 Nights; Unplugged; From The Cradle; Crossroads 2; Pilgrim; Riding With The King; Reptile
Jeff Beck [D] Truth; Beck-Ola; Rough And Ready; Blow By Blow; Wired; With The Jan Hammer Group Live; There And Back; Flash; Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop; Crazy Legs; Who Else!
Robin Trower [D] Twice Removed From Yesterday; Bridge Of Sighs; For Earth Below; Live; Long Misty Days; In City Dreams; In Concert; Caravan To Midnight; Victims Of The Fury
Santana [?] Santana; Abraxas; Santana III; Caravanserai; Carlos Santana With Buddy Miles! Live!; Love Devotion Surrender; Welcome; Lotus; Illuminations; Borboletta; Amigos; Festival; Moonflower; Inner Secrets; Marathon; Oneness Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Gary Moore [?] Back On The Streets; G-Force; Corridors Of Power; Victims Of The Future; Dirty Fingers; We Want Moore; Run For Cover
Joe Satriani [?] Not Of This Earth; Surfing With The Alien
Steve Vai [?] Flex-Able; Passion And Warfare
Stevie Ray Vaughan [?] Texas Flood; Couldn't Stand The Weather; Soul To Soul


Captain Beefheart [C] Safe As Milk; The Mirror Man Sessions; Trout Mask Replica; The Spotlight Kid; Clear Spot; Unconditionally Guaranteed; Bluejeans And Moonbeams; Shiny Beast
David Bowie [C] Early On; David Bowie; Space Oddity; The Man Who Sold The World; Hunky Dory; The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars; Aladdin Sane;
Pin Ups; Diamond Dogs; David Live; Young Americans; Station To Station; Low; Heroes; Stage; Lodger; Scary Monsters; Let's Dance; Tonight; Never Let Me Down; Tin Machine; Tin Machine II; Oy Vey Baby; Black Tie White Noise; The Buddha Of Suburbia; Outside; Earthling; Hours; Heathen; Reality
Frank Zappa [C] Freak Out!; Absolutely Free; Lumpy Gravy; We're Only In It For The Money; Cruising With Ruben & The Jets; Ahead Of Their Time; Uncle Meat; Hot Rats; Burnt Weeny Sandwich; Weasels Ripped My Flesh; Chunga's Revenge; Just Another Band From L.A.; Waka/Jawaka; The Grand Wazoo; Overnite Sensation; Apostrophe'; Roxy & Elsewhere; One Size Fits All; Bongo Fury; Zoot Allures; Studio Tan; Sleep Dirt; Sheik Yerbouti; Orchestral Favorites; Joe's Garage; Tinseltown Rebellion; Shut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar; You Are What You Is; Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch; The Man From Utopia; Baby Snakes; The Perfect Stranger; Them Or Us; Thing-Fish; Francesco Zappa; Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention; Does Humor Belong In Music; Guitar; Broadway The Hard Way; The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life; Make A Jazz Noise Here; The Yellow Shark; The Lost Episodes
The Residents [D] Meet The Residents; The Third Reich'N'Roll; Duck Stab/Buster & Glen; Eskimo; The Commercial Album; Mark Of The Mole; Tunes Of Two Cities
Bonzo Dog Band [?] Gorilla; Let's Make Up And Be Friendly
Ween [B] GodWeenSatan: The Oneness; The Pod; Pure Guava; Chocolate & Cheese; 12 Golden Country Greats; The Mollusk
Laurie Anderson [?] Big Science
Pere Ubu [?] The Modern Dance; Ray Gun Suitcase; Pennsylvania

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