Way before the site started out in 1998, amateur web reviewing was already an established practice. Two of the oldest and most respectable sites that have remained in business up to this day are Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews and Mark Prindle's Record Reviews.

Around 1998, amateur web reviewing began growing on an unprecedented scale, and it is practically impossible to keep track of all the newcomers. In addition to the two already mentioned sites, here are a few more run by some of my long-term Internet "pen-friends" and colleagues:

John McFerrin's Rock And Prog Reviews

Scott Floman's Scott's Rock and Soul Album Reviews

Three more are defunct (links do not work already), but their traces are worth tracking down through old caches and archives (they were that good, yes):

Nick Karn's Music Junkies Anonymous

Ben Marlin's CosmicBen Album Reviews

Ryan Atkinson's CapnMarvel's Rock Record Review Bonanza

There are numerous other locations as well. Most of these guys' pages have far more extensive link collections, so if you're done with them and craving for more, there's always more. Alternatively, just go out to Google.com and type in "album reviews" or "record reviews", another easy way of satisfying your hearts' desires.

For the most part, I do not keep or put up links to specific band/artist pages; such things need a lot of looking after, and I can't afford the time (and I'm not alone - just how often have you felt completely frustrated by clicking on link after link on somebody's "links page", all so that you can end up on an 'Error 404' page?). A few of the pages, however, include links to what I consider the "best artist so-and-so site on the Net", if I feel that a certain site is really particularly comprehensive, helpful, and unique.

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