List Of Albums In Rating Order

15: Never To Be Topped

[15 albums]

Go and buy this now. These are superalbums by the few really great and timeless masters of rock: the cream of the cream of the cream. These records set the highest standard for all those that follow them and they probably won't be superated by anybody, not in the nearest couple thousand years. And yes, maybe I'm a fool for giving the highest mark to five Beatles' albums in a row, but fifteen years of Beatle-listening haven't cured me of the attitude.

  1. Beatles: Revolver
  2. Beatles: Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  3. Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  4. Beatles: The Beatles
  5. Beatles: Abbey Road
  6. Beatles: Past Masters (vol. 2)
  7. Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited
  8. Bob Dylan: Blonde On Blonde
  9. Rolling Stones: Beggar's Banquet
  10. Rolling Stones: Let It Bleed
  11. Rolling Stones: Get Yer Ya Ya's Out
  12. Rolling Stones: Singles Collection: The London Years
  13. Who: Live At Leeds
  14. Who: Live At The Isle Of Wight
  15. Who: Quadrophenia

14: Immaculately Ideal

[36 albums]

A major album. Nearly every one of these records either introduced a universally new type of sound or helped 'define the era'. All of them are milestones in the band's own history, and deservedly so: the level of songwriting is at an all-time high. If there are one or two slightly less captivating tracks on the album, they are entirely overshadowed by the splendour of the glorious majority. Not as proverbially 'perfect' as the 15-point albums, maybe, but an absolute must for any music lover with even a passing interest in classic rock.

  1. Beatles: A Hard Day's Night
  2. Beatles: Rubber Soul
  3. Beatles: Let It Be
  4. Beatles: Past Masters (vol. 1)
  5. Bob Dylan: The Freewheelin'
  6. Bob Dylan: Subterranean Homesick Blues
  7. Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding
  8. Bob Dylan: Live 1975
  9. Brian Eno: Before And After Science
  10. Byrds: Fifth Dimension
  11. Cream: Disraeli Gears
  12. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Cosmo's Factory
  13. Doors: Strange Days
  14. Genesis: Selling England By The Pound
  15. Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced?
  16. John Lennon: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
  17. King Crimson: Absent Lovers
  18. Kinks: The Village Green Preservation Society
  19. Kinks: Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire)
  20. Paul McCartney: Ram
  21. Paul McCartney: Band On The Run
  22. Pink Floyd: Animals
  23. Police: Zenyatta Mondatta
  24. Ramones: Ramones
  25. Rolling Stones: Aftermath
  26. Rolling Stones: Between The Buttons
  27. Rolling Stones: Flowers
  28. Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers
  29. Rolling Stones: Tattoo You
  30. Stevie Wonder: Songs In The Key Of Life
  31. Talking Heads: The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads
  32. Ween: The Mollusk
  33. Who: The Who Sell Out
  34. Who: Tommy
  35. Who: Who's Next
  36. Who: The Kids Are Alright

13: Close To Perfection

[148 albums]

There are a couple weak tracks on here - either a result of the band's lack of experience in the studio (The Who Sings My Generation), or they might be a little longer than necessary, or anything else. Another case is that the record might sound slightly monotonous, with brilliant songs which resemble each other too closely and don't feed your ear properly - not on first listen, at least. But, apart from these minor problems, all of these records are just as enjoyable as any 14-point record. Pay no attention to the five - ten percent of filler and prepare yourself for a rewarding musical journey.

  1. 10CC: 10cc
  2. 10CC: The Original Soundtrack
  3. ABBA: The Album
  4. AC/DC: Back In Black
  5. Accept: Breaker
  6. Accept: Restless & Wild
  7. Alice Cooper: Killer
  8. Alice Cooper: Dada
  9. Alice In Chains: Dirt
  10. Allman Brothers Band: Brothers And Sisters
  11. Amon Düül II: Tanz Der Lemminge
  12. Animals: The Animals On Tour
  13. Band: Music From Big Pink
  14. Band: The Band
  15. Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
  16. Beatles: Beatles For Sale
  17. Beatles: Help!
  18. Bjork: Debut
  19. Blondie: Parallel Lines
  20. Blur: The Great Escape
  21. Bob Dylan: Another Side Of Bob Dylan
  22. Bob Dylan: New Morning -
  23. Bob Dylan: Blood On The Tracks
  24. Bob Dylan: Desire
  25. Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series
  26. Bob Dylan: Time Out Of Mind
  27. Bob Marley: Catch A Fire
  28. Brian Eno: Here Come The Warm Jets
  29. Brian Eno: Another Green World
  30. Bruce Springsteen: Darkness On The Edge Of Town
  31. Byrds: Younger Than Yesterday
  32. Can: Soundtracks
  33. Captain Beefheart: Shiny Beast
  34. Caravan: In The Land Of Grey And Pink
  35. Carole King: Tapestry
  36. Clash: Sandinista!
  37. Cockney Rebel: The Human Menagerie
  38. Cocteau Twins: Treasure
  39. Coil: Horse Rotorvator
  40. Crazy World Of Arthur Brown: The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
  41. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River
  42. Crosby, Stills & Nash: Crosby, Stills & Nash
  43. Cure: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  44. David Bowie: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
  45. Deep Purple: Made In Japan
  46. Deep Purple: Live In Japan
  47. Deep Purple: In Concert 1970-1972
  48. Derek And The Dominos: Live At The Fillmore
  49. Dire Straits: Dire Straits
  50. Donovan: A Gift From A Flower To A Garden
  51. Doors: Morrison Hotel -
  52. Doors: L. A. Woman
  53. Doors: Boxset
  54. Electric Light Orchestra: Eldorado
  55. Electric Light Orchestra: A New World Record
  56. Elton John: Tumbleweed Connection
  57. Elton John: Honky Chateau
  58. Elvis Costello: Get Happy!!
  59. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Tarkus
  60. Eric Clapton: From The Cradle -
  61. Eurythmics: In The Garden
  62. Family: Music In A Doll's House
  63. Flaming Lips: Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
  64. Flaming Lips: Clouds Taste Metallic
  65. Flaming Lips: The Soft Bulletin
  66. Fleetwood Mac: Rumours
  67. Frank Zappa: Freak Out!
  68. Frank Zappa: You Are What You Is
  69. Genesis: Foxtrot
  70. Genesis: Genesis Live
  71. Gentle Giant: Gentle Giant
  72. George Harrison: All Things Must Pass
  73. Gong: Camembert Electrique
  74. Heart: Dreamboat Annie
  75. Hollies: Butterfly
  76. J. J. Cale: Okie
  77. Jam: Sound Affects
  78. Janis Joplin: Cheap Thrills
  79. Jethro Tull: Stand Up
  80. Jethro Tull: Thick As A Brick
  81. Jimi Hendrix: The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  82. John Lennon: Imagine
  83. John Lennon: Double Fantasy
  84. Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures
  85. Kate Bush: The Kick Inside
  86. King Crimson: In The Court Of The Crimson King
  87. King Crimson: Larks' Tongues In Aspic
  88. King Crimson: Red
  89. King Crimson: Discipline
  90. Kinks: Face To Face
  91. Kinks: Muswell Hillbillies
  92. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin
  93. Left Banke: Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina
  94. Lou Reed: Transformer
  95. Lovin' Spoonful: Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful
  96. Moody Blues: To Our Children's Children's Children
  97. Nick Cave: Tender Prey
  98. Nick Cave: The Good Son
  99. Patti Smith: Wave
  100. Paul McCartney: Venus And Mars
  101. Pere Ubu: The Modern Dance
  102. Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane: Rough Mix
  103. Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (III)
  104. Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon
  105. Pixies: Doolittle
  106. Police: Reggatta De Blanc
  107. Police: Ghost In The Machine
  108. Procol Harum: A Whiter Shade Of Pale
  109. Queen: A Night At The Opera
  110. Ramones: Leave Home
  111. Ramones: Road To Ruin
  112. Renaissance: Ashes Are Burning
  113. Rolling Stones: England's Newest Hitmakers
  114. Rolling Stones: Now!
  115. Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties' Request
  116. Rolling Stones: Exile On Main St.
  117. Rolling Stones: Black And Blue
  118. Rolling Stones: Some Girls
  119. Roxy Music: Stranded
  120. Roy Wood: Boulders
  121. Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water
  122. Sly & The Family Stone: Life
  123. Sly & The Family Stone: Stand!
  124. Steely Dan: Countdown To Ecstasy
  125. Steve Hackett: Spectral Mornings
  126. Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  127. Stevie Wonder: Innervisions
  128. Stevie Wonder: Fulfillingness' First Finale
  129. Sugarcubes: Life's Too Good
  130. Talking Heads: Fear Of Music
  131. Talking Heads: Remain In Light
  132. Tom Waits: Small Change
  133. Tom Waits: Rain Dogs
  134. Tyrannosaurus Rex: Unicorn
  135. T. Rex: Across The Airwaves
  136. Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground
  137. Ween: GodWeenSatan: The Oneness
  138. Ween: The Pod
  139. Ween: Chocolate & Cheese
  140. Ween: White Pepper
  141. Who: The Who Sings My Generation
  142. Who: Odds And Sods
  143. Who: Who Are You
  144. Wilco: Being There
  145. Yardbirds: Having A Rave Up
  146. Yes: Fragile
  147. Zombies: Odessey And Oracle
  148. Zombies: The EP Collection

12: Simply Excellent

[388 albums]

This is 'your average great album' - that is, a record that cannot be called neither a 'chef-d'oeuvre' nor a 'routine album'. The songs may lack the inescapable thrill of the better records, but they're nevertheless all melodic and catchy, usually well-produced and guaranteed to give you a good time. There's usually little or no filler, but the 'milestone' factor is not there, if you know what I mean. Usually it's just a fairly notorious band/artist at a solid stage in his/her/their career, with a respectable studio/live effort. Far from being 'lightweight', but not an album one can really pray upon.

  1. 10cc: Sheet Music
  2. 13th Floor Elevators: Easter Everywhere
  3. ABBA: Arrival
  4. AC/DC: Let There Be Rock
  5. AC/DC: Highway To Hell
  6. AC/DC: Flick The Switch
  7. AC/DC: The Razor's Edge
  8. AC/DC: Live
  9. Accept: Staying A Life
  10. Adrian Belew: Young Lions
  11. Adrian Belew: Here
  12. Aerosmith: Rocks
  13. Al Green: I'm Still In Love With You
  14. Al Green: Call Me
  15. Alan Parsons Project: Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
  16. Alexander Spence: Oar
  17. Alice Cooper: Love It To Death
  18. Alice Cooper: School's Out
  19. Alice Cooper: Billion Dollar Babies
  20. Alice Cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare
  21. Alice Cooper: Flush The Fashion
  22. Alice Cooper: Special Forces
  23. Alice Cooper: Brutal Planet
  24. Alice Cooper: Dragonfire
  25. Alice In Chains: Alice In Chains
  26. Allman Brothers Band: At The Fillmore East
  27. Allman Brothers Band: Eat A Peach
  28. Amon Düül II: Yeti
  29. Amon Düül II: Wolf City
  30. Amon Düül II: Made In Germany
  31. Amon Düül II: Nada Moonshine #
  32. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Jesus Christ Superstar
  33. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Jesus Christ Superstar (Movie Soundtrack)
  34. Angra: Holy Land
  35. Animals: Animal Tracks
  36. Argent: Argent
  37. Art Of Noise: Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise?
  38. Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come: Journey
  39. Arthur Brown: Requiem
  40. Atomic Rooster: Death Walks Behind You
  41. Autechre: Tri Repetae
  42. Badfinger: Wish You Were Here
  43. Band: Stage Fright
  44. Bangles: All Over The Place
  45. Barclay James Harvest: Barclay James Harvest
  46. Beach Boys: All Summer Long
  47. Beach Boys: Today!
  48. Beach Boys: Summer Days (And Summer Nights)
  49. Beach Boys: Wild Honey
  50. Beach Boys: 20/20
  51. Beach Boys: Love You
  52. Beatles: With The Beatles
  53. Bee Gees: 1st
  54. Bee Gees: Odessa
  55. Big Star: No. 1 Record
  56. Birthday Party: Prayers On Fire
  57. Birthday Party: Junkyard
  58. Bjork: Post
  59. Bjork: Telegram
  60. Bjork: Vespertine
  61. Black Sabbath: Paranoid
  62. Blondie: Plastic Letters
  63. Blondie: Eat To The Beat
  64. Blondie: No Exit
  65. Blood, Sweat & Tears: Child Is Father To The Man
  66. Blue Oyster Cult: Blue Oyster Cult
  67. Blur: Modern Life Is Rubbish
  68. Blur: Parklife
  69. Blur: Blur
  70. Bob Dylan: Live 1964
  71. Bob Dylan: Live 1966
  72. Bob Dylan: Nashville Skyline
  73. Bob Dylan: Selfportrait
  74. Bob Dylan: At Budokan
  75. Bob Dylan: Slow Train Coming
  76. Bob Dylan: Good As I Been To You
  77. Bob Dylan: MTV Unplugged
  78. Bob Dylan: Love And Theft
  79. Bob Marley: Natty Dread
  80. Bob Marley: Exodus
  81. Bonzo Dog Band: Let's Make Up And Be Friendly
  82. Brand X: Unorthodox Behaviour
  83. Brian Eno: Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
  84. Brian Wilson: Brian Wilson
  85. Brian Wilson: Smile
  86. Bruce Springsteen: The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle
  87. Bruce Springsteen: The Rising
  88. Budgie: Never Turn Your Back On A Friend
  89. Buffalo Springfield: Again
  90. Byrds: Mr Tambourine Man
  91. Byrds: Untitled
  92. Can: Tago-Mago
  93. Can: Future Days
  94. Captain Beefheart: The Spotlight Kid
  95. Caravan: Waterloo Lily
  96. Caravan: For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night
  97. Caravan: The Battle Of Hastings
  98. Carole King: Writer
  99. Cars: The Cars
  100. Cheap Trick: Heaven Tonight
  101. Cheap Trick: At Budokan
  102. Chemical Brothers: Dig Your Own Hole
  103. Chicago: Chicago Transit Authority
  104. Clash: London Calling
  105. Cockney Rebel: The Psychomodo
  106. Cocteau Twins: Head Over Heels
  107. Cocteau Twins: Victorialand
  108. Cocteau Twins: Blue Bell Knoll
  109. Cocteau Twins: Heaven Or Las Vegas
  110. Coil: Scatology
  111. Coil: Love's Secret Domain
  112. Colosseum: Live
  113. Cranberries: Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We?
  114. Cream: Fresh Cream
  115. Cream: Wheels Of Fire
  116. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Creedence Clearwater Revival
  117. Crowded House: Temple Of Low Men
  118. Cure: Three Imaginary Boys
  119. Cure: The Head On The Door
  120. Cure: Disintegration
  121. Cure: Bloodflowers
  122. Curved Air: Air Conditioning
  123. David Bowie: Station To Station
  124. David Bowie: Low
  125. David Bowie: Heroes
  126. David Bowie: Heathen
  127. Deep Purple: Deep Purple In Rock
  128. Deep Purple: Machine Head
  129. Deep Purple: Bananas
  130. Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blue
  131. Derek And The Dominos: Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs
  132. Dire Straits: Love Over Gold
  133. Dire Straits: Alchemy
  134. Donovan: Sunshine Superman
  135. Donovan: Mellow Yellow
  136. Donovan: Open Road
  137. Doors: The Doors
  138. Doors: Absolutely Live
  139. Doors: Essential Rarities
  140. Electric Light Orchestra: On The Third Day
  141. Electric Light Orchestra: Face The Music
  142. Elton John: 11-17-70
  143. Elton John: Madman Across The Water
  144. Elton John: Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
  145. Elvis Costello: This Year's Model
  146. Elvis Costello: Armed Forces
  147. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  148. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Welcome Back My Friends...
  149. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Works Live
  150. Eno/Moebius/Roedelius: After The Heat
  151. Eric Burdon Band: Stop -
  152. Eric Clapton: John Mayall's Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton
  153. Eric Clapton: E. C. Was Here
  154. Eric Clapton: Slowhand
  155. Eric Clapton: Unplugged
  156. Fairport Convention: Liege And Lief
  157. Family: Family Entertainment
  158. Family: BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert
  159. Faust: So Far
  160. Flamin Groovies: Supersnazz
  161. Flamin Groovies: Teenage Head
  162. Flaming Lips: Hit To Death In The Future Head
  163. Flaming Lips: Zaireeka
  164. Fleetwood Mac: Tusk
  165. Fleetwood Mac: The Dance
  166. Fleetwood Mac: Say You Will
  167. Flying Burrito Brothers: The Gilded Palace Of Sin
  168. Fountains Of Wayne: Fountains Of Wayne
  169. Frank Zappa: We're Only In It For The Money
  170. Frank Zappa: Burnt Weeny Sandwich
  171. Frank Zappa: Roxy & Elsewhere
  172. Frank Zappa: Joe's Garage
  173. Frank Zappa: Them Or Us
  174. Free: Free
  175. Funkadelic: Maggot Brain
  176. Gary Moore: We Want Moore
  177. Genesis: Nursery Cryme
  178. Genesis: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  179. Genesis: A Trick Of The Tail
  180. Genesis: Genesis
  181. Genesis: Archive 1967-75
  182. Genesis: Archive 1976-1992
  183. Gentle Giant: Acquiring The Taste
  184. Gentle Giant: Octopus
  185. Gentle Giant: The Official Live: Playing The Fool
  186. George Harrison: Living In The Material World
  187. George Harrison: Cloud 9
  188. Giles, Giles & Fripp: The Brondesbury Tapes
  189. Godley & Creme: L
  190. Gong: Flying Teapot
  191. Gong: Gong Est Mort
  192. Gong: 25th Birthday Party
  193. Grateful Dead: American Beauty
  194. Grateful Dead: Ladies And Gentlemen... The Grateful Dead
  195. Gryphon: Red Queen To Gryphon Three
  196. Gryphon: Treason
  197. Heart: Little Queen
  198. Hollies: For Certain Because
  199. Ian Dury: New Boots And Panties
  200. Illusion: Out Of The Mist
  201. Incredible String Band: The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
  202. It's A Beautiful Day: It's A Beautiful Day
  203. J. J. Cale: Naturally
  204. J. J. Cale: Troubadour
  205. J. J. Cale: Grasshopper
  206. J. J. Cale: To Tulsa And Back
  207. Jam: All Mod Cons
  208. Jam: The Gift
  209. Janis Joplin: Live At Winterland '68
  210. Janis Joplin: In Concert
  211. Japan: Adolescent Sex
  212. Jeff Beck: Truth
  213. Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow
  214. Jethro Tull: Aqualung
  215. Jethro Tull: Living In The Past
  216. Jethro Tull: Heavy Horses
  217. Jethro Tull: Live - Bursting Out
  218. Jethro Tull: Broadsword And The Beast
  219. Jimi Hendrix: Axis: Bold As Love
  220. Jimi Hendrix: South Saturn Delta
  221. Jimi Hendrix: BBC Sessions
  222. Joe Cocker: With A Little Help From My Friends
  223. John Cale: Fear
  224. John Lennon: Walls And Bridges
  225. John Lennon: Rock And Roll
  226. John Lennon: Wonsaponatime
  227. Joni Mitchell: Song For A Seagull
  228. Joni Mitchell: Clouds
  229. Joy Division: Closer
  230. Kayak: See See The Sun
  231. King Crimson: In The Wake Of Poseidon
  232. King Crimson: The Great Deceiver
  233. King Crimson: Three Of A Perfect Pair
  234. King Crimson: VROOOM VROOOM
  235. Kinks: Everybody's In Show-Biz
  236. Kinks: One For The Road
  237. Kinks: State Of Confusion
  238. Kinks: To The Bone
  239. Kinks: The Great Lost Kinks Album (bootleg)
  240. Klaatu: Sir Army Suit
  241. Laurie Anderson: Big Science
  242. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV
  243. Led Zeppelin: BBC Sessions
  244. Leonard Cohen: Songs Of Leonard Cohen
  245. Lindisfarne: Fog On The Tyne
  246. Lou Reed: Lou Reed
  247. Lou Reed: Coney Island Baby
  248. Lou Reed: The Blue Mask
  249. Lou Reed: Ecstasy
  250. Love: Forever Changes
  251. Lovin' Spoonful: Do You Believe In Magic
  252. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Pronounced 'leh-'nerd 'skin-'nerd
  253. Lynyrd Skynyrd: One More From The Road
  254. Magma: Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh
  255. Mamas & Papas: If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears
  256. Mamas & Papas: The Mamas & The Papas
  257. Manfred Mann: Mighty Garvey
  258. Mick Jagger: Wandering Spirit
  259. Moby Grape: Moby Grape
  260. Monkees: Headquarters
  261. Moody Blues: Days Of Future Passed
  262. Moody Blues: A Question Of Balance
  263. Mountain: Flowers Of Evil
  264. Mountain: Avalanche
  265. Move: Move
  266. Move: Looking On (re-issue)
  267. Move: Message From The Country
  268. National Health: National Health
  269. Neil Young: Rust Never Sleeps
  270. Neil Young: Live Rust
  271. Nice: The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack
  272. Nick Cave: The Firstborn Is Dead
  273. Nick Cave: Kicking Against The Pricks
  274. Nick Cave: Henry's Dream
  275. Nick Cave: Live Seeds
  276. Nick Cave: No More Shall We Part
  277. Nick Cave: Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus
  278. Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left
  279. Nico: The End
  280. Nina Hagen: Nina Hagen Band
  281. Nirvana: Bleach
  282. Oingo Boingo: Only A Lad
  283. Patti Smith: Radio Ethiopia
  284. Patti Smith: Easter
  285. Paul McCartney: McCartney
  286. Paul McCartney: Red Rose Speedway
  287. Paul McCartney: London Town
  288. Paul McCartney: Tug Of War
  289. Paul McCartney: Off The Ground
  290. Paul McCartney: Chaos And Creation In The Backyard
  291. Pete Townshend: All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
  292. Peter Gabriel: Plays Live
  293. Peter Gabriel: Us
  294. Peter Gabriel: OVO
  295. Pink Floyd: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
  296. Pink Floyd: Ummagumma
  297. Pink Floyd: Obscured By Clouds
  298. Pixies: Surfer Rosa
  299. Police: Outlandos D'Amour
  300. Police: Synchronicity
  301. Police: Live!
  302. Premiata Forneria Marconi: Photos Of Ghosts
  303. Pretty Things: S. F. Sorrow
  304. Procol Harum: A Salty Dog
  305. Procol Harum: Broken Barricades
  306. Procol Harum: Grand Hotel
  307. Procol Harum: Exotic Birds And Fruit
  308. Queen: A Day At The Races
  309. Queen: Jazz
  310. Quicksilver Messenger Service: Shady Grove
  311. Quicksilver Messenger Service: Quicksilver
  312. Rainbow: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
  313. Ramones: Rocket To Russia
  314. Ramones: It's Alive
  315. Ramones: End Of The Century
  316. R.E.M.: Lifes Rich Pageant
  317. Renaissance: Prologue
  318. Renaissance: Turn Of The Cards
  319. Residents: The Third Reich'n'Roll
  320. Robert Plant: Fate Of Nations
  321. Robin Trower: Long Misty Days
  322. Rod Stewart: Gasoline Alley
  323. Ronnie Lane: Kuschty Rye
  324. Ron Wood: Slide On This
  325. Rolling Stones: 12 X 5 -
  326. Rolling Stones: Out Of Our Heads
  327. Rolling Stones: Goat's Head Soup
  328. Rolling Stones: Love You Live
  329. Rolling Stones: Flashpoint
  330. Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge
  331. Rolling Stones: Bridges To Babylon
  332. Rolling Stones: No Security
  333. Roxy Music: For Your Pleasure
  334. Roxy Music: Avalon
  335. Roy Wood & Wizzard: Introducing Eddy And The Falcons
  336. Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Framed
  337. Simon & Garfunkel: Sounds Of Silence
  338. Sly & The Family Stone: Dance To The Music
  339. Small Faces: Small Faces (1967)
  340. Soft Machine: Soft Machine
  341. Spirit: Spirit
  342. Spooky Tooth: Spooky Two
  343. Steeleye Span: Below The Salt
  344. Steely Dan: Can't Buy A Thrill
  345. Steely Dan: Pretzel Logic
  346. Steely Dan: Katy Lied
  347. Stephen Stills: Manassas
  348. Steve Hackett: Voyage Of The Acolyte
  349. Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel: The Best Years Of Our Lives
  350. Steve Vai: Flex-Able
  351. Stevie Wonder: Music Of My Mind
  352. Stooges: Fun House
  353. Strawbs: Just A Collection Of Antiques And Curios
  354. Talking Heads: Talking Heads: 77
  355. Talking Heads: Little Creatures
  356. Ten Years After: Ssssh
  357. Ten Years After: Live At The Fillmore East
  358. Ten Years After: A Space In Time
  359. Thin Lizzy: Vagabonds Of The Western World
  360. Tim Buckley: Starsailor
  361. Tom Waits: Heartattack And Vine
  362. Tom Waits: Swordfishtrombones
  363. Tom Waits: Franks Wild Years
  364. Tom Waits: Bone Machine
  365. Tom Waits: Mule Variations
  366. Tom Waits: Real Gone
  367. Tori Amos: Under The Pink
  368. Traffic: Traffic
  369. Tyrannosaurus Rex: A Beard Of Stars
  370. T. Rex: Electric Warrior
  371. T. Rex: Tanx
  372. U2: Boy
  373. U2: The Unforgettable Fire
  374. United States Of America: The United States Of America
  375. Utopia: Ra
  376. Utopia: Oops! Wrong Planet
  377. Van Der Graaf Generator: H To He Who Am The Only One
  378. Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground & Nico
  379. Velvet Underground: Live 1969
  380. Tom Waits: Closing Time
  381. Ween: 12 Golden Country Greats
  382. Who: Join Together
  383. Wilco: Summerteeth
  384. Wire: Pink Flag
  385. Wire: Chairs Missing
  386. Yardbirds: Roger The Engineer
  387. Yes: The Yes Album
  388. Yes: Yessongs

11: Just Very Good

[519 albums]

The last group of albums which you can enjoy freely, with little or no effort. Not a 'classic' or 'milestone' by any means, all of them are eminently listenable. You might see that this group includes the biggest selection of Bob Dylan and Neil Young albums, and it's understandable: this is the type of 'user-friendly', but not 'ground-breaking' record. There's enough catchy tunes which you can sing along or play air guitar to, the boring stuff is rare and the crap level is either low or, again, you just forget about the crap because it's overshadowed by the good material. A couple of tracks might even be friggin' great. However, all of this never goes far beyond 'cute': if spiritual uplift and catharsys is what you're looking for, go to the higher ratings.

  1. 10cc: How Dare You
  2. 13th Floor Elevators: The Psychedelic Sounds Of
  3. 13th Floor Elevators: Levitation
  4. 801: 801 Live
  5. ABBA: Abba
  6. ABBA: Super Trouper
  7. AC/DC: T.N.T.
  8. AC/DC: Powerage
  9. AC/DC: If You Want Blood You've Got It
  10. AC/DC: Blow Up Your Video
  11. AC/DC: Bonfire
  12. AC/DC: Stiff Upper Lip
  13. Accept: I'm A Rebel
  14. Accept: Balls To The Wall
  15. Accept: Metal Heart
  16. Accept: Russian Roulette
  17. Adrian Belew: Lone Rhino
  18. Adrian Belew: Inner Revolution
  19. Aerosmith: Toys In The Attic
  20. Aerosmith: Live! Bootleg
  21. Alice Cooper: Muscle Of Love
  22. Alice Cooper: Alice Cooper Goes To Hell
  23. Alice Cooper: Lace And Whiskey
  24. Alice Cooper: The Alice Cooper Show
  25. Alice Cooper: From The Inside
  26. Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation
  27. Alice Cooper: A Fistful Of Alice
  28. Alice Cooper: The Eyes Of Alice Cooper
  29. Alice In Chains: Facelift
  30. Alice In Chains: MTV Unplugged
  31. Allman Brothers Band: Idlewild South
  32. Amon Düül II: Utopia
  33. Amon Düül II: Vive La Trance
  34. Amon Düül II: Live In London
  35. Angra: Angels Cry
  36. Animals: The Animals
  37. Animals: Animalisms
  38. Aphrodite's Child: End Of The World
  39. Aphrodite's Child: It's Five O'Clock
  40. Argent: All Together Now
  41. Argent: Encore
  42. Art: Supernatural Fairy Tales
  43. Art Of Noise: In Visible Silence
  44. Art Of Noise: Below The Waste
  45. Arthur Brown: Dance
  46. Arthur Brown: Speak No Tech
  47. Asia: Asia
  48. Atomic Rooster: Atomic Rooster
  49. Autechre: EP7
  50. Bad Company: Bad Company
  51. Badfinger: No Dice
  52. Bangles: Different Light
  53. Beach Boys: Concert
  54. Beach Boys: Friends
  55. Beach Boys: Sunflower
  56. Beach Boys: Surf's Up
  57. Beach Boys: Holland
  58. Beatles: Please Please Me
  59. Beatles: Live At The BBC
  60. Beatles: Anthology-I
  61. Bee Gees: Horizontal
  62. Bee Gees: 2 Years On
  63. Bee Gees: Trafalgar
  64. Bee Gees: Mr Natural
  65. Big Star: Radio City
  66. Bill Wyman: Bill Wyman
  67. Bill Wyman: Just For A Thrill
  68. Birthday Party: Hee-Haw
  69. Birthday Party: Mutiny/The Bad Seed
  70. Bjork: Homogenic
  71. Bjork: Selmasongs
  72. Black Sabbath: Master Of Reality
  73. Black Sabbath: Sabotage
  74. Black Sabbath: Reunion
  75. Black Sabbath: Past Lives
  76. Blind Faith: Blind Faith
  77. Blondie: Blondie
  78. Bloodrock: Bloodrock
  79. Blue Cheer: Outsideinside
  80. Blur: 13
  81. Blur: Greatest Hits (Live)
  82. Bob Dylan: Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
  83. Bob Dylan: Before The Flood
  84. Bob Dylan: Hard Rain
  85. Bob Dylan: Shot Of Love
  86. Bob Dylan: Real Live
  87. Bob Dylan: Empire Burlesque
  88. Bob Dylan: Biograph
  89. Bob Dylan: Dylan & The Dead
  90. Bob Dylan: Oh Mercy
  91. Bob Dylan: World Gone Wrong
  92. Bob Marley: Rastaman Vibration
  93. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band: Gorilla
  94. Boston: Boston
  95. Brand X: Moroccan Roll
  96. Brian Eno: Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks
  97. Brian Eno: The Shutov Assembly
  98. Brian Eno: Drawn From Life
  99. Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks: Orange Crate Art
  100. Brian Wilson: Imagination
  101. Brian Wilson: Live At The Roxy Theatre
  102. Bruce Springsteen: The River
  103. Bruce Springsteen: Nebraska
  104. Bryan Ferry: Let's Stick Together
  105. Budgie: Squawk
  106. Budgie: Bandolier
  107. Buffalo Springfield: Buffalo Springfield
  108. Buffalo Springfield: Last Time Around
  109. Byrds: In The Beginning
  110. Byrds: Turn Turn Turn
  111. Byrds: The Notorious Byrd Brothers
  112. Byrds: Ballad Of Easy Rider
  113. Byrds: Farther Along
  114. Byrds: Byrds
  115. Can: Ege Bamyasi
  116. Can: Radio Waves
  117. Can: Live Music 1971-1977
  118. Captain Beefheart: Safe As Milk
  119. Captain Beefheart: The Mirror Man Sessions
  120. Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica
  121. Caravan: Caravan
  122. Caravan: Caravan & The New Symphonia
  123. Caravan: BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert
  124. Caravan: Blind Dog At St Dunstan's
  125. Carole King: The Carnegie Hall Concert
  126. Carole King: Music
  127. Cars: Panorama
  128. Cars: Shake It Up
  129. Cheap Trick: Cheap Trick
  130. Cheap Trick: In Color
  131. Cheap Trick: Next Position Please
  132. Chemical Brothers: Exit Planet Dust
  133. Clannad: Clannad
  134. Clash: Give 'Em Enough Rope
  135. Cocteau Twins: Garlands
  136. Colosseum: Valentyne Suite
  137. Country Joe & The Fish: Together
  138. Cream: Live Cream Volume II
  139. Cream: Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3-5-6 2005
  140. Cranberries: No Need To Argue
  141. Cranberries: Bury The Hatchet
  142. Cranberries: Wake Up & Smell The Coffee
  143. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bayou Country
  144. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Pendulum
  145. Crosby & Nash: Another Stoney Evening
  146. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Four Way Street
  147. Crosby, Stills & Nash: CSN
  148. Crosby, Stills & Nash: Daylight Again
  149. Crowded House: Crowded House
  150. Crowded House: Together Alone
  151. Cure: Pornography
  152. Cure: The Top
  153. Cure: Wish
  154. Cure: Show
  155. Curved Air: Second Album
  156. Curved Air: Phantasmagoria
  157. Curved Air: Live
  158. Curved Air: Midnight Wire
  159. Dave Clark Five: American Tour
  160. Dave Clark Five: Weekend In London
  161. Dave Davies: Bug
  162. David Bowie: Hunky Dory
  163. David Bowie: Aladdin Sane
  164. David Bowie: Diamond Dogs
  165. David Bowie: Scary Monsters
  166. David Bowie: The Buddha Of Suburbia
  167. David Bowie: Reality
  168. Deep Purple: Deep Purple
  169. Deep Purple: Scandinavian Nights
  170. Deep Purple: Fireball
  171. Deep Purple: On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat
  172. Deep Purple: Power House
  173. Deep Purple: Knebworth '85
  174. Deep Purple: Purpendicular
  175. Deep Purple: Live At The Olympia
  176. Depeche Mode: Speak & Spell
  177. Dire Straits: Making Movies
  178. Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms
  179. Donovan: HMS Donovan
  180. Donovan: Beat Cafe
  181. Doors: Waiting For The Sun
  182. Doors: The Soft Parade
  183. Duran Duran: Duran Duran
  184. Eagles: Eagles
  185. Einsturzende Neubauten: Kollaps
  186. Electric Light Orchestra: No Answer
  187. Electric Light Orchestra: The Night The Lights Went On
  188. Electric Light Orchestra: Out Of The Blue
  189. Electric Light Orchestra: Time
  190. Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much To Dream
  191. Eloy: Dawn
  192. Elton John: Elton John
  193. Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  194. Elton John: Here And There
  195. Elvis Costello: My Aim Is True
  196. Elvis Costello: Trust
  197. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970
  198. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery
  199. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Works Volume 2
  200. Eric Burdon & War: The Black Man's Burdon
  201. Eric Clapton: Rainbow Concert
  202. Eric Clapton: 461 Ocean Boulevard
  203. Eric Clapton: Backless
  204. Eric Clapton: Just One Night
  205. Eric Clapton: Another Ticket
  206. Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams
  207. Eurythmics: Touch
  208. Fairport Convention: Unhalfbricking
  209. Family: A Song For Me
  210. Family: Fearless
  211. Family: Bandstand
  212. Faust: The Faust Tapes
  213. Flaming Lips: In A Priest Driven Ambulance
  214. Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
  215. Fleetwood Mac: Live At The BBC
  216. Fleetwood Mac: Mystery To Me
  217. Fleetwood Mac: Fleetwood Mac
  218. Fleetwood Mac: Live
  219. Fleetwood Mac: Mirage
  220. Focus: Hamburger Concerto
  221. Frank Zappa: Absolutely Free
  222. Frank Zappa: Hot Rats
  223. Frank Zappa: Chunga's Revenge
  224. Frank Zappa: Overnite Sensation
  225. Frank Zappa: One Size Fits All
  226. Frank Zappa: Bongo Fury
  227. Frank Zappa: Zoot Allures
  228. Frank Zappa: Sheik Yerbouti
  229. Frank Zappa: Shut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar
  230. Frank Zappa: Guitar
  231. Frank Zappa: Broadway The Hard Way
  232. Frank Zappa: The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
  233. Frank Zappa: The Lost Episodes
  234. Free: Heartbreaker
  235. Fruupp: Future Legends
  236. Funkadelic: Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow
  237. Gary Brooker: Lead Me To The Water
  238. Gary Moore: Dirty Fingers
  239. Genesis: From Genesis To Revelation
  240. Genesis: Abacab
  241. Genesis: Three Sides Live
  242. Gentle Giant: Three Friends
  243. Gentle Giant: In A Glass House
  244. Gentle Giant: Giant For A Day
  245. Geordie: Hope You Like It
  246. George Harrison: The Concert For Bangla Desh
  247. George Harrison: 3 And 1/3
  248. George Harrison: Live In Japan
  249. Giles, Giles & Fripp: The Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp
  250. Godley & Creme: Freeze Frame
  251. Gong: Magick Brother
  252. Gong: Angel's Egg
  253. Gong: Shapeshifter
  254. Graham Coxon: The Sky Is Too High
  255. Graham Nash: Songs For Beginners
  256. Grand Funk Railroad: Live Album
  257. Grand Funk: Shinin' On
  258. Grateful Dead: Live/Dead
  259. Grateful Dead: Workingman's Dead
  260. Grateful Dead: Europe '72
  261. Grateful Dead: In The Dark
  262. Grateful Dead: Hundred Year Hall
  263. Gravy Train: Gravy Train
  264. Gryphon: Gryphon
  265. Gryphon: Raindance
  266. Harold Budd/Brian Eno: Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror
  267. Harry Nilsson: Aerial Ballet
  268. High Tide: Sea Shanties
  269. Hollies: Would You Believe
  270. Hollies: Hollies Sing Hollies
  271. Hollies: Distant Light
  272. Hollies: Write On
  273. Hot Tuna: Hot Tuna
  274. Hot Tuna: First Pull Up Then Pull Down
  275. Humble Pie: Rock On
  276. Ian Anderson: The Secret Language Of Birds
  277. Ian Anderson: Rupi's Dance
  278. Ian Dury: Do It Yourself
  279. Ian Dury: Laughter
  280. INXS: INXS
  281. Iron Butterfly: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
  282. Iron Butterfly: Sun And Steel
  283. Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden
  284. It's A Beautiful Day: Marrying Maiden
  285. J. J. Cale: Really
  286. J. J. Cale: 5
  287. Jam: Setting Sons
  288. James Gang: Rides Again
  289. James Gang: Bang
  290. Janis Joplin: Pearl
  291. Janis Joplin: Farewell Song
  292. Jeff Beck: Blow By Blow
  293. Jeff Lynne: Armchair Theatre
  294. Jefferson Airplane: Jefferson Airplane Takes Off
  295. Jefferson Airplane: Live At The Fillmore East
  296. Jefferson Airplane: Early Flight
  297. Jethro Tull: This Was
  298. Jethro Tull: Live At Carnegie Hall
  299. Jethro Tull: Too Old To Rock'n'Roll Too Young To Die
  300. Jethro Tull: Stormwatch
  301. Jethro Tull: A Classic Case
  302. Jethro Tull: 20 Years Of Jethro Tull (selection)
  303. Jethro Tull: A Little Light Music
  304. Jethro Tull: J-Tull Dot Com
  305. Jethro Tull: Christmas Album
  306. Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland
  307. Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock
  308. Jimi Hendrix: Blues
  309. Joe Cocker: Joe Cocker!
  310. John Entwistle: Whistle Rymes
  311. John Fogerty: Blue Ridge Rangers
  312. John Lennon: Live In New York City
  313. John Lennon: Mind Games
  314. John Lennon: Anthology
  315. Joni Mitchell: Ladies Of The Canyon
  316. Kayak: Kayak
  317. King Crimson: Epitaph
  318. King Crimson: Beat
  319. King Crimson: B'Boom
  320. King Crimson: Heavy ConstruKction
  321. Kinks: Kinda Kinks (new release)
  322. Kinks: Something Else By The Kinks
  323. Kinks: Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround (Part 1)
  324. Kinks: Schoolboys In Disgrace
  325. Kinks: Sleepwalker
  326. Kinks: Low Budget
  327. Kinks: BBC Sessions 1964-1977
  328. Klaatu: 3:47 Est
  329. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II
  330. Led Zeppelin: How The West Was Won
  331. Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same
  332. Leonard Cohen: Songs From A Room
  333. Loreena McKennitt: Elemental
  334. Lou Reed: Sally Can't Dance
  335. Lou Reed: Street Hassle
  336. Lou Reed: The Bells
  337. Lou Reed: Magic And Loss
  338. Love: Out Here
  339. Love: False Start
  340. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Skynyrd's First: The Complete Muscle Shoals Album
  341. Magma: Kohntarkosz
  342. Mamas & Papas: Deliver
  343. Manfred Mann: Soul Of Mann
  344. Marillion: Script For A Jester's Tear
  345. MC5: Back In The USA
  346. McDonald and Giles: McDonald And Giles
  347. Meat Beat Manifesto: Storm The Studio
  348. Michael Jackson: Off The Wall
  349. Mick Jagger: Primitive Cool
  350. Mick Taylor: A Stone's Throw
  351. Moby Grape: Wow/Grape Jam
  352. Monkees: The Monkees
  353. Monkees: Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd.
  354. Monkees: Head
  355. Moody Blues: On The Threshold Of A Dream
  356. Moody Blues: Caught Live + 5
  357. Moody Blues: Seventh Sojourn
  358. Moody Blues: The Present
  359. Moody Blues: Prelude
  360. Mott The Hoople: Mott
  361. Mountain: Climbing!
  362. Mountain: Nantucket Sleighride
  363. Move: Shazam
  364. Neil Young: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  365. Neil Young: After The Gold Rush
  366. Neil Young: Time Fades Away
  367. Neil Young: On The Beach
  368. Neil Young: Ragged Glory
  369. Neil Young: Harvest Moon
  370. Neil Young: Sleeps With Angels
  371. New York Dolls: The New York Dolls
  372. Nice: Ars Longa Vita Brevis
  373. Nick Cave: Your Funeral... My Trial
  374. Nick Cave: Let Love In
  375. Nick Cave: Murder Ballads
  376. Nick Cave: The Boatman's Call
  377. Nick Cave: Live At The Royal Albert Hall
  378. Nick Drake: Bryter Layter
  379. Nick Drake: Time Of No Reply
  380. Nico: Chelsea Girl
  381. Nico: Drama Of Exile
  382. Patti Smith: Horses
  383. Patti Smith: Peace And Noise
  384. Paul McCartney: Wild Life
  385. Paul McCartney: Wings At The Speed Of Sound
  386. Paul McCartney: Wings Over America
  387. Paul McCartney: Back To The Egg
  388. Paul McCartney: Driving Rain
  389. Pere Ubu: Ray Gun Suitcase
  390. Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (II)
  391. Peter Gabriel: Security
  392. Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live
  393. Peter Hammill: Fool's Mate
  394. Pete Townshend: Empty Glass
  395. Pink Floyd: More
  396. Pink Floyd: Relics
  397. Pink Floyd: Meddle
  398. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
  399. Pink Floyd: The Wall
  400. Pink Floyd: P.U.L.S.E
  401. Pixies: Bossanova
  402. Posies: Dear 23
  403. Premiata Forneria Marconi: Storia Di Un Minuto
  404. Premiata Forneria Marconi: Per Un Amico
  405. Pretty Things: Get The Picture?
  406. Pretty Things: Emotions
  407. Pretty Things: Silk Torpedo
  408. Procol Harum: Shine On Brightly
  409. Procol Harum: Home
  410. Procol Harum: BBC Live In Concert
  411. Queen: Queen
  412. Queen: The Game
  413. Quicksilver Messenger Service: What About Me
  414. Radiohead: The Bends
  415. Ramones: Too Tough To Die
  416. Ramones: Mondo Bizarro
  417. Renaissance: Illusion
  418. Renaissance: Scheherazade And Other Stories
  419. Renaissance: Novella
  420. Residents: Meet The Residents
  421. Residents: Duck Stab/Buster & Glen
  422. Residents: Tunes Of Two Cities
  423. Ringo Starr: Ringo
  424. Ringo Starr: Stop And Smell The Roses
  425. Robert Plant: Manic Nirvana
  426. Robin Trower: Twice Removed From Yesterday
  427. Robin Trower: Bridge Of Sighs
  428. Robin Trower: In Concert
  429. Rod Stewart: The Rod Stewart Album
  430. Rod Stewart: Never A Dull Moment
  431. Roger McGuinn: Back From Rio
  432. Rolling Stones: It's Only Rock'n'Roll
  433. Rolling Stones: Metamorphosis
  434. Rolling Stones: Steel Wheels
  435. Rolling Stones: Stripped
  436. Rolling Stones: Live Licks
  437. Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang
  438. Roxy Music: Roxy Music
  439. Roxy Music: Country Life
  440. Roxy Music: Siren
  441. Roy Wood: Mustard
  442. Searchers: It's The Searchers
  443. Seatrain: Seatrain
  444. Simon & Garfunkel: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme
  445. Simon & Garfunkel: Live From New York City
  446. Simon & Garfunkel: Bookends
  447. Simon & Garfunkel: The Concert In Central Park
  448. Sly & The Family Stone: A Whole New Thing
  449. Small Faces: From The Beginning
  450. Small Faces: Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
  451. Smiths: The Smiths
  452. Soft Machine: Volume Two
  453. Sonic Youth: EVOL
  454. Spirit: Twelve Dreams Of Dr Sardonicus
  455. Spooky Tooth: It's All About
  456. Spooky Tooth: The Mirror
  457. Steamhammer: Mountains
  458. Steeleye Span: Please To See The King
  459. Steely Dan: Aja
  460. Steppenwolf: Steppenwolf
  461. Steve Hackett: Defector
  462. Steve Hackett: Till We Have Faces
  463. Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel: Love's A Prima Donna
  464. Stevie Wonder: In Square Circle
  465. Stone The Crows: Ode To John Law
  466. Swans: Greed/Holy Money
  467. Syd Barrett: The Madcap Laughs
  468. Talking Heads: More Songs About Buildings And Food
  469. Talking Heads: Speaking In Tongues
  470. Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense
  471. Taste: On The Boards
  472. Ten Years After: Undead
  473. Ten Years After: Recorded Live
  474. Thin Lizzy: Jailbreak
  475. Thin Lizzy: Live And Dangerous
  476. Thin Lizzy: Chinatown
  477. Tina Turner: Acid Queen
  478. Todd Rundgren: Something/Anything?
  479. Todd Rundgren: Todd Rundgren's Utopia
  480. Tom Petty: Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)
  481. Tom Waits: The Heart Of Saturday Night
  482. Tom Waits: Blue Valentine
  483. Tom Waits: Big Time
  484. Tom Waits: The Black Rider
  485. Tom Waits: Alice
  486. Tom Waits: Blood Money
  487. Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes
  488. Traffic: John Barleycorn Must Die
  489. Traveling Wilburys: Vol. 1
  490. Troggs: Mixed Bag
  491. Tyrannosaurus Rex: My People Were Fair...
  492. T. Rex: T. Rex
  493. T. Rex: Electric Warrior Sessions
  494. T. Rex: Left Hand Luke: The Alternate Tanx
  495. T. Rex: Dandy In The Underworld
  496. U2: October
  497. U2: War
  498. U2: The Joshua Tree
  499. Van Der Graaf Generator: The Aerosol Grey Machine
  500. Van Der Graaf Generator: World Record
  501. Velvet Underground: Loaded
  502. Ween: Pure Guava
  503. Who: A Quick One
  504. Who: The Who By Numbers
  505. Who: Face Dances
  506. Who: Thirty Years Of Maximum R'n'B
  507. Who: BBC Sessions
  508. Wilco: A. M.
  509. Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  510. Wilco: A Ghost Is Born
  511. Yardbirds: Five Live Yardbirds
  512. Yardbirds: For Your Love
  513. Yardbirds: The BBC Sessions
  514. Yes: Close To The Edge
  515. Yes: Relayer
  516. Yes: Going For The One
  517. Yes: Yesshows
  518. Yes: The Ladder
  519. Yes: House Of Yes: Live From House Of Blues

10: Good, But Flawed

[483 albums]

This is where the filler slowly starts to take over - it was possible not to notice it before, but on here it can't but remind you of its existence. These albums are still 'good' rather than 'bad', but their listenability, at least, the listenability of a large chunk of their material, starts to fall under question. This is usually due either to an unreasonable amount of filler (Yellow Submarine), or to a confused state of affairs at the time (Waiting For The Sun), or, well, to a lack of songwriting skills. Proceed along these records with care, trying not to despise them for all their faults by emphasizing their good sides. There's still very much to laud about them, usually. And, who knows? you might even be able to uncover a hidden gem now and then.

  1. 10cc: Deceptive Bends
  2. 10cc: Bloody Tourists
  3. 13th Floor Elevators: Bull Of The Woods
  4. ABBA: The Visitors
  5. ABBA: Live
  6. ABWH: An Evening Of Yes Music Plus
  7. AC/DC: Fly On The Wall
  8. Accept: Accept
  9. Accept: Objection Overruled
  10. Accept: Death Row
  11. Adrian Belew: Mr Music Head
  12. Adrian Belew: Op Zop Too Wah
  13. Adrian Belew: Belewprints
  14. Adrian Belew: Side One
  15. Aerosmith: Get Your Wings
  16. Aerosmith: Draw The Line
  17. Alice Cooper: Pretties For You
  18. Alice Cooper: Easy Action
  19. Alice Cooper: Zipper Catches Skin
  20. Alice Cooper: Hey Stoopid
  21. Alice Cooper: The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper
  22. Alice In Chains: Jar Of Flies
  23. Allman Brothers Band: The Allman Brothers Band
  24. Allman Brothers Band: Wipe The Windows, Check The Oil, Dollar Gas
  25. Allman Brothers Band: Enlightened Rogues
  26. Ambrose Slade: Beginnings
  27. Amon Düül II: Phallus Dei
  28. Amon Düül II: Live In Tokyo
  29. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Cats
  30. Angra: Freedom Call/Holy Live
  31. Animals: Love Is
  32. Animals: Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted
  33. Animals: Ark
  34. Argent: Ring Of Hands
  35. Argent: Nexus
  36. Argent: Circus
  37. Art Of Noise: Daft
  38. Arthur Brown: Faster Than The Speed Of Light
  39. Arthur Brown & Jimmy Carl Black: Brown, Black & Blue
  40. Asia: Alpha
  41. Atomic Rooster: Made In England
  42. Autechre: Incunabula
  43. Autechre: Amber
  44. Autechre: Chiastic Slide
  45. Autechre: LP5
  46. Bad Company: Straight Shooter
  47. Badfinger: Badfinger
  48. Band: Cahoots
  49. Beach Boys: Shut Down Volume 2
  50. Beach Boys: Live In London
  51. Beach Boys: Carl And The Passions/So Tough
  52. Beach Boys: In Concert
  53. Beatles: At The Hollywood Bowl
  54. Beatles: Yellow Submarine
  55. Beatles: Anthology-III
  56. Bee Gees: Idea
  57. Bee Gees: Cucumber Castle
  58. Bee Gees: Saturday Night Fever
  59. Big Star: Third/Sister Lovers
  60. Bill Wyman: Monkey Grip
  61. Bill Wyman: Double Bill
  62. Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath
  63. Black Sabbath: Vol. 4
  64. Black Sabbath: Live Evil
  65. Blondie: Autoamerican
  66. Blondie: The Curse Of Blondie
  67. Bloodrock: Bloodrock 3
  68. Bloodrock: USA
  69. Blue Cheer: Vincebus Eruptum
  70. Blue Cheer: Blue Cheer
  71. Blur: Leisure
  72. Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan
  73. Bob Dylan: The Basement Tapes
  74. Bob Dylan: Planet Waves
  75. Bob Dylan: Street Legal
  76. Bob Dylan: Infidels
  77. Bob Dylan: Under The Red Sky
  78. Bob Marley: Kaya
  79. Brian Eno: Music For Films
  80. Brian Eno: Nerve Net
  81. Brian Eno/David Byrne: My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
  82. Brian Eno/Harold Budd: The Pearl
  83. Brian Wilson: Sweet Insanity
  84. Brian Wilson: I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
  85. Bruce Springsteen: Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ
  86. Bruce Springsteen: Devils & Dust
  87. Bryan Ferry: These Foolish Things
  88. Bryan Ferry: Another Time Another Place
  89. Bryan Ferry: In Your Mind
  90. Bryan Ferry: The Bride Stripped Bare
  91. Budgie: Budgie
  92. Budgie: In For The Kill
  93. Byrds: Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
  94. Byrds: Live At The Fillmore - February 1969
  95. Byrds: Byrdmaniax
  96. Camel: Camel
  97. Can: Delay 1968
  98. Can: Soon Over Babaluma
  99. Can: Landed
  100. Can: Flow Motion
  101. Can: Rite Time
  102. Captain Beefheart: Clear Spot
  103. Captain Beefheart: Bluejeans And Moonbeams
  104. Caravan: If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You
  105. Caravan: Cunning Stunts
  106. Caravan: Cool Water
  107. Cars: Candy-O
  108. Cars: Heartbeat City
  109. Cars: Door To Door
  110. Cheap Trick: Special One
  111. Clash: The Clash
  112. Clash: Combat Rock
  113. Cocteau Twins: Milk And Kisses
  114. Coil: Gold Is The Metal
  115. Coil: Stolen And Contaminated Songs
  116. Colosseum: Those Who Are About To Die Salute You
  117. Colosseum: Daughter Of Time
  118. Colosseum: Bread & Circuses
  119. Country Joe & The Fish: Electric Music For The Mind And Body
  120. Cranberries: To The Faithful Departed
  121. Cream: Goodbye Cream
  122. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Willy And The Poorboys
  123. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Live In Europe
  124. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Déjà Vu
  125. Crosby & Nash: Wind On The Water
  126. Crosby & Nash: Whistling Down The Wire
  127. Crosby, Stills & Nash: After The Storm
  128. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Looking Forward
  129. Crowded House: Woodface
  130. Cure: Faith
  131. Cure: Japanese Whispers
  132. Cure: Mixed Up
  133. Cure: Paris
  134. Cure: Wild Mood Swings
  135. Current '93: Nature Unveiled
  136. Curved Air: Air Cut
  137. Curved Air: Lovechild
  138. Dave Clark Five: Glad All Over
  139. Dave Clark Five: I Like It Like That
  140. David Bowie: David Bowie
  141. David Bowie: Space Oddity -
  142. David Bowie: Stage
  143. David Bowie: Lodger
  144. David Bowie: Outside
  145. David Crosby: If I Could Only Remember My Name
  146. Deep Purple: Shades Of Deep Purple
  147. Deep Purple: Days May Come And Days May Go
  148. Deep Purple: Nobody's Perfect
  149. Deep Purple: The House Of Blue Light
  150. Deep Purple: Abandon
  151. Dire Straits: Communique
  152. Dire Straits: On Every Street
  153. Dire Straits: Live At The BBC
  154. Donovan: Donovan
  155. Eagles: On The Border
  156. Eagles: One Of These Nights
  157. Eagles: Hotel California
  158. Eagles: The Long Run
  159. Electric Light Orchestra: Discovery
  160. Electric Light Orchestra: Zoom
  161. Eloy: Ocean
  162. Eloy: Live
  163. Elton John: Empty Sky
  164. Elton John: Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player
  165. Elton John: Caribou
  166. Elton John: Rock Of The Westies
  167. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Pictures At An Exhibition
  168. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Trilogy
  169. Emerson, Lake & Powell: Emerson, Lake & Powell
  170. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Then And Now
  171. Enya: The Celts
  172. Eric Burdon & War: Eric Burdon Declares "WAR"
  173. Eric Burdon Band: Sun Secrets
  174. Eric Clapton: Eric Clapton
  175. Eric Clapton: There's One In Every Crowd
  176. Eric Clapton: Journeyman
  177. Eric Clapton: Rush
  178. Eric Clapton: 24 Nights
  179. Eric Clapton: Crossroads 2
  180. Extreme: Extreme
  181. Faces: Long Player
  182. Faces: Ooh La La
  183. Fairport Convention: Angel Delight
  184. Family: Anyway
  185. Family: It's Only A Movie
  186. Faust: Faust IV
  187. Flamin Groovies: Flamingo
  188. Flaming Lips: The Flaming Lips
  189. Flaming Lips: Hear It Is
  190. Flaming Lips: Telepathic Surgery
  191. Fleetwood Mac: The Pious Bird Of Good Omen
  192. Fleetwood Mac: Then Play On
  193. Fleetwood Mac: Kiln House
  194. Fleetwood Mac: Bare Trees
  195. Fleetwood Mac: Behind The Mask
  196. Flying Burrito Brothers: Burrito Deluxe
  197. Focus: In And Out Of Focus
  198. Focus: Moving Waves
  199. Focus: Focus III
  200. Frank Zappa: Cruising With Ruben & The Jets
  201. Frank Zappa: Ahead Of Their Time
  202. Frank Zappa: Uncle Meat
  203. Frank Zappa: Just Another Band From L.A.
  204. Frank Zappa: Waka/Jawaka
  205. Frank Zappa: Apostrophe'
  206. Frank Zappa: Studio Tan
  207. Frank Zappa: Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch
  208. Frank Zappa: Baby Snakes
  209. Frank Zappa: Francesco Zappa
  210. Frank Zappa: Does Humor Belong In Music
  211. Free: Tons Of Sobs
  212. Fripp & Eno: Evening Star
  213. Fruupp: The Prince Of Heaven's Eyes
  214. Funkadelic: Funkadelic
  215. Gary Brooker: No More Fear Of Flying
  216. Gary Brooker: Within Our House
  217. Gary Moore: Back On The Streets
  218. Gary Moore: G-Force
  219. Gary Moore: Victims Of The Future
  220. Genesis: Trespass
  221. Genesis: Seconds Out
  222. Genesis: Live: The Way We Walk Volume One - The Shorts
  223. Genesis: Live: The Way We Walk Volume Two - The Longs
  224. Gentle Giant: Free Hand
  225. Gentle Giant: Civilian
  226. Gentle Giant: The Last Steps
  227. Geordie: Don't Be Fooled By The Name
  228. George Harrison: Dark Horse
  229. George Harrison: Extra Texture (Read All About It)
  230. George Harrison: Gone Troppo
  231. Godley & Creme: Consequences
  232. Gong: You
  233. Gong: Zero To Infinity
  234. Graham Nash: Earth & Sky
  235. Grand Funk Railroad: Grand Funk
  236. Grand Funk: We're An American Band
  237. Grand Funk: All The Girls In The World Beware!
  238. Grand Funk Railroad: Caught In The Act
  239. Grand Funk Railroad: Born To Die
  240. Grand Funk Railroad: Good Singin' Good Playin'
  241. Grateful Dead: The Grateful Dead
  242. Grateful Dead: Wake Of The Flood
  243. Grateful Dead: Blues For Allah
  244. Grateful Dead: Reckoning
  245. Grateful Dead: Without A Net
  246. Grateful Dead: Infrared Roses
  247. Grateful Dead: One From The Vault
  248. Grateful Dead: Two From The Vault
  249. Gravy Train: (A Ballad Of) A Peaceful Man
  250. Gryphon: About As Curious As It Can Be
  251. Harry Nilsson: Pandemonium Shadow Show
  252. Heart: Dog & Butterfly
  253. Henry Cow: In Praise Of Learning
  254. High Tide: The Flood
  255. Hollies: In The Hollies' Style
  256. Hollies: Hollies
  257. Hollies: Evolution
  258. Hollies: Hollies Sing Dylan
  259. Hollies: Confessions Of The Mind
  260. Ian Anderson: Divinities: Twelve Dances With God
  261. Incredible String Band: The Incredible String Band
  262. Iron Butterfly: Heavy
  263. Iron Butterfly: Live
  264. Iron Butterfly: Scorching Beauty
  265. J. J. Cale: Shades
  266. J. J. Cale: Number 10
  267. J. J. Cale: Closer To You
  268. J. J. Cale: Live
  269. Jack Bruce: Songs For A Tailor
  270. Jack Bruce: How's Tricks
  271. Jack Bruce: Shadows In The Air
  272. Jam: In The City
  273. Jam: Dig The New Breed
  274. James Gang: Yer' Album
  275. Janis Joplin: Big Brother & The Holding Company
  276. Janis Joplin: I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama
  277. Japan: Obscure Alternatives
  278. Jeff Beck: Beck-Ola
  279. Jeff Beck: Wired
  280. Jeff Beck: Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop
  281. Jeff Beck: You Had It Coming
  282. Jefferson Airplane: Crown Of Creation
  283. Jefferson Airplane: Bless Its Pointed Little Head
  284. Jethro Tull: Benefit
  285. Jethro Tull: Warchild
  286. Jethro Tull: Songs From The Wood
  287. Jethro Tull: Nightcap
  288. Jethro Tull: Living With The Past
  289. Jimi Hendrix: Live At Monterey Pop Festival
  290. Jimi Hendrix: Live At The Fillmore East
  291. Jimi Hendrix: Isle Of Wight
  292. Jimi Hendrix: First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
  293. John Cale: Helen Of Troy
  294. John Entwistle: Rigor Mortis Sets In
  295. John Fogerty: John Fogerty
  296. John Fogerty: Centerfield
  297. John Fogerty: Blue Moon Swamp
  298. John Fogerty: Deja Vu All Over Again
  299. John Lennon: Sometime In New York City
  300. John Lennon: Milk And Honey
  301. Justin Hayward & John Lodge: Blue Jays
  302. Justin Hayward: The View From The Hill
  303. Keith Richards: Talk Is Cheap
  304. King Crimson: USA
  305. King Crimson: THRAK
  306. King Crimson: The ConstruKction Of Light
  307. King Crimson: The Power To Believe
  308. Kinks: The Kink Kontroversy
  309. Kinks: Live At Kelvin Hall
  310. Kinks: Percy
  311. Kinks: Preservation Act II
  312. Kinks: Soap Opera
  313. Kinks: Misfits
  314. Kinks: Think Visual
  315. Klaatu: Hope
  316. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin III
  317. Led Zeppelin: Houses Of The Holy
  318. Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti
  319. Left Banke: The Left Banke Too
  320. Leslie West: Mountain
  321. Lou Reed: Berlin
  322. Lou Reed: Rock'n'Roll Animal
  323. Lou Reed & John Cale: Songs For Drella
  324. Love: Love
  325. Lovin' Spoonful: Daydream
  326. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Nuthin' Fancy
  327. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Freebird: The Movie
  328. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Street Survivors
  329. Mamas & Papas: The Papas & The Mamas
  330. Manfred Mann: As Is
  331. Manfred Mann: Up The Junction
  332. Marc Bolan: The Beginning Of Doves
  333. Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey
  334. MC5: Kick Out The Jams
  335. MC5: High Time
  336. Mick Jagger: She's The Boss
  337. Mick Taylor: Mick Taylor
  338. Monkees: More Of The Monkees
  339. Monkees: The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees
  340. Moody Blues: Magnificent Moodies
  341. Moody Blues: In Search Of The Lost Chord
  342. Moody Blues: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
  343. Moody Blues: Long Distance Voyager
  344. Moody Blues: A Night At Red Rocks
  345. Moody Blues: Strange Times
  346. Mott The Hoople: Brain Capers
  347. Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes
  348. Nazz: Nazz
  349. Neil Young: Neil Young
  350. Neil Young: Zuma
  351. Neil Young: Freedom
  352. Neil Young: Mirror Ball
  353. New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon
  354. Neil Young: American Stars'n'Bars
  355. Nick Cave: From Her To Eternity
  356. Nick Cave: Nocturama
  357. Nick Drake: Pink Moon
  358. Nico: Desertshore
  359. Patti Smith: Dream Of Life
  360. Patti Smith: Gung Ho
  361. Paul McCartney: McCartney II
  362. Paul McCartney: Flowers In The Dirt
  363. Paul McCartney: Unplugged
  364. Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel
  365. Peter Gabriel: Birdy
  366. Peter Gabriel: Passion
  367. Peter Gabriel: Long Walk Home
  368. Pete Townshend: White City
  369. Pete Townshend: Live
  370. Phil Manzanera: Diamond Head
  371. Pink Floyd: A Saucerful Of Secrets
  372. Pink Floyd: Atom Heart Mother
  373. Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound Of Thunder
  374. Premiata Forneria Marconi: The World Became The World
  375. Premiata Forneria Marconi: Cook
  376. Procol Harum: Live In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  377. Procol Harum: Procol's Ninth
  378. Procol Harum: Pandora's Box
  379. Procol Harum: The Well's On Fire
  380. Queen: Queen II
  381. Queen: Sheer Heart Attack
  382. Queen: Live Killers
  383. Quicksilver Messenger Service: Quicksilver Messenger Service
  384. Radiohead: Pablo Honey
  385. Ramones: Pleasant Dreams
  386. Ramones: Subterranean Jungle
  387. Ramones: Animal Boy
  388. Ramones: Halfway To Sanity
  389. Ramones: Loco Live
  390. Ramones: We're Outta Here!
  391. Ray Davies: The Storyteller
  392. Renaissance: Renaissance
  393. Renaissance: Tuscany
  394. Residents: The Commercial Album
  395. Residents: Mark Of The Mole
  396. Ringo Starr: Goodnight Vienna
  397. Ringo Starr: Ringo's Rotogravure
  398. Ringo Starr: Vertical Man
  399. Ringo Starr: Choose Love
  400. Robert Plant: Now And Zen
  401. Robin Trower: Live
  402. Robin Trower: In City Dreams
  403. Rod Stewart: Every Picture Tells A Story
  404. Rod Stewart: Blondes Have More Fun
  405. Roger Daltrey: One Of The Boys
  406. Roger Daltrey: Under A Raging Moon
  407. Roger McGuinn: Roger McGuinn
  408. Roger McGuinn: Cardiff Rose
  409. Roger Waters: Amused To Death
  410. Rolling Stones: December's Children (And Everybody's)
  411. Rolling Stones: Got Live If You Want It
  412. Rolling Stones: Still Life
  413. Rolling Stones: Undercover
  414. Rolling Stones: Rarities 1971-2003
  415. Ron Wood: Slide On Live
  416. Rory Gallagher: Rory Gallagher
  417. Roy Wood & Wizzard: Main Street
  418. Santana: Santana
  419. Searchers: Sugar And Spice
  420. Searchers: Take Me For What I'm Worth
  421. Simon & Garfunkel: Wednesday Morning 3AM
  422. Small Faces: Small Faces
  423. Soft Machine: Third
  424. Soft Machine: Bundles
  425. Sonic Youth: Confusion Is Sex
  426. Spirit: The Family That Plays Together
  427. Spooky Tooth: The Last Puff
  428. Spooky Tooth: Witness
  429. Steamhammer: Steamhammer
  430. Steely Dan: Gaucho
  431. Steely Dan: Two Against Nature
  432. Steely Dan: Everything Must Go
  433. Stephen Stills: Stephen Stills
  434. Steppenwolf: The Second
  435. Steve Hackett: Please Don't Touch
  436. Steve Hackett: Highly Strung
  437. Steve Hackett: Bay Of Kings
  438. Steve Hackett: Momentum
  439. Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel: Timeless Flight
  440. Steve Harley: Hobo With A Grin
  441. Steve Harley: The Candidate
  442. Stevie Wonder: Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants
  443. Stone The Crows: Stone The Crows
  444. Stone The Crows: Ontinuous Performance
  445. Stooges: The Stooges
  446. Strawbs: Dragonfly
  447. Sugarcubes: Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week
  448. Swans: Filth
  449. Swans: Body To Body, Job To Job
  450. Talking Heads: True Stories
  451. Taste: Taste
  452. Ten Years After: Ten Years After
  453. Ten Years After: Cricklewood Green
  454. Thin Lizzy: Thin Lizzy
  455. Thin Lizzy: Johnny The Fox
  456. Thin Lizzy: Black Rose
  457. Thin Lizzy: Thunder And Lightning
  458. Tin Machine: Tin Machine
  459. Tin Machine: Tin Machine II
  460. Tom Waits: The Early Years Vol. 1
  461. Tom Waits: The Early Years Vol. 2
  462. Tom Waits: Nighthawks At The Diner
  463. Traffic: Welcome To The Canteen
  464. Troggs: From Nowhere
  465. T. Rex: The Slider
  466. T. Rex: Futuristic Dragon
  467. U2: Under A Blood Red Sky
  468. Van Der Graaf Generator: Godbluff
  469. Van Der Graaf Generator: Still Life
  470. Velvet Underground: White Light/White Heat
  471. Velvet Underground: VU
  472. Who: Who's Last
  473. Wizzard: Wizzard Brew
  474. Yardbirds: Little Games
  475. Yes: Yes
  476. Yes: Time And A Word
  477. Yes: Drama
  478. Yes: 90125
  479. Yes: Talk
  480. Yes: Keys To Ascension
  481. Yes: Magnification
  482. Zombies: Begin Here
  483. Zombies: As Far As I Can See

9: Somewhat Mediocre

[277 albums]

This is where you should feel free to stop forking out your money if you're not a hardcore fan. It's the first group of records that find their way onto my CD player maybe once in a couple of months. The amount of filler is at a very dangerous level, so that the good sections do not always compensate. This group even includes low points for the 5-star bands (the Stones, the Who); what can be said about bands of lesser stature? Lengthy uninspired jams, disco perversions, failed experiments with song structure, straightforward dumb lyrics and modern production 'values' all infest these records, which are often only saved by the bell with some decent songwriting and good performances. Or it can be vice versa - with none of the evils listed above, but with utterly derivative and routine songwriting. Still, repeated listenings may help you digest this, and, after all, this is only the beginning of the 'bad' section.

  1. 10cc: Meanwhile
  2. 10cc: Mirror Mirror
  3. ABBA: Voulez-Vous
  4. AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  5. AC/DC: Ballbreaker
  6. Adrian Belew: The Acoustic Adrian Belew
  7. Aerosmith: Aerosmith
  8. Allman Brothers Band: Shades Of Two Worlds
  9. Amon Düül II: Carnival In Babylon
  10. ABWH: Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe
  11. Angra: Fireworks
  12. Animals: The Twain Shall Meet
  13. Animals: Every One Of Us
  14. Argent: In Deep
  15. Art Of Noise: In No Sense? Nonsense!
  16. Ash Ra Tempel: Join Inn
  17. Ash Ra Tempel: Starring Rosi
  18. Atomic Rooster: In Hearing Of
  19. Autechre: Confield
  20. Badfinger: Ass
  21. Badfinger: Airwaves
  22. Beach Boys: Surfin' Safari
  23. Beach Boys: Surfer Girl
  24. Beach Boys: Smiley Smile
  25. Beach Boys: Stack-O-Tracks
  26. Beach Boys: 15 Big Ones
  27. Beach Boys: M.I.U. Album
  28. Beach Boys: L.A. (Light Album)
  29. Beatles: Anthology-II +
  30. Bee Gees: To Whom It May Concern
  31. Bill Wyman: Groovin'
  32. Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  33. Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstasy
  34. Black Sabbath: The Eternal Idol
  35. Blondie: The Hunter
  36. Blood, Sweat & Tears: 3
  37. Bloodrock: Bloodrock 2
  38. Bloomfield-Kooper-Stills: Super Session
  39. Blue Cheer: New! Improved!
  40. Blur: Think Tank
  41. Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changin'
  42. Bob Dylan: Down In The Groove
  43. Bob Marley: Survival
  44. Brian Eno: Ambient 1: Music For Airports
  45. Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run
  46. Bruce Springsteen: Born In The USA
  47. Bruce Springsteen: Lucky Town
  48. Bruce Springsteen: MTV Plugged
  49. Budgie: If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules
  50. Budgie: Impeckable
  51. Budgie: Nightflight
  52. Byrds: Dr Byrds And Mr Hyde
  53. Can: Monster Movie
  54. Can: Unlimited Edition
  55. Can: Out Of Reach
  56. Can: Can
  57. Captain Beefheart: Unconditionally Guaranteed
  58. Caravan: All Over You
  59. Carl Wilson: Carl Wilson
  60. Cheap Trick: Lap Of Luxury
  61. Chemical Brothers: Surrender
  62. Cocteau Twins/Harold Budd: The Moon And The Melodies
  63. Cocteau Twins: Four-Calendar Cafe
  64. Country Joe & The Fish: Here We Go Again
  65. Cream: Live Cream
  66. Cure: Seventeen Seconds
  67. Cure: The Cure
  68. Curved Air: Airborne
  69. Dave Clark Five: Coast To Coast
  70. Dave Clark Five: Having A Wild Weekend
  71. Dave Clark Five: Try Too Hard
  72. Dave Davies: AFLI-3603
  73. David Bowie: Early On
  74. David Bowie: The Man Who Sold The World
  75. David Bowie: Pin Ups
  76. David Bowie: Young Americans
  77. David Bowie: Let's Dance
  78. David Bowie: Hours
  79. Dead Can Dance: Dead Can Dance
  80. Deep Purple: The Book Of Taliesyn
  81. Deep Purple: Gemini Suite
  82. Deep Purple: Live In London
  83. Deep Purple: Made In Europe
  84. Deep Purple: Come Hell Or High Water
  85. Dire Straits: On The Night
  86. Dirty Strangers: Dirty Strangers
  87. Doors: Other Voices
  88. Doors: Full Circle
  89. Eagles: Desperado
  90. Electric Light Orchestra: E.L.O. II
  91. Electric Light Orchestra: Balance Of Power
  92. Eloy: Eloy
  93. Eloy: Inside
  94. Elton John: A Single Man
  95. Elton John: The Fox
  96. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Works Vol. 1
  97. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Love Beach
  98. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: In The Hot Seat
  99. Eno/Moebius/Roedelius: Cluster & Eno
  100. Eric Burdon & WAR: Love Is All Around
  101. Eric Clapton: No Reason To Cry
  102. Eric Clapton: Money And Cigarettes
  103. Eric Clapton & B. B. King: Riding With The King
  104. Eric Clapton: Reptile
  105. Faith No More: We Care A Lot
  106. Faust: Faust
  107. Flaming Lips: Oh My Gawd!!!
  108. Fleetwood Mac: Shrine '69
  109. Fleetwood Mac: The Original Fleetwood Mac
  110. Fleetwood Mac: Penguin
  111. Fleetwood Mac: Tango In The Night
  112. Focus: Live At The Rainbow
  113. Foreigner: Foreigner
  114. Frank Zappa: Weasels Ripped My Flesh
  115. Frank Zappa: The Man From Utopia
  116. Frank Zappa: Make A Jazz Noise Here
  117. Free: Fire And Water
  118. Fruupp: Future Legends
  119. Gary Moore: Corridors Of Power
  120. Genesis: And Then There Were Three
  121. Genesis: Duke
  122. Genesis: Invisible Touch
  123. Gentle Giant: The Power And The Glory
  124. Gentle Giant: Live Rome 1974
  125. Gentle Giant: The Missing Piece
  126. Gentle Giant: Under Construction
  127. George Harrison: George Harrison
  128. George Harrison: Somewhere In England
  129. Gong: Continental Circus
  130. Gong: Shamal
  131. Grand Funk Railroad: On Time
  132. Grand Funk Railroad: E Pluribus Funk
  133. Grand Funk: Grand Funk Lives
  134. Grateful Dead: Grateful Dead
  135. Grateful Dead: History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)
  136. Grateful Dead: From The Mars Hotel
  137. Grateful Dead: Terrapin Station
  138. Grateful Dead: Shakedown Street
  139. Grateful Dead: Dead Set
  140. Gravy Train: Staircase To The Day
  141. Gryphon: Midnight Mushrumps
  142. Heart: Magazine
  143. High Tide: High Tide
  144. Hollies: Stay With The Hollies
  145. Hollies: Another Night
  146. Illusion: Illusion
  147. Iron Butterfly: Ball
  148. Iron Butterfly: Metamorphosis
  149. J. J. Cale: # 8
  150. J. J. Cale: Travel-Log
  151. J. J. Cale: Guitar Man
  152. Jack Bruce: Things We Like
  153. Jam: This Is The Modern World
  154. Jeff Beck: There And Back
  155. Jefferson Airplane: Bark
  156. Jefferson Airplane: Long John Silver
  157. Jethro Tull: A Passion Play
  158. Jethro Tull: Catfish Rising
  159. Jimi Hendrix: Band Of Gypsys
  160. John Cale: The Academy In Peril
  161. John Fogerty: Premonition
  162. John Lennon: Menlove Ave.
  163. Judas Priest: Rocka Rolla
  164. Justin Hayward: Songwriter
  165. Justin Hayward: Classic Blue
  166. Kansas: Kansas
  167. Keith Moon: Two Sides Of The Moon
  168. Keith Richards: Main Offender
  169. King Crimson: Islands
  170. King Crimson: The Night Watch
  171. King Crimson: VROOOM
  172. King Crimson: Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
  173. Kinks: Give The People What They Want
  174. Kinks: Word Of Mouth
  175. Kinks: Live: The Road
  176. Kinks: UK Jive
  177. KISS: KISS
  178. Led Zeppelin: In Through The Out Door
  179. Lou Reed: Perfect Night Live In London
  180. Love: Da Capo
  181. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Second Helping
  182. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Gimme Back My Bullets
  183. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Southern By The Grace Of God
  184. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Endangered Species
  185. Manfred Mann: Mann Made
  186. Mark Farner Band: Mark Farner
  187. Monkees: Live 1967
  188. Monkees: Changes
  189. Moody Blues: Octave
  190. Moody Blues: The Other Side Of Life
  191. Mott The Hoople: Mott The Hoople
  192. National Health: Of Queues And Cures
  193. Nazz: Nazz Nazz
  194. Neil Young: Comes A Time
  195. Neil Young: This Note's For You
  196. Neil Young: Broken Arrow
  197. Neil Young: Silver & Gold
  198. Nice: Five Bridges
  199. Nick Cave: Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead
  200. Paramounts: Whiter Shades Of R'n'B
  201. Patti Smith: Gone Again
  202. Paul McCartney: Give My Regards To Broad Street
  203. Paul McCartney: Back In USSR
  204. Paul McCartney: Tripping The Live Fantastic
  205. Paul McCartney: Run Devil Run
  206. Paul McCartney: Working Classical
  207. Peter Gabriel: So
  208. Pink Floyd: Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live
  209. Pink Floyd: The Final Cut
  210. Pink Floyd: A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
  211. Pink Floyd: The Division Bell
  212. Premiata Forneria Marconi: Chocolate Kings
  213. Premiata Forneria Marconi: Jet Lag
  214. Pretty Things: The Pretty Things
  215. Procol Harum: Something Magic
  216. Procol Harum: The Long Goodbye
  217. Queen: At The BBC
  218. Queen: News Of The World
  219. Queen: Hot Space
  220. Ramones: Brain Drain
  221. Ramones: Acid Eaters
  222. Ramones: Adios Amigos!
  223. Ray Davies: Return To Waterloo
  224. Renaissance: A Song For All Seasons
  225. Renaissance: Camera Camera
  226. Replacements: Sorry Ma Forgot To Take Out The Trash
  227. Ringo Starr: Old Wave
  228. Ringo Starr: VH1 Storytellers
  229. Robert Plant: Pictures At Eleven
  230. Robert Plant: Shaken 'N' Stirred
  231. Robin Trower: For Earth Below
  232. Robin Trower: Caravan To Midnight
  233. Robin Trower: Victims Of The Fury
  234. Rod Stewart: Atlantic Crossing
  235. Rod Stewart: Foot Loose & Fancy Free
  236. Rod Stewart: A Spanner In The Works
  237. Roger Daltrey: Ride A Rock Horse
  238. Roger McGuinn: Peace On You
  239. Roger McGuinn: Thunderbyrd
  240. Roger Waters: The Pros And Cons Of Hitch-Hiking
  241. Rolling Stones: Emotional Rescue
  242. Roxy Music: Viva!
  243. Roxy Music: Flesh + Blood
  244. Searchers: Meet The Searchers
  245. Searchers: Sounds Like Searchers
  246. Seatrain: Marblehead Messenger
  247. Sinead O'Connor: Am I Not Your Girl?
  248. Soft Machine: Six
  249. Soft Machine: Seven
  250. Soft Machine: Softs
  251. Spooky Tooth: Ceremony
  252. Spooky Tooth: You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw
  253. Steely Dan: The Royal Scam
  254. Steve Hackett: Cured
  255. Steve Harley & Cokney Rebel: Face To Face
  256. Sugarcubes: Stick Around For Joy
  257. Syd Barrett: Barrett
  258. Syd Barrett: The Radio One Sessions
  259. Taste: Live Taste
  260. Ten Years After: Watt
  261. Ten Years After: About Time
  262. Thin Lizzy: Fighting
  263. Thin Lizzy: Bad Reputation
  264. Thin Lizzy: Renegade
  265. Tin Machine: Oy Vey Baby
  266. Todd Rundgren: Faithful
  267. Tom Waits: Foreign Affairs
  268. Traffic: Last Exit
  269. Traffic: The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
  270. Traveling Wilburys: Vol. 3
  271. Troggs: Cellophane
  272. Tyrannosaurus Rex: Prophets, Seers & Sages - The Angels Of The Ages
  273. T. Rex: Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow
  274. Van Der Graaf Generator: The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other
  275. Who: It's Hard
  276. Yes: Keys To Ascension 2
  277. Yes: Open Your Eyes

8: Almost Below Average

[132 albums]

This is the 'really close to bad' album. The songs are for the most part totally insipid, sometimes even atrocious. Only a real diehard could enjoy such a record in its entirety. However, even fans often have to admit that these records do not make them proud of their idols. What usually saves them from being a total disaster is a) a decent level of performance, musicianship and production and b) a couple of gems that seem to have gotten on here almost by accident. But there they are, and help to save the record from facing the depths of humiliation.

  1. 10CC: Look Hear?
  2. AC/DC: High Voltage
  3. AC/DC: For Those About To Rock We Salute You
  4. Accept: Predator
  5. Alice Cooper: Raise Your Fist And Yell
  6. Alice Cooper: Trash
  7. Allman Brothers Band: Seven Turns
  8. Allman Brothers Band: Where It All Begins
  9. Amon Düül II: Pyragony X
  10. Asia: Astra
  11. Atomic Rooster: Nice 'n' Greasy
  12. Badfinger: Magic Christian Music
  13. Bangles: Everything
  14. Beach Boys: Surfin' USA
  15. Beach Boys: Little Deuce Coupe
  16. Beach Boys: Party!
  17. Beach Boys: The Beach Boys
  18. Bill Wyman: Struttin' Our Stuff
  19. Black Sabbath: Heaven And Hell
  20. Black Sabbath: Mob Rules
  21. Bloodrock: Passage
  22. Boston: Don't Look Back
  23. Boston: Third Stage
  24. Bruce Springsteen: Human Touch
  25. Budgie: Power Supply
  26. Can: Saw Delight
  27. Carpenters: Ticket To Ride
  28. Christine McVie: Christine McVie
  29. Coil: Transparent
  30. Country Joe & The Fish: I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die
  31. Country Joe & The Fish: C. J. Fish
  32. Dave Clark Five: Return
  33. David Bowie: Tonight
  34. David Bowie: Never Let Me Down
  35. David Bowie: Earthling
  36. Deep Purple: Concerto For Group And Orchestra
  37. Deep Purple: Burn
  38. Deep Purple: Stormbringer
  39. Deep Purple: California Jamming
  40. Deep Purple: Slaves And Masters
  41. Electric Light Orchestra: Xanadu
  42. Electric Light Orchestra: Secret Messages
  43. Electric Prunes: Mass In F Minor
  44. Eloy: Power And The Passion
  45. Elton John: Blue Moves
  46. Frank Zappa: The Grand Wazoo
  47. Frank Zappa: Sleep Dirt
  48. Frank Zappa: Orchestral Favorites
  49. Frank Zappa: Tinseltown Rebellion
  50. Frank Zappa: The Perfect Stranger
  51. Frank Zappa: Thing-Fish
  52. Fruupp: Modern Masquerades
  53. Gary Brooker: Echoes In The Night
  54. George Harrison: Wonderwall Music
  55. Grand Funk Railroad: Closer To Home
  56. Grand Funk Railroad: Phoenix
  57. Grand Funk Railroad: Bosnia
  58. Grateful Dead: Anthem Of The Sun
  59. Grateful Dead: Aoxomoxoa
  60. Grateful Dead: Go To Heaven
  61. Gravy Train: Second Birth
  62. Henry Cow: Legend
  63. Jack Bruce: Somethin Els
  64. James Gang: Thirds
  65. James Gang: Miami
  66. Jeff Beck: With The Jan Hammer Group Live
  67. Jeff Beck: Crazy Legs
  68. Jeff Beck: Who Else!
  69. Jefferson Airplane: After Bathing At Baxter's
  70. Jethro Tull: Minstrel In The Gallery
  71. Jethro Tull: A
  72. John Lennon: Live Peace In Toronto 1969
  73. Justin Hayward: Night Flight
  74. King Crimson: Lizard
  75. King Crimson: Starless And Bible Black
  76. Kinks: Kinks
  77. Kinks: Preservation Act I
  78. Led Zeppelin: Presence
  79. Lou Reed: Growing Up In Public
  80. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Twenty
  81. Mamas & Papas: People Like Us
  82. Mick Jagger: Goddess In The Doorway
  83. Monkees: The Monkees Present
  84. Moody Blues: Keys Of The Kingdom
  85. Mott The Hoople: Wildlife
  86. Mountain: Twin Peaks
  87. Mountain: Man's World
  88. Neil Young: Harvest
  89. Neil Young: Landing On Water
  90. Neil Young: Year Of The Horse
  91. New York Dolls: Live In NYC - Red Patent Leather
  92. Nice: Nice
  93. Nice: Elegy
  94. Paul McCartney: Paul Is Live
  95. Paul McCartney: Flaming Pie
  96. Paul McCartney: Back In The U.S.
  97. Pere Ubu: Pennsylvania
  98. Phil Collins: Face Value
  99. Phil Collins: Hello I Must Be Going
  100. Procol Harum: The Prodigal Stranger
  101. Ramones: Greatest Hits Live
  102. Renaissance: Azure D'Or
  103. Renaissance: Time-Line
  104. Ringo Starr: Beaucoups Of Blues
  105. Ringo Starr: Ringo The 4th
  106. Ringo Starr: Time Takes Time
  107. Robert Plant: The Principle Of Moments
  108. Rod Stewart: Smiler
  109. Rod Stewart: A Night On The Town
  110. Rod Stewart: Vagabond Heart
  111. Rod Stewart: When We Were The New Boys
  112. Roger McGuinn: Roger McGuinn And His Band
  113. Roger Waters: Radio K.A.O.S
  114. Rolling Stones: Dirty Work
  115. Soft Machine: Fifth
  116. Soft Machine: Alive And Well - Recorded In Paris
  117. Soft Machine: Land Of Cockayne
  118. Steamhammer: Speech
  119. Steppenwolf: At Your Birthday Party
  120. T. Rex: Bolan's Zip Gun
  121. Ten Years After: Alvin Lee & Company
  122. Ten Years After: Rock & Roll Music To The World
  123. Thin Lizzy: Shades Of A Blue Orphanage
  124. Thin Lizzy: Nightlife
  125. Traffic: Mr Fantasy
  126. Traffic: When The Eagle Flies
  127. Troggs: Trogglodynamite
  128. Van Der Graaf Generator: Pawn Hearts
  129. Van Der Graaf: The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome
  130. Yes: Tales From Topographic Oceans
  131. Yes: Tormato
  132. Yes: Big Generator

7: Plain Bad

[56 albums]

The only thing that redeems this kind of records is one or two really catchy numbers that manage to get it to your head so that if you're in a good mood you can even associate the whole album with these ditties. For the most part, these albums are 'failed experiments', with a band trying out an idea or a style that isn't too familiar to them and relinquishing it soon afterwards (A, Stonedhenge). Or it's a band in its final stage of falling apart (The Visitors). Or something like that. Buyer beware.

  1. Accept: Eat The Heat
  2. Adrian Belew: Desire Caught By The Tail
  3. Bill Wyman: Stone Alone
  4. Bill Wyman: Anyway The Wind Blows
  5. Black Sabbath: Dehumanizer
  6. Black Sabbath: Cross Purposes
  7. Black Sabbath: Forbidden
  8. Bloodrock: Whirlwind Tongues
  9. Bruce Springsteen: Tunnel Of Love
  10. Budgie: Deliver Us From Evil
  11. Carl Wilson: Youngblood
  12. Coil: Unnatural History
  13. David Bowie: David Live
  14. David Bowie: Black Tie White Noise
  15. Deep Purple: Who Do We Think We Are
  16. Deep Purple: Come Taste The Band
  17. Deep Purple: Last Concert In Japan
  18. Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers
  19. Deep Purple: The Battle Rages On
  20. Doors: An American Prayer
  21. Electric Light Orchestra: Part Two
  22. Eloy: Floating
  23. Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Black Moon
  24. Eric Clapton: Behind The Sun
  25. Fleetwood Mac: (Peter Green's) Fleetwood Mac
  26. Fleetwood Mac: Future Games
  27. Fleetwood Mac: Heroes Are Hard To Find
  28. Frank Zappa: Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention
  29. Frank Zappa: The Yellow Shark
  30. Genesis: Wind And Wuthering
  31. Genesis: We Can't Dance
  32. Grateful Dead: Built To Last
  33. Hawkwind: Hawkwind
  34. High Tide: A Fierce Nature
  35. Hollies: Romany
  36. Humble Pie: As Safe As Yesterday Is
  37. Jagger/Wyman/Watts/Cooder/Hopkins: Jamming With Edward
  38. Jeff Beck: Rough And Ready
  39. Jethro Tull: Roots To Branches
  40. Manfred Mann: The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann
  41. Monkees: Instant Replay
  42. Paul McCartney: Pipes Of Peace
  43. Pete Townshend: The Iron Man
  44. Phil Collins: No Jacket Required
  45. Queen: Flash Gordon
  46. Quicksilver Messenger Service: Happy Trails
  47. Ringo Starr: Bad Boy
  48. Rod Stewart: Out Of Order
  49. Roger Daltrey: Daltrey
  50. Rolling Stones: Rock And Roll Circus
  51. Roxy Music: Manifesto
  52. Steve Hackett: Feedback '86
  53. Ten Years After: Stonedhenge
  54. Ten Years After: Positive Vibrations
  55. Traffic: Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory
  56. Van Der Graaf: Vital

6-5: Truly Offensive

[53 albums]

This ain't bad, it's 'urrible, plain and simple. Usually more 'failed experiments', but with even worse results: electronic monsters (Under Wraps, Press To Play), gospel hogwash (Saved), lame country-western (Mardi Gras) and heavy metal (Rock Island) imitations. Or, as usual, a band just coming in (Waterloo, Mr Wonderful) or going out (Positive Vibrations, Roots To Branches). Anyway, only a scholar or a systematic completist needs any of these records. I'm surprised they're still around and available on CD. Any artist should be ashamed of this tripe.

  1. 10cc: Ten Out Of Ten
  2. 10cc: Windows In The Jungle
  3. ABBA: Ring Ring
  4. ABBA: Waterloo
  5. Alice Cooper: Constrictor
  6. Angra: Rebirth
  7. Art Of Noise: The Seduction Of Claude Debussy
  8. Beach Boys: Keepin' The Summer Alive
  9. Bee Gees: Life In A Tin Can
  10. Bee Gees: Spirits Having Flown
  11. Black Sabbath: Never Say Die
  12. Black Sabbath: Born Again
  13. Black Sabbath: Headless Cross
  14. Black Sabbath: Tyr
  15. Bob Dylan: Saved
  16. Bruce Springsteen: The Ghost Of Tom Joad
  17. Clash: Cut The Crap
  18. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Mardi Gras
  19. Electric Light Orchestra Part Two: Moment Of Truth
  20. Elton John: Victim Of Love
  21. Eric Clapton: August
  22. Fleetwood Mac: Live At The Marquee
  23. Fleetwood Mac: Mr Wonderful
  24. Fleetwood Mac: Time
  25. Free: Highway
  26. Free: Free At Last
  27. Gentle Giant: Interview
  28. Grand Funk Railroad: Survival
  29. Grand Funk: What's Funk?
  30. Hole: Pretty On The Inside
  31. Jeff Beck: Flash
  32. Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers
  33. Jethro Tull: Under Wraps
  34. Jethro Tull: Crest Of A Knave
  35. Jethro Tull: Rock Island
  36. John Fogerty: Eye Of The Zombie
  37. King Crimson: Earthbound
  38. Kinks: Phobia
  39. Led Zeppelin: Coda
  40. Moody Blues: Sur La Mer
  41. Mr Bungle: The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny
  42. Paul McCartney: Press To Play
  43. Pete Townshend: Psychoderelict
  44. Renaissance: Songs From Renaissance Days
  45. Ringo Starr: Sentimental Journey
  46. Rod Stewart: Foolish Behaviour
  47. Rod Stewart: Tonight I'm Yours
  48. Rod Stewart: Every Beat Of My Heart
  49. Soft Machine: Fourth
  50. Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited
  51. Syd Barrett: Opel
  52. Traffic: Far From Home
  53. Yes: Union

4-3: Atrocious Beyond All Imagination

[9 albums]

It's hard to imagine anything worse than the previous group of records, but I've reserved this section for the 'etalonic monstruous records'. If you can afford a little joke now and then, buy these (there's but eight currently) just to find out what a truly hideous record really is (of course, there's a lot of lesser bands with even worse records, but I'm speaking here of hideous records made by notorious bands/artists, which makes it all the more exciting). I won't diss these records here; you might find out the true reasons of their disgrace in the actual review pages, just by clicking on the album title. See ya.

  1. Black Sabbath: Seventh Star
  2. Coil: Angelic Conversation
  3. Eric Burdon & The Animals: Winds Of Change
  4. Eric Clapton: Pilgrim
  5. Genesis: Calling All Stations
  6. King Crimson: THRaKaTTaK
  7. Rod Stewart: Body Wishes
  8. Rod Stewart: Camouflage (the only current album with a rating of three! Check it out, it's amazing!!!)
  9. Roy Wood: Starting Up

Unrated: Enigmata

[12 albums]

A few records that I have reviewed which are not necessarily 'horrendous' but cannot be rated according to "regular" criteria. Noise, avantgarde art, radical experimentation beyond the limits of "ordinary" conscience, anything like that. Proceed at your own risk.

  1. Adrian Belew: The Guitar As Orchestra
  2. Bjork: Medulla
  3. Brian Eno: Thursday Afternoon
  4. Brian Eno: Neroli
  5. Frank Zappa: Lumpy Gravy
  6. Fripp/Eno: No Pussyfooting
  7. George Harrison: Electronic Sound
  8. John Lennon: Wedding Album
  9. Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music
  10. Neil Young: Dead Man
  11. Nick Cave: The Secret Life Of The Love Song
  12. Residents: Eskimo

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