B.B.'s Weekly Book Review

After successfully creating a page of music reviews, and rather less successfully attempted a page of movie reviews, I've decided to plunge into the murky realm of literature reviewing. Actually, I'm an old hand at this, having written scores of papers as an undergrad and grad student English major, but that's nothing I ever want to do again: no, the brief scribblings on this page are considerably more informal -- my thoughts on whatever book it is I've recently finished. I plan to add a new review weekly, since I more or less read at least one book a week -- sometimes several short books I read in less than a week, while certain lengthy opuses can take several weeks to wade through, so it evens out in the end. I'm also adhering to the rule of covering books that I have read quite recently, while the material is still fresh in mind -- after all, I might not remember that clearly a novel I read three years ago, no?

12/10/99 Charles Portis: Masters of Atlantis (1985)

12/2/1999 Philip K. Dick: Time Out of Joint (1959)

Coming next week: The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene

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