Discography Gaps

Discography gaps suck, don't they? That's why I don't put them on the actual artists' pages. This here page will serve as a temporary 'compensation' for all those white spots. If you like one or more bands reviewed on the site and want to know exactly what you missed through the author's inadequacy, incompetence, inconsistency, and inability to earn at least as much money as the Sultan of Brunei in order to get every album by everybody, look no further!

Note that the gaps below will NOT include (a) bootlegs; (b) 'local' releases, such as limited-offer propositions and stuff distributed exclusively through the Internet, etc.; (c) compilations, except for important singles collections or rarities; (d) any dubious 'half-official' releases by suspicious small labels. Compiling all this is work for a serious devoted discographer; I'm just scraping the surface.

Another note: albums that I deem to be really really serious gaps in my catalog are marked dark green... if you're wondering where to go next, hack at these records, usually deemed important.

Work on the page is in progress.

Discography gaps from:

10cc; 13th Floor Elevators; Accept; Adrian Belew; Alice In Chains; Amon Düül II; Animals; Argent; Arthur Brown; Atomic Rooster; Autechre; Badfinger; Bangles; Beach Boys; Beatles; Bee Gees; Black Sabbath; Blondie; Bob Dylan; Bob Marley; Brian Eno; Bruce Springsteen; Budgie; Captain Beefheart; Caravan; Chemical Brothers; Clash; Country Joe & The Fish; Cream; Crosby, Stills, & Nash; Curved Air; Dave Clark 5; Deep Purple; Doors; Eagles; Elton John; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Frank Zappa; Free; Genesis; George Harrison; Gong; Grand Funk Railroad; Grateful Dead; Jack Bruce; Jam; James Gang; Janis Joplin; Jeff Beck; Jefferson Airplane; Jethro Tull; Hollies; Kinks; Lou Reed; Love; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Mamas & Papas; Monkees; Moody Blues; Mott The Hoople; Mountain; Neil Young; Nice; Pete Townshend; Peter Gabriel; Pink Floyd; Premiata Forneria Marconi; Pretty Things; Procol Harum; Quicksilver Messenger Service; Renaissance; Residents; Ringo Starr; Robin Trower; Rod Stewart; Rolling Stones; Roxy Music; Roy Wood; Searchers; Small Faces; Spooky Tooth; Steve Hackett; Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel; Stevie Wonder; Talking Heads; Thin Lizzy; Traffic; Troggs; Van Der Graaf Generator; Velvet Underground; Who; Yes.


1977: Live And Let Live (live)

1995: Live In Concert

Godley & Creme:

1981: Snack Attack

1983: Birds Of Prey

1985: The History Mix

1987: Changing Faces

1988: Goodbye Blue Sky

13th Floor Elevators:

1968: Live


1998: The Final Chapter (live)

Adrian Belew:

1983: Twang Bar King

2000: Coming Attractions

Alice In Chains:

2000: Live

Amon Düül II:

1975: Hijack

1977: Almost Alive

1978: Only Human

1981: Vortex

1992: Live In Concert (archive release)

1996: Eternal Flashback (archive release)


1966: Animalism (US version; most of the tracks are American-only and don't coincide with the UK Animalism)

1967: Eric Is Here (Eric Burdon & The Animals)

1988: The Animals With Sonny Boy Williamson (archive release)

1990: Roadrunners! (archive release of live performances of Eric Burdon & The Animals)

Solo projects:

1971: Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon: Guilty!

1977: Eric Burdon: Survivor

1980: Eric Burdon: Darkness, Darkness

1980: Eric Burdon: The Last Drive

1982: Eric Burdon: Comeback

1988: Eric Burdon: Wicked Man

1993: Eric Burdon: Access All Areas

1997: Eric Burdon & The New Animals: The Official Live Bootleg

1998: Eric Burdon & The New Animals: The Official Live Bootleg # 2


1975: Counterpoint

1995: In Concert (live; archive release)

Arthur Brown:

1971: Galactic Zoo Dossier (with Kingdom Come)

1972: Kingdom Come

Atomic Rooster:

1980: Atomic Rooster

1983: Headline News


2003: Draft 7.30

[also a bunch of significant EPs through the years]


1972: Straight Up

1975: Head First

1981: Say No More


2003: Doll Revolution

Beach Boys:

1964: Christmas Album

1989: Still Cruisin'

1992: Summer In Paradise

1996: Stars And Stripes


1962: Live At The Star-Club, Hamburg (archive release)

Bee Gees:

1975: Main Course

1976: Children Of The World

1977: Here At Last (live)

1981: Living Eyes

1987: E.S.P.

1989: One

1991: High Civilization

1993: Size Isn't Everything

1995: Still Waters

1999: One Night Only (live)

2001: This Is Where I Came In

Black Sabbath:

1995: Cross Purposes Live


1993: Blonde And Beyond (archive release)

1999: Live

Bob Dylan:

1973: Dylan (outtakes from Selfportrait, released without his consent and currently unavailable on CD)

1986: Knocked Out Loaded

Bob Marley:

1970: Soul Rebels

1973: Burnin'

1975: Live!

1978: Babylon By Bus (live)

1980: Uprising

1983: Confrontation

1991: Talkin' Blues (live, archive)

Brian Eno:

1975: Discreet Music

1982: Ambient 4: On Land

1983: Music For Films Vol. 2

1988: Music For Films Vol. 3

1990: Wrong Way Up

1997: The Drop

Bruce Springsteen:

1986: Live 1975-85 (live; archive release)

1998: Tracks (boxset; archive release)

2001: Live In New York City


1998: We Came We Saw (live; archive release)

1998: Heavier Than Air (live; archive release)


1977: Better By Far

1980: The Album

1982: Back To Front

1990: Live 1990 (archive release, 1992)

1997: Live: Canterbury Comes To London

1998: Live In Holland - Back On The Tracks

1998: Songs For Oblivion Fishermen (live; archive release)

1999: All Over You Too

Captain Beefheart:

1968: Strictly Personal

1970: Lick My Decals Off, Baby

1980: Doc At The Radar Station

1982: Ice Cream For Crow

Chemical Brothers:

2002: Come With Us


1993: Super Black Market Clash (collection of B-sides and rarities)

1999: From Here To Eternity (live)

Country Joe & The Fish:

1977: Reunion

1996: Live! Fillmore West 1969 (archive release)

Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young):

1971: Stills: Stephen Stills 2

1972: Crosby & Nash: Graham Nash/David Crosby

1973: Nash: Wild Tales

1973: Stills: Down The Road

1975: Stills: Stephen Stills Live

1975: Stills: Stills

1976: Stills: Illegal Stills

1976: Stills & Young Band: Long May You Run

1977: Crosby & Nash: Crosby/Nash Live

1978: Stills: Thoroughfare Gap

1983: Crosby, Stills & Nash: Allies

1984: Stills: Right By You

1986: Nash: Innocent Eyes

1988: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: American Dream

1989: Crosby: Oh Yes I Can

1990: Crosby, Stills & Nash: Live It Up

1991: Stills: Stills Alone

1993: Crosby: Thousand Roads

1994: Crosby: It's All Coming Back To Me Now

1998: CPR (Crosby/Pevar/Raymond): CPR

Curved Air:

1995: Live At The BBC (archive release)

Dave Clark 5:

1966: Satisfied With You

1967: 5x5

1967: You Got What It Takes

1968: Everybody Knows

1970: If Somebody Loves You

Deep Purple:

1999: Total Abandon - Live In Australia

1999: Live At The Royal Albert Hall


1983: Alive She Cried (live, archive release)

1987: Live At The Hollywood Bowl (live, archive release)


1980: Live

1994: Hell Freezes Over (live)

Elton John:

1977: The Complete Thom Bell Sessions

1980: 21 At 33

1982: Jump Up!

1983: Too Low For Zero

1984: Breaking Hearts

1985: Ice On Fire

1986: Leather Jackets

1987: Live In Australia

1988: Reg Strikes Back

1989: Sleeping With The Past

1992: The One

1993: Duets

1994: The Lion King (soundtrack)

1995: Made In England

1997: The Big Picture

1999: Aida

2000: One Night Only (live)

2001: Songs From The West Coast

Emerson, Lake & Palmer:

1993: Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Frank Zappa:

1971: The Mothers/Fillmore East-June 1971 (live)

1971: 200 Motels

1977: Lather

1978: Zappa In New York (live)

1983: The London Symphony Orchestra

1986: Jazz From Hell

1987: London Symphony Orchestra Vol. 2

1992: Playground Psychotics

1994: Civilization Phase III


1970: Live

George Harrison:

2002: Brainwashed


1976: Gazeuse!

1977: Live Etc.

1995: The Peel Sessions (live, archive)

2000: Live 2 Infinitea

Grand Funk Railroad:

2002: Live: The 1971 Tour (archive release)

Solo projects (Mark Farner):

1978: No Frills

1988: Just Another Injustice

1991: Some Kind Of Wonderful

Grateful Dead:

1976: Steal Your Face (live)

1990: Dozin' At The Knick (live; archive release, 1996)

1990: View From The Vault Soundtrack (live; archive release, 2000)

1997: Fallout From The Phil Zone (live compilation, archive release)

[Note: I'm not quoting the gazillions of Dick's Picks archives floating around - haven't subscribed to the Deadhead Order yet...]


1968: Hollies Sing Hollies

1974: The Hollies

1976: Russian Roulette

1977: Live Hits

1978: A Crazy Steal

1979: 5317704

1980: Buddy Holly

1983: What Goes Around

1988: Rarities

Jack Bruce:

1971: Harmony Row

1972: Bruce, West & Laing: Why Dontcha

1973: Bruce, West & Laing: Whatever Turns You On

1973: Bruce, West & Laing: Live 'N' Kickin'

1974: Out Of The Storm

1989: A Question Of Time

1994: Cities Of The Heart

1994: Baker/Bruce/Moore: Around The Next Dream

1995: BBC Live In Concert (archive release)

1995: Monkjack

[Note: the B.L.T. (Bruce/Lordan/Trower) albums will be quoted in the Robin Trower section.]


1982: Dig The New Breed (live)

1993: Live Jam

James Gang:

1971: Live In Concert

1972: Straight Shooter

1972: Passin' Thru

Jeff Beck:

1972: The Jeff Beck Group

2003: Jeff

Jefferson Airplane:

1973: 30 Seconds Over Winterland (live)

1989: Jefferson Airplane

Jethro Tull:

1988: 20 Years Of Jethro Tull (boxset)

1990: Live At Hammersmith '84

1993: 25th Anniversary Box Set

Solo projects (Ian Anderson):

1983: Walk Into Light

Lou Reed:

1975: Lou Reed Live

1976: Rock'n'Roll Heart

1978: Take No Prisoners (live)

1983: Legendary Hearts

1983: Live In Italy

1984: New Sensations

1986: Mistrial

1989: New York

1996: Set The Twilight Reeling


1969: Four Sail

1981: Love Live

Lynyrd Skynyrd:

1987: Southern By The Grace Of God (live)

1991: Lynyrd Skynyrd 1991

1993: The Last Rebel

1999: Edge Of Forever

2003: Vicious Cycle

Mamas & Papas:

1967: Monterey International Pop Festival (live; archive release, 1971)


1987: Missing Links (archive)

1987: Pool It!

1990: Missing Links Vol. 2 (archive)

1996: Missing Links Vol. 3 (archive)

1996: Justus

Moody Blues:

2000: Live At The Royal Albert Hall

2003: December

Solo projects (Justin Hayward):

1985: Moving Mountains

Mott The Hoople:

1970: Mad Shadows

1974: The Hoople

1974: Live


1972: The Road Goes Ever On (live)

Neil Young:

1975: Tonight's The Night

1980: Hawks & Doves

1981: Re-ac-tor

1983: Trans

1983: Everybody's Rockin'

1985: Old Ways

1987: Life

1991: Arc/Weld

1993: Unplugged

2000: Road Rock Vol. 1 (live)

2002: Are You Passionate?

2003: Greendale


1996: America - The BBC Sessions (archive release)

Pete Townshend:

1972: Who Came First

1983: Scoop (archive release)

1985: Deep End Live

1987: Another Scoop (archive release)

2000: Lifehouse Elements (archive boxset)

Peter Gabriel:

2002: Up

Pink Floyd:

Solo projects (Roger Waters):

1970: Music From "The Body" (soundtrack; with Ron Geesin)

1990: The Wall Live In Berlin

2000: In The Flesh Live

Premiata Forneria Marconi:

1978: Passpartu

1980: Suonare Suonare

1981: Come Ti Va In Riva Al Citta

1982: Performance (live)

1984: PFM? PFM!

1987: Miss Baker

1997: Ulisse

2000: Serendipity

Pretty Things:

1970: Parachute

1972: Freeway Madness

1976: Savage Eye

Quicksilver Messenger Service:

1970: Just For Love

1972: Comin' Thru

1975: Solid Silver

1986: Peace By Piece

2000: Unreleased Quicksilver: Lost Gold and Silver (archive release)


1976: Live At Carnegie Hall


1977: Fingerprince

1978: Not Available

1982: The Mole Show Live At The Roxy

1983: Residue

1984: George & James

1984: Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?

1985: The Census Taker

1985: The Big Bubble

1986: Stars & Hank Forever

1987: 13th Anniversary Show Live In Tokyo

1988: God In Three Persons

1989: The King And I

1990: Cube-E Live In Holland

1990: Freak Show

1993: Our Finest Flowers

1994: Gingerbread Man

1996: Have A Bad Day

1998: Wormwood

2001: Icky Flix

2002: Demons Dance Alone

2004: WB: RMX

Ringo Starr:

1989: Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band

1992: Live From Montreux

1997: Ringo Starr And His Third All-Starr Band

2002: Ringo Starr And His New All-Starr Band

Robin Trower:

1981: B.L.T. (Bruce/Lordan/Trower)

1982: Truce (Bruce/Lordan/Trower)

1983: Back It Up

1987: Passion

1988: Take What You Need

1989: No Stopping Anytime

1990: In The Line Of Fire

1994: 20th Century Blues

1997: Someday Blues

2000: Go My Way

2003: Living Out Of Time

Rod Stewart:

1982: Absolutely Live

1993: Unplugged... And Seated (live)

2001: Human

2002: It Had To Be You... The Great American Songbook

2003: As Time Goes By... The Great American Songbook Vol. II

Rolling Stones:

Solo projects:

1991: Keith Richards: Live At The Hollywood Palladium (Dec. 15, 1988)

Roxy Music:

1990: Heart Still Beating (live, archive release)

Roy Wood:

1977: Roy Wood: Super Active Wizzo

1979: Roy Wood: On The Road Again


1963: Live At The Star Club

1971: Second Take (re-recordings of old hits)

1979: The Searchers

1980: Play For Today

1988: Hungry Hearts

Small Faces:

1977: Playmates

1978: 78 In The Shade

Spooky Tooth:

1999: Cross Purpose

2001: Live In Europe (archive)

Steve Hackett:

1988: Momentum

1992: Time Lapse (live)

1993: Guitar Noir

1994: Blues With A Feeling

1996: The Tokyo Tapes (live)

1997: A Midsummer Night's Dream

1997: Genesis Revisited

1999: Darktown

2002: Somewhere In South America (live)

2003: To Watch The Storms

Steve Harley/Cockney Rebel:

1993: Yes You Can

1995: Live At The BBC (archive release)

1999: Stripped To Bare Bones (live)

Stevie Wonder:

1966: Uptight

1966: Down To Earth

1967: I Was Made To Love Her

1967: Someday At Christmas

1968: For Once In My Life

1969: My Cherie Amour

1970: Signed Sealed & Delivered

1970: Live

1971: Where I'm Coming From

1980: Hotter Than July

1984: The Woman In Red (soundtrack)

1987: Characters

1991: Jungle Fever (soundtrack)

1995: Conversation Peace

1995: Natural Wonder (live)

Talking Heads:

1988: Naked

Thin Lizzy:

1983: Life (live)


1973: On The Road (live)


1969: Trogglomania

1970: Contrasts

1976: The Troggs Tapes

Van Der Graaf Generator:

1995: Vaida Male Sessions (BBC recordings collection)

Velvet Underground:

1986: Another View (archive release)

1993: Live MCMXCIII


1985: Who's Missing (rarities collection)

1987: Two's Missing

Solo projects:

1971: John Entwistle: Smash Your Head Against The Wall

1975: John Entwistle: Mad Dog

1981: John Entwistle: Too Late The Hero

1975: Roger Daltrey: Ride A Rock Horse

1977: Roger Daltrey: One Of The Boys

1980: Roger Daltrey: McVicar (soundtrack)


1970: Beyond And Before (live; archive release, 1998)

1985: 9012Live - The Solos


1990: Return Of The Zombies

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