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<> (12.12.2003)

Wow. I can't beleive no one's commented on Joy Division yet. That's an impossibly huge disappointment. Your review was pretty much dead on, though I think the opener, 'Disorder', is one of the major highlights, they never did a song quite as frantic as that again. The two subpar songs are 'Wilderness' and 'Interzone', they never really do much for me and seem like leftovers from the Warsaw days. The closing 'I Remember Nothing' is just fantastically eerie, the sound of the glass breaking sounds so frightening... not agressive as is the usual case. Shivers. Oh George you really need to pick up a copy of substance, you're missing three essential songs ('Transmission', 'Atmosphere', and 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'), a killer alternate version ('She's Lost Control' - without that weird fake tom sound), and the early punk stuff is definately a key ingredient to their sound on Unknown Pleasures.


Stephen Legg <> (19.01.2004)

Closer by Joy Division. Ithought you would have had a large number of people talking about this album. he last three tracks are the best three tracks to follow one another I have ever heard and always effects me whenever I hear them, they are so beautiful and haunting.

Mark Mason <> (27.06.2004)

Dear George , I am glad that you rate Closer as an album , But I would like to point out that lacking from your reviews of bands , albums ,ect is a lack of social polictal history & hey I am Stoned . I have not read a lot of your reviews . The doomladen songs may reflect the the defeat of the working class by Thatcher & there was lot of people out of work. I lived through that period as a young man The threat of destruction hung close . So when you live through a period of rock n roll evoltion through punk & goth, it all seems more meeningful.

I think you are working your way through a list as there is no way I could have listend to so much music & I have lot of music & 3 kids & married for 20 years. You are a very educated person much more than me but i think you have to have some personel history on it , like The first time I heard this song, I was listening to the radio & this song reflected the way I felt that minute, like driving a car with loads of money in your pocket , girls in the back,drugs & beer alive full of streanghth. Or realising that your friends are your enimies & peolple are bad.

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