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<> (04.08.2002)

I seriously don't think I could ever bring myself to rate this thing more than a 5 for any reason. It's so samey, so ugly, so nihilistically mean-spirited, and so pretensious that any judgement based purely on intellectual/aesthetic interest would be rendered null and void. It's sort of like being stuck inside an art museum filled with abstract splatter paintings composed of only black and grey shades. I may try to concentrate on them, but they'll do nothing except leave me depressed, bored, and desperate to escape.


Aaron <> (21.10.2003)

just a note on "bubblegum"-- the original version of EVOL ended with "xpressway to yr skull" on a locked groove (so you could drone on forever). the kim fowley cover "bubblegum" was added on the re-issue-- i think it's a better ending myself.

both EVOL and Confusion is Sex make more sense if you hear the intervening album, Bad Moon Rising, which i heartily recommend.

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