The following 31 records from 1991 are reviewed on this site:


Bob Dylan, [The Bootleg Series] [13]


Frank Zappa, The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life [11]

Rod Stewart, Vagabond Heart [8]

Rolling Stones, Flashpoint [12]

Yes, Union [6]


Electric Light Orchestra, Part Two [7]


Frank Zappa, Make A Jazz Noise Here [9]

Moody Blues, Keys Of The Kingdom [8]

Paul McCartney, Unplugged [10]


Alice Cooper, Hey Stoopid [10]

Allman Brothers Band, Shades Of Two Worlds [9]

Crowded House, Woodface [10]

Hole, Pretty On The Inside [6]

Tom Waits, [The Early Years Vol. 1] [10]


Blur, Leisure [10]

Eric Clapton, Rush [10]

Jethro Tull, Catfish Rising [9]

Procol Harum, The Prodigal Stranger [8]


Dire Straits, On Every Street [10]

Tin Machine, Tin Machine II [10]


Eric Clapton, 24 Nights [10]

Ramones, Loco Live [10]


Genesis, We Can't Dance [7]

Grateful Dead, Infrared Roses [10]

[Month unknown:]

Arthur Brown & Jimmy Carl Black, Brown, Black & Blue [10]

Brian Wilson, Sweet Insanity [10]

Coil, Love's Secret Domain [12]

David Bowie, [Early On] [9]

Roger McGuinn, Back From Rio [11]

Swans, [Body To Body, Job To Job] [10]

Tin Machine, Oy Vey Baby [9]

Ween, The Pod [13]

The following 4 albums in MP3 from 1991 are reviewed on this site:

Mariah Carey: Emotions

Nirvana: Nevermind

Pearl Jam: Ten

This Mortal Coil: Blood

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