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Kiel Pidgeon <> (09.03.2003)

I really don't know how this album could be anything but a 10(or five stars). There isn't a bad stretch of music on here. I think that you are missing the point a little, what makes Slanted so great to me is the twisted song structures and the way the lyrics are so disjointed and cryptic. Rather than focus on where something just had to be stolen from, maybe try focusing on the record as a whole. Every band and every musician has their influences. It seems you are so narrowminded when it comes to new music. There is so much you are missing in my opinion by looking down on new music, just because it is new. No band is ever gonna be like the Beatles again, it's tough to be completely original now, but bands shouldn't be penalized for not being around 35 years ago.

[Special author note: Well, that's certainly one way to define "narrowminded". Another possible way would be to peg someone as "narrowminded" when he refuses to take things in historical and cultural context, not to mention denying others the same right. Moreover, I do not ever remember comparing Pavement with the Beatles - but I do remember comparing them with Sonic Youth, which reduces the "35 years" thing to less than ten, and perfectly explains my slightly sceptical attitude towards the hype around this album, rather than its actual quality, which is all right with me. Even if I've heard at least several hundred earlier albums with equally "twisted song structures" and "disjointed and cryptic" lyrics. If this makes me "narrowminded", well, I guess it's my loss - but no, I do not look down on new music just because it is new. You are mighty mistaken there.]

Eric Balzer <> (19.02.2004)

I just bought this album and can't for the life of me figure out what the hype is all about. Sure it has decent melodies and interesting song structures, it's not bad but there is nothing on here that The Fall or Sonic Youth or the Pixies hadn't done before or better. Why are so many people excited about this band?

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