The following 35 records from 1986 are reviewed on this site:


Bangles, Different Light [11]

Black Sabbath, Seventh Star [4]

Frank Zappa, Does Humor Belong In Music [10]


Electric Light Orchestra, Balance Of Power [9]

Rolling Stones, Dirty Work [8]


Art Of Noise, In Visible Silence [11]

Cocteau Twins, Victorialand [12]


Moody Blues, The Other Side Of Life [9]

Peter Gabriel, So [9]

Ramones, Animal Boy [10]


Crowded House, Crowded House [11]


Neil Young, Landing On Water [8]

R.E.M., Lifes Rich Pageant [12]

Rod Stewart, Every Beat Of My Heart [6]


Eric Clapton, August [6]

Paul McCartney, Press To Play [5]


John Fogerty, Eye Of The Zombie [5]


Alice Cooper, Constrictor [6]

Boston, Third Stage [8]

Genesis, Invisible Touch [9]

John Lennon, [Menlove Ave.] [9]


Kinks, Think Visual [10]

[Month unknown:]

ABBA, Live [10]

Adrian Belew, Desire Caught By The Tail [7]

Art Of Noise, Daft [10]

Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd, The Moon And The Melodies [9]

Coil, Horse Rotorvator [13]

Flaming Lips, Hear It Is [10]

Mr Bungle, The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny [6]

Nick Cave, Kicking Against The Pricks [12]

Nick Cave, Your Funeral... My Trial [11]

Sonic Youth, EVOL [11]

Steve Hackett, Feedback '86 [7]

Swans, Greed/Holy Money [11]

Talking Heads, True Stories [10]

The following 18 albums in MP3 from 1986 are reviewed on this site:

Bad Company: Fame And Fortune

Current '93: Live At Bar Maldoror

Current '93: In Menstrual Night

Depeche Mode: Black Celebration

Eurythmics: Revenge

Joe Cocker: Cocker

Joe Satriani: Not Of This Earth

Kraftwerk: Electric Cafe

Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Criminal Tango

Megadeth: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

Ministry: Twitch

Paul Simon: Graceland

Pet Shop Boys: Please

Queensryche: Rage For Order

Sepultura: Morbid Visions

They Might Be Giants: They Might Be Giants

This Mortal Coil: Filigree & Shadow

Van Halen: 5150

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