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David Dickson <> (03.05.2003)

This is their best album. 'Course, that ain't sayin' much--Oasis may have a gift for a hook and a sound that makes the booty shake--but like you said, George, they have no arranging talent WHATSOEVER. A shame, 'cause most of these songs are pretty okay. The only one I absolutely loathe is "Shakermaker"--yeah right, more like Fakermaker. Or Shakerwanker. Or Skankerspanker. Whatever. And it was their first Top Ten hit. Weird. Anyway, the best song on here by far is "Columbia"--what a f&@$in' groove, man. WHAT a groove. It's like a disco song--reminds me of the Stone Roses. Sweet. "Rock and Roll Star" is a great opener, "Live Forever" is a tight ballad (although the single version is better), "Supersonic"--hell, who doesn't recognize that one?, "Slide Away" kicks some amount of ass, epic-wise, and I dig "Digsy's Diner". Good debut.

Harm Askes <> (08.05.2003)

There seems to be a lost song of this album, "Whatever". For what I know, it was included on the first edition but left out on later editions. I found the CD-single a few years ago, and it's GREAT! Whatever goes wrong with the arrangements on the DM album goes fine on that version "Whatever". Check it if you can!

Mark <> (09.01.2004)

I seem to be in the minority here....I really love this album and the follow up, Morning Glory. The arrangements on Definately can get tiresome, especially if you are not a big fan, but I like it fine. What's here that's good ("Rock & Roll Star", "Slide Away", "Live Forever", "Supersonic" "Columbia" and I'd include "Married With Children" too) are fantastic. And while the sound is fairly one dimentional, when it works it's amazing. But their best album (in most people's opinion, mine included) is Morning Glory, where the arrangements are varied more than the first with killer songs and performances. After that, it was! downhill, although each album since has a few tracks that are great. But the first two are the gems. And Harm is right...."Whatever" is fucking amazing!!!!! People who claim that Oasis is a "Beatles clone band" (not that I totally agree, but.........) would go apeshit if they heard this. This is where the Beatles ummmm... "influence" is most obvious, but what a brilliant track!!!!!! If you get a chance, get it. It's awesome!!!!!

Andrew Brotherton <> (30.06.2005)

Just like George, I too neglected this band during their heyday. Only really delving into their material recently. I am glad it happened this way for a couple reasons. First, the band is almost completely ignored by the media in the states these days, so all of the tabloid fodder that might have had an impact on one's judgment of their musical output is no longer getting in the way. Secondly, I have found that I love this band! This is rock n' roll. Oasis really is a combination of the best of Brit rock. Liam sounds like a cross between Johnny Rotten and John Lennon. (Just don't tell him that.) And Noel's songs draw heavily from his love of The Beatles, The Stones, The Who and even the punk era. But everyone already knows that. Now...I noticed George had a problem with the arrangements on Def Maybe. Personally, I think they are great. The entire album (save 'Married with Children') is amps on 11 and layered is fantastic 3 chord progression with great hooky choruses. I think George would prefer Morning Glory (arguably the Band's best album) for a little more diversity. But if you like your rock n' roll loud and in your face with great songs, then there is a lot to like here. The album kicks off with 'Rock n' Roll Star' and it really sets the tone for what is to come. A great song. Next is 'Shakermaker'...this song steals the melody from the coca-cola commercial (I want to teach the world to sing...) you know that song?? Oasis flat-out steal the melody, but it works great for the song. Next is one of Noel's strongest songs ever, the one he will most likely be remembered for..."Live Forever". Great song -'nuff said. The next track demonstrates the bands love of the Beatles. 'Up in the Sky' sounds like the beatles '65-'66. In fact, the song sounds much like 'Rain' (one of my favorite Beatles tunes by the way). The fifth song on the album is 'Columbia'. A rocker with a great groove for sure. 'Supersonic' is next. Another classic Oasis song. Some of the songs on this record are so good you could swear you have heard them before. Next is "Bring it on Down", followed by "Cigarettes and Alcohol". I don't care if it sounds like Slade, I like it! It sounds like Oasis to me. "Is it my imagination or have I finally found something worth living for" I bet that line helped out a lot of British teenagers back in the mid '90's. "Digsy's Dinner" is a funny little number. The album closes with "Slide Away" --another rocker. And the acoustic number "Married With Children." Overall a very impressive debut album. One that many bands should be jealous of I think. If you really can't get over the guitars layered on top of each other, then go pick up "(What's the Story) Morning Glory". The production is much more...."friendly". Oasis first 2 records are fantastic. I highly recommend both.

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