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The title of this page is knockoff of that Books for Dummies series. If you don't get it, rent a French film made in 1895. If you do get it, you may have figured out that this is my movie page. So far it's a far humbler adjunct of Creative Noise, my obsessive pop record review page, but this one will grow into something respectable eventually.

Sorry about the lack of updates -- I originally planned on adding a review a day, and hopefully I'll be able to stick to schedule from now on. For updates, check out the Complete Listing below; those boldmarked New are the latest reviews.

Last update: October 5, 1999

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Here are a few other sites worth checking out:

A Bluffer's Guide To Teen Movies - Lengthy, detailed and charmingly unprofessional reviews of teen classics, mainly from the '80s (the unquestionably greatest decade for teen movies) by a couple of British blokes. Teen movies have always gotten a drubbing from the critics and other stuffy film snobs, so a site like this is a welcome antidote -- and it's by far the best page dedicated to the genre on the web. Go to this site when you need a recommendation for a video you just want to rent for the sheer fun -- 'cause as far as pure, unadulterated fun goes, you don't beat teen flicks, do you?

The Internet Movie Database - It bills itself as "everything you ever wanted to know about every movie ever made - really!", and surprisingly, it almost lives up to that claim. Containing technical data (who starred, release dates, 35mm, 16mm, or Super-8, etc.) on just about every movie ever released, it's easily the first place to go for encyclopediac information. Wisely, they link you to outside reviews of the movies instead of reviewing the flicks themselves.

Oh, the Humanity! - Dedicated to finding and reviewing "the worst movies on earth", this site is trashy fun worth more than a few giggles. I have no idea why anyone would want to waste a huge chunk of their time on a project like this (and it's a huge database), but I'm glad some brave souls have volunteered to kill their brain cells in the service of their fellow moviegoers. From 2069: A Sex Odyssey to Zombie 4: A Virgin Among the Living Dead, the site's so amusing that you might actually be tempted to rent one of those turkeys.

Roger Ebert's The Great Movies -- As it says, the Fat One's (the Other Guy is now sadly deceased) list of favorite movies. Some of his choices of all-time greats I might quibble with (Body Heat? The Blowup? Aaargh, not The Seventh Seal!) but mostly this is good reading (a real critic's page, unlike my feeble attempts here) and a handy guide for gems that you've never heard of -- but ought to run out and rent, NOW!

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