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Glenn Wiener <> (30.07.2001)

Maybe not as Thrilling as Thriller, but certainly a strong set of songs by the gloved one. A strong disco flavor exists throughout but there are some subtle changes in texture. 'She’s Out Of My Life' is a pretty ballad and 'The Falling In love' has a nice shuffle to it. Truthfully this collection is pretty consistent from start to finish.

Brian Sittinger <> (31.01.2003)

Well, this album is quite consistent: consistently mediocre. The grooves presented here are quite solid, yet a bit sterile. That's not so much a problem, but these songs overall are quite TOO repetitious; I don't recall the Bee Gees getting this bad (and I like the Bee Gees' brand of disco). As for the hits, "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" just makes me laugh: the lyrics (what's with the 'force' thing here?), and the singing, while "Rock With You" is decent, if not a bit drawn out. And, the songs get more banal as th album goes on: **1/2.


Glenn Wiener <> (12.04.2002)

Most definitely Michael Jackson's best work. The ballads don't bother me at all although some might say they have sappy qualities. Truthfully 'Human Nature' is one beautiful tune.

As for the more rhythmic tunes, 'Beat It' surely does it for me. Super solo by Eddie Van Halen. 'Billie Jean' and 'Wanna Be Starting Something' also rule for me. Heck this whole CD is a gem. Just buy and don't cry.

Brian Sittinger <> (28.08.2002)

I can't really decide if this one or Bad is better. Oh well. Most of the ballads do nothing for me, taking up space. (Of course, they'd get worse in the 90's!) "That Girl is Mine" it only because it has Paul on it. But, "Beat It", "Billie Jean", "Thriller", and "Wanna Be Starting Something" are all top of the line pop grooves! (And, Vincent Price's spot is hilariously spooky!) ***1/2.

David Dickson <> (29.03.2004)

Couldn't let Glenn Wiener and Brian Sittinger have all the fun in the reader comments section, now could I?

This album may be overrated, and maybe it didn't deserve to sell nearly half the 50 kajillion copies it did, but you know what? It's still a stone-cold classic. The thing is, the whole LP may stink of "slickness" and "non- edginess," and maybe the hooks aren't nearly as sharp as they could be, but y'know, it's still just. . . goddamn flawless. I can't find a single second on the album where Jacko drops the ball. I know he pretty much single- handedly set the stage for modern-day pop, musak, and everything else we hate with this album alone, but despite my reservations, I have to admit my grudging admiration for the overwhelming professionalism and perfectionism that he put into this pop classic. And the only song I ever heard on the radio before I listened to it was "Billy Jean"! Well, that and "Beat It". The other five supposed "hits" I never heard in my life before I bought it used. Weird.

In short, Jacko may be wacko, and modern pop may be modern schlop, but with Thriller, he's earned my respect.

That is, until the feds hunt him down and lock him up in juvie. Poor guy.


Brian Sittinger <> (28.08.2002)

I used to like this quite a bit when I was a kid. But, some of this sounds hilariously dated now! Most of the hits off this album again are well-deserved. Have you seen the video to "Bad"? It's sooo hard to take him seriously as being off the street! Perhaps, "Smooth Criminal" is the best groove on this record. And, "Just Good Friends" and "Speed Demon" (ick!) do nothing for me. This is probably the last consistently enjoyable album M.J. would ever do: Half of Dangerous is tripe, and it only got worse...: ***1/2 to ****.

Glenn Wiener <> (09.09.2002)

A far cry from Thriller, but still a good effort from the gloved one. 'Bad', 'Smooth Criminal', and 'The Way You Make Me Feel' are spunky dance tunes. 'Liberian Girl' and 'Man In The Mirror' are fairly decent ballads although not as memorable as the Thriller slow tunes.

Overall there are less textures here. Either very soft or hard, not much in the middle. Get this one after Thriller and Off The Wall.


Brian Sittinger <> (31.01.2003)

The beginning of the decent into the pit... (not just musically but in his personal life, too. But, that's another story). Well, I recall that the first half of the album being very non-descript, being very schlocky with the music and with MJ grunting his way through the song. Then, things get a little better. I like "Black or White" and that other song with Slash in it. I can see how MJ's 'sappy' ballads annoy, but this is more or less the album where they came out in their full "glory". And, it could still be worse... (And, what is it with songs being called "Dangerous" [Re: Yes' Union]?) : **1/2.


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