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Fidel Saúl Juárez Guzmán <> (08.05.2003)

Nobody around here likes this girl, eh? Hehe. Well I didn't fall in love with this album upon first listen as much as I tried to do so (persuaded by Michael Stipe's raving about it on an interview or something. What do you want? R.E.M. were huge for me once), but I was hooked by the woman's vocals. It's good to headbang to, and very little else.

"Land" is excellent, though -as well as "Gloria" of course, if you're in the mood for some pretentious aspirin inducing material. (Or maybe it's that I love "Land of a 1,000 dances" in the first place.)

Who cares if critics gush over an album? I know I'll never buy Springsteen's The Rising anyway.

lindy shoestring <> (03.08.2004)

Hey.... just wondering. In your review, you say the lyrics in Patti Smith's "Land" don't make sense:

are you sure you're not just understanding them?

Not to sound like a bitch, but my mother, sister, and several friends all understand it. Hate to break it to you, but not all lyrics are as clean cut as Springsteens. And while I love the guy, i can't say that "born in the USA, born in the usa" is any more poetic than "shined open coiled snakes white and shiny twirling and encircling our lives are now entwined."

Maybe I'm just one of those obsessed fans you talk about, but to really review Patti Smith you should first realize some things about her. First off, she uses metaphor. It happens, okay? Look at it from a poetic view-she was one of those before she was a musician. Also, you really have to know a quick bio of her before you understand some of the things she puts in there. The Rimbaud references make complete sense after you know her connection to him.

Anyway. I'm not trying to convert you to a Patti-fan or tell you you're wrong for not supporting her; I merely wanted to tell you my side of things (after all- the link told me to do so).

For what it's worth, I hope you have a nice day. It is a really well-operated site you have there, by the way.

Special author note: a counter-question - are you sure you, your mother, sister, and several friends all understand it correctly? Or absolutely the same way? Another counter-question - are you sure you are not confusing being moved by the lines of 'Land' with being able to offer a rational interpretation of it? Another counter-question - where have I said that in order for something to be "poetic", it needed to be "understandable"? When I speak of Patti's talents as a 'performer', that's far closer to acknowledging her "poetic" side than proclaiming that one "understands" the meaning of her lyrics. Some people claim to be understanding the hidden meaning of 'I Am The Walrus' as well. Next, that Patti Smith is well-versed in symbolist poetry is obviously a given fact. Whether she writes good symbolist poetry of her own, though, is a big question. And funny you should mention Springsteen - if anything, 'Born In The USA' is one of the least lyrically "clean cut" songs he's ever written.]


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