The following 105 records from 1974 are reviewed on this site:


Bloodrock, Whirlwind Tongues [7]

Bob Dylan, Planet Waves [10]

Brian Eno, Here Come The Warm Jets [13]

Tom Waits, The Heart Of Saturday Night [11]

Yes, Tales From Topographic Oceans [7]


Badfinger, Badfinger [10]

Deep Purple, Burn [8]

King Crimson, Starless And Bible Black [8]

Lou Reed, Rock'n'Roll Animal [10]

Mountain, Twin Peaks [8]

Steely Dan, Pretzel Logic [12]

T. Rex, Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow [9]


ABBA, Waterloo [6]

Aerosmith, Get Your Wings [10]

Eagles, On The Border [10]

Frank Zappa, Apostrophe' [10]

Grand Funk, Shinin' On [11]

Kansas, Kansas [9]

Procol Harum, [BBC Live In Concert] [11]


Caravan, Caravan & The New Symphonia [11]

David Bowie, Diamond Dogs [11]

Deep Purple, [California Jamming] [8]

Fruupp, Seven Secrets [11]

Jefferson Airplane, Early Flight [11]

Kiss, Kiss [9]

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Second Helping [9]

Procol Harum, Exotic Birds And Fruit [12]

Queen, Queen II [10]


10CC, Sheet Music [12]

Bill Wyman, Monkey Grip [10]

Deep Purple, [Live In London] [9]

J. J. Cale, Okie [13]

Kinks, Preservation Act II [10]

Ten Years After, Positive Vibrations [7]


Bad Company, Bad Company [11]

Bob Dylan, Before The Flood [11]

Elton John, Caribou [10]

Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel [9]

Marc Bolan, [The Beginning Of Doves] [10]


Bryan Ferry, Another Time Another Place [10]

Neil Young, On The Beach [11]

Stevie Wonder, Fulfillingness' First Finale [13]


Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Welcome Back My Friends... [12]

Eric Clapton, 461 Ocean Boulevard [11]

Fleetwood Mac, Heroes Are Hard To Find [7]

Lou Reed, Sally Can't Dance [11]

Roy Wood & Wizzard, Introducing Eddy & The Falcons [12]


Frank Zappa, Roxy & Elsewhere [12]

John Lennon, Walls And Bridges [12]

Judas Priest, Rocka Rolla [9]

Traffic, When The Eagle Flies [8]


Bob Marley, Natty Dread [12]

Electric Light Orchestra, Eldorado [13]

Gentle Giant, The Power And The Glory [9]

Gong, You [10]

Jethro Tull, Warchild [10]

John Cale, Fear [12]

King Crimson, Red [13]

Pretty Things, Silk Torpedo [11]

Rod Stewart, Smiler [8]

Rolling Stones, It's Only Rock'n'Roll [11]

Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Todd Rundgren's Utopia [11]

Who, Odds And Sods [12]


Badfinger, Wish You Were Here [12]

Brian Eno, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) [12]

Can, Soon Over Babaluma [10]

David Bowie, David Live [7]

Fruupp, The Prince Of Heaven's Eyes [10]

Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway [12]

Gentle Giant, [Live Rome 1974] [9]

Nico, The End [12]

Queen, Sheer Heart Attack [10]

Ringo Starr, Goodnight Vienna [10]

Roxy Music, Country Life [11]

Thin Lizzy, Nightlife [8]


Deep Purple, Stormbringer [8]

Grand Funk, All The Girls In The World Beware [10]

Eric Burdon Band, Sun Secrets [10]

George Harrison Dark Horse [10]

Yes, Relayer [11]

[Month unknown:]

Amon Düül II, Live In London [11]

Argent, Nexus [10]

Argent, Encore [11]

Bee Gees, Mr Natural [11]

Big Star, Radio City [11]

Budgie, In For The Kill [10]

Captain Beefheart, Unconditionally Guaranteed [9]

Captain Beefheart, Bluejeans And Moonbeams [10]

Cockney Rebel, The Psychomodo [12]

Electric Light Orchestra, The Night The Lights Went On [11]

Eloy, Floating [7]

Focus, Hamburger Concerto [11]

Geordie, Don't Be Fooled By The Name [10]

Gravy Train, Staircase To The Day [9]

Gryphon, Midnight Mushrumps [9]

Gryphon, Red Queen To Gryphon Three [12]

James Gang, Miami [8]

Kayak, Kayak [11]

Magma, Kohntarkosz [11]

Mountain, Avalanche [12]

New York Dolls, Too Much Too Soon [10]

Premiata Forneria Marconi, The World Became The World [10]

Robin Trower, Bridge Of Sighs [11]

Roger McGuinn, Peace On You [9]

Spooky Tooth, The Mirror [11]

The following 33 albums in MP3 from 1974 are reviewed on this site:

Alice Cooper: Muscle Of Love

Alvin Lee: In Flight

Barclay James Harvest: Everyone Is Everybody Else

Camel: Mirage

Clannad: Clannad II

Hawkwind: Hall Of The Mountain Grill

Kansas: Song For America

Kiss: Hotter Than Hell

Klaus Schulze: Blackdance

Kraftwerk: Autobahn

Leonard Cohen: New Skin For The Old Ceremony

Manfred Mann's Earth Band: The Good Earth

Mike Oldfield: Hergest Ridge

Nazareth: Rampant

Paul Simon: Live Rhymin'

Peter Hammill: The Silent Corner & The Empty Stage

Peter Hammill: In Camera

Rick Wakeman: Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Rory Gallagher: Irish Tour '74

Rush: Rush

Santana: Lotus

Santana & Alice Coltrane: Illuminations

Santana: Borboletta

Sparks: Kimono My House

Sparks: Propaganda

Steppenwolf: Slow Flux

Styx: Man Of Miracles

Supertramp: Crime Of The Century

Sweet: Sweet Fanny Adams

Sweet: Desolation Boulevard

Tangerine Dream: Phaedra

Uriah Heep: Live At Shepperton '74

Uriah Heep: Wonderworld

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