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Data collected for the GLD project has been the foundation for several publications on lexicostatistics, most of them written by permanent or part-time members of the project itself. On this page we list the most significant publications that are, in one way or another, connected with the GLD or at least make important references to the project.


1. General publications:

works that explicitly discuss the structure, functions, and methodology of the GLD project.


Starostin, George. 2010. Preliminary lexicostatistics as a basis for language classification. A new approach. // Journal of Language Relationship, 3, pp. 79–116.


Kassian, Alexei; Starostin, George; Dybo, Anna; Chernov, Vasily. 2010. The Swadesh wordlist. An attempt at semantic specification. // Journal of Language Relationship, 4, pp. 46–89.


Starostin, George. 2013. Lexicostatistics as a basis for language classification: increasing the pros, reducing the cons. // In: H. Fangerau, H. Geisler, Th. Halling, W. Martin (eds.). Classi­fication and Evolution in Bio­logy, Linguistics and the History of Science: Concepts – Methods – Visualization. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, pp. 125–146.


Kassian, Alexei; Starostin, George. 2015. Novyje metody v genealogicheskoj klassifikacii jazykov i lingvisticheskoj rekonstrukcii [New methods in the genealogical classification of languages and linguistic reconstruction]. // SHAGI / STEPS, 1/1, pp. 206–212 (in Russian).


Starostin, George. 2016. From wordlists to proto-wordlists: reconstruction as «optimal selection». // Faits de langues, 47 («Comparatisme et reconstruction») (forthc.).


2. Specific publications:

works on lexicostatistical and etymological analysis that actively use data from the GLD project.


Kassian, Alexei. 2011. Annotated 50-item wordlist of the basic lexicon of the Ancient Greek languages (the idiolect of Herodotus). // Journal of Language Relationship, 6, pp. 65–100.


Starostin, George. 2013. Jazyki Afriki: opyt postrojenija leksikostatisticheskoj klassifikacii. Tom I: Metodologija. Kojsanskije jazyki [Languages of Africa: an attempt at a lexicostatistical classification. Vol. I: Methodology. Khoisan languages]. Moscow: Languages of Slavic Culture, 510 pp. (in Russian).


Kassian, Alexei. 2014. Lexical Matches between Sumerian and Hurro-Urartian: Possible Historical Scenarios. // Cuneiform Digital Library Journal, 4, 23 pp.


Kassian, Alexei. 2014. K formal'noj genealogicheskoj klassifikacii lezginskikh jazykov (Severnyj Kavkaz) [Towards a formal genealogical classification of Lezgian languages of the North Caucasus]. // Journal of Language Relationship, 11, pp. 63–80 (in Russian).


Starostin, George. 2014. Jazyki Afriki: opyt postrojenija leksikostatisticheskoj klassifikacii. Tom II: Vostochno­sudanskije jazyki [Languages of Africa: an attempt at a lexicostatistical classi­fication. Vol. II: East Sudanic languages]. Moscow: Languages of Slavic Culture, 736 pp. (in Russian).


Vasilyev, Mikhail; Starostin, George. 2014. Leksikostatisticheskaja klassifikacija nubijskikh jazykov: k voprosu o nil'sko-nubijskoj jazykovoj obshnosti [Lexicostatistical classification of the Nubian languages and the issue of the Nile-Nubian genetic unity]. // Journal of Language Relationship, 12, pp. 51–72 (in Russian).


Kassian, Alexei. 2015. Towards a Formal Genealogical Classification of the Lezgian Languages (North Caucasus): Testing Various Phylogenetic Methods on Lexical Data. // PLoS ONE, 10(2): e0116950.


Saenko, Mikhail. 2015. Istorija dalmatinskogo i balkano-romanskikh jazykov s tochki zrenija leksikostatistiki [History of the Dalmatian and Balkan Romance languages from the lexico­statistical point of view]. // Journal of Language Relationship, 13/3-4, pp. 371–382 (in Russian).


3. Publications that are tangentially related to the GLD project and make some reference to it.


Starostin, George. 2014. Macro-comparative linguistics in the 21st century: state of the art and perspectives. // Journal of Language Relationship, 11, pp. 1–12.


Kassian, Alexei; Zhivlov, Mikhail; Starostin, George. 2015. Proto-Indo-European-Uralic Comparison from the Probabilistic Point of View. // Journal of Indo-European Studies, 43, pp. 301–347.


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