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Pete Schlenker <> (09.11.2002)

Okay, my memory of this album is quite hazy, since I owned it about 7 years ago, and sold it in one of my CD purges before I got a CD burner. All I really have to say about this album is the "catchy" factor to the song Stigmata. I can still clearly remember the chorus, hook, etc, whatever you want to call it, from the song, and would stop to listen to the song at least. I'm not as excited about the rest of the Minitsry catalouge (I have Psalm 69 *somewhere*), and while it's catchy and predates Nine Inch Nails' industrial rage by a few years, Nine Inch Nails' first album is all one would ever need to listen to get the whole industrial music movement in one album. NIN would never be better, and Ministry (or Skinny Puppy, Thrill Kill Kult, KMFDM, etc) can not produce anything as complete.

Nick Collings <> (15.04.2003)

I was pleasantly surprised on the 5 star rating of Ministry's seminal work. Even though I sway slightly towards "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste", "Rape & Honey" is a brutal excerise of relentless punishment & industrial mayhem. Play it loud, especially in a car, and you feel the energy pump through your veins, faster, faster! Oh! and getting a speeding fine as a result...

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