The following 39 records from 1993 are reviewed on this site:


Flaming Lips, Transmissions From The Satellite Heart [13]

Jack Bruce, Somethin Els [8]


Genesis, Live: The Way We Walk Volume Two - The Longs [10]

Mick Jagger, Wandering Spirit [12]

Paul McCartney, Off The Ground [12]

Tom Waits, [The Early Years Vol. 2] [10]


Bruce Springsteen, MTV Plugged [9]

Cranberries, Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We? [12]

Kinks, Phobia [6]

Radiohead, Pablo Honey [10]


Blur, Modern Life Is Rubbish [12]

Dire Straits, On The Night [9]

Robert Plant, Fate Of Nations [12]


Jeff Beck, Crazy Legs [8]

Pete Townshend, Psychoderelict [6]


Accept, Objection Overruled [10]

Bjork, Debut [13]

Deep Purple, The Battle Rages On [7]


Brian Eno, Neroli [-]


Cure, Show [11]

Nick Cave, Live Seeds [12]

Ron Wood, Slide On Live [10]


Crowded House, Together Alone [11]

Cure, Paris [10]

ABWH, An Evening Of Yes Music Plus [10]

Bob Dylan, World Gone Wrong [11]

David Bowie, Black Tie White Noise [7]


Cocteau Twins, Four-Calendar Cafe [9]

David Bowie, The Buddha Of Suburbia [11]

Deep Purple, Come Hell Or High Water [9]

Frank Zappa, The Yellow Shark [7]

Jethro Tull, Nightcap [10]

Paul McCartney, Paul Is Live [8]

Tom Waits, The Black Rider [11]


Ramones, Acid Eaters [9]

[Month unknown:]

Adrian Belew, The Acoustic Adrian Belew [9]

Angra, Angels Cry [11]

Autechre, Incunabula [10]

Moody Blues, A Night At Red Rocks [10]

The following 1 album in MP3 from 1993 is reviewed on this site:

Morphine: Cure For Pain

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